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  1. elway07

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    Ok guys it is about 2 weeks until harvest time for me. I have ususally flushed with PH balanced water two weeks before harvest then given them nothing for that last two weeks before cutting them down. Is this correct? Please any advice would be helpful. They are grapefruit, and smell so wonderful. Just thought I would throw that in there.. thanks in advance Will post pictures later today...
  2. mattmao

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    i do the same thing .i flush for the last 2 weeks with ph water.then hang and dry.enjoy your harvest.i'm doing the same thing.and its smells so good.
  3. elway07

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    ok this may be a dumb question, but do i flush only once or flush again the next week? I had usually only flushed once but I was reading different and your reply seems like you flush it more than once in the last two weeks...
  4. xxxhazexxx

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    the last 2 weeks only give your plants water as much as they need, then dont give them anything the last 2 day good luck.:) :)
  5. elway07

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    I was told to flush my plants with as much ph balanced water it takes until it comes out clear two weeks before harvest. usually 15 gallons per plant that lies in a 5 gallon bucket.... do I keep watering after that as usual but just with water. I thought that if you watered until the last 2 days that they will be too wet to cut down and take forever to dry properly? anyone else? thanks
  6. xxxhazexxx

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    i always give them twice as much ph balanced water than i usally do and yes carry on watering as norm untill 2 days before tou havest they will be dry within 10 days then tou want to cure them:)
  7. elway07

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    thanks... but I would still love to hear other peoples methods and oppinions
  8. xxxhazexxx

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    theres loads of good advice on this site so your have no problems :) p.s. i just thought i let you know iv'e been growing since 93 peace:jointsmile:
  9. gornik

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    I use filtered water, adding one tablespoon per gallon of high grade molasses. I start using the molasses when they start to flower. Read somewhere it's suppose to increase bud size. Just did this once because I only have one complete grow under my belt, working on my second. But I intend to do the same this time around. Worked pretty good the first time.:smokin:
  10. elway07

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    hey Haze... I wasn't downplaying your advice none, I actually took it. I flushed today and will flush again in about 5 days which is the normal watering schedule, then I will not water again. I figured what you said sounded right. I appreciate it... I was just wondering what other peoples methods are. I haven't been growing near as long as you but have some GREAT harvests under my belt and this is an art that came natural to me... I love it and always looking to see what others do. But as I said, I will water again as you suggested.. I am thinking my final harvest will have a bit more weight on it if I do. It just makes sense, and what I was doing didn't make sense that is why I enquired about it in the first place. Thanks m8
  11. xxxhazexxx

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    i did'nt think you was downplaying me,:) what you said was right you must get as much info from as many souces as possible use the info as a sort of guide line and work out the best way to grow your way,and you will get really top noch bud,dont skimp on the weed and you will get nice weed.happy growing dude and good luck.:) :) :)let us know how it turns out:jointsmile:
  12. Gatekeeper777

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    ok if i understand your question here is my answer:
    You need to flush to wash out all the impurities in the soil as well as in the plant itself. This will make the weed taste better. I have even read about giving it a taste if for the last 2 waterings you give it some watered down juice.

    Gornik: sugar water or molassis water will only sweeten the bud. Its mostly needed during VEG because its a secondary sourse of sucrose sugar which she needs and makes during photosynthisis so your actually helping here out at the same time and it will increase yeild.

    Hope i helped.

  13. dutch.lover

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    ^^^ummm no mollasses IS needed in flower, it provides carbs for the plant to grow huge buds. you can use it in vegging too, but it is usually used for flowering.

    as for the flushing thing- harris and i have been wondering the same thing, about should we flush, should we not flush and just water a lot for the last 10 days, etc etc. so far we haven't really heard a definitive answer, everyone seems to have their own method. i think we are just gonna water them with plain, pHd water for the next while...but enough water each time to allow some runoff and slowly wash away all the buildup in the soil. instinct tells me that doing a proper thorough flush near the end is a good idea as well as that, to make sure all the shit gets outta the soil and buds. anyways, i will be following this thread to ssee what others' have to say as well.
  14. Gatekeeper777

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    I only know what I read from differant sites.
  15. herbaltivo

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    ferts too?


    Did you fertilize while you were using the molasses water mixture during flowering?


  16. gornik

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    Herbaltivo: Yes I did. Still do. I mix half of the molasses and half Big Bloom, Grow Big, or Tiger Bloom, or a combo of each, depending on the stage. I haven't been growing long, and I only grow five plants at a time. But I'm a quick learner. The first grow was educational and stressful at the same time because I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. This time things are going much smoother. The plants (Cal Bud) look healthy, so far. They're going on four weeks. Still haven't sexed.

    Bottom line, everyone has their way of doing things. The applications are numerous and you're going to find people that will tell you to do it this way or that way. Do what works for you. Keep learning, searching and incorporating what you research into your routine. Scratch what doesn't work and keep what does. This isn't brain surgery. The bud I harvested first time around is much better than the weed the seeds came from.:smokin:
  17. Zandor

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    You know this weeks grow report is all about finishing your bud.

    Flushing, trimming & curing your plant for a good quality bud.


    Happy growing.
  18. canuck grower

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    Awesome. I have listened to a few of your podcasts and they are very informational. Thanks for taking the time to put them out Zandor. Even if some of us are silent we do appreciate you sharing the wisdom of your experience. :jointsmile: Have you thought about submitting it to the iTunes directory? I kind of doubt they would allow it because they can be finicky but it's probably worth a try.
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