flushing plants?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by ande5657, Sep 10, 2006.

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    i have recently ferted to early!!what a mess up!how much do i need to flush plants?done a gallon w/epsomsalt 2tbson the 4 plants how much more is needed?thanks in advance,and how long before i could see some results so ill know to start over or what?newbie we can make all kind of mistakes?:stoned:
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    help me im new to game and need help!i know about 18/6and12/12 but need to now signs of problems?any help????

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    First, you don't flush with epsom salts, you flush with plain pH adjusted water.
    Second, 2tbsp/gallon is WAY too much magnesium.
    Third, that pic on the right looks like an outdoor plant. Unless it is growing in a pot, you can't flush it. And if you just watered it with that much epsom salts... ooooh that's not good. But for now it looks healthy, why did you want to flush it to begin with?
    The one on the left is stunted and definitely could use another gallon of plain water through it to wash out the epsom salts. Then wait until you see some new growth and you can start feeding 1/4 strength grow nutes, or a transplanting solution with vitamin B12 to promote root growth.
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    posted wrong pics

    this is the one i was talking about1&2 and the third i guess was never meant to be

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  5. Cyclonite

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    Ouch...dont think they will make it. Thats bad....well mabey if you flushed immediately.
  6. stinkyattic

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    Congratulations, that's the worst case of nute lockout I have ever seen a picture of.
    Then give them a light foliar feed.
    The roots are so fried by now that you're going to have to give them N through the leaves just so they don't croak.
    But those plants are so far gone....
    It might be time to go buy yourself a bag o shwag so you can practice on 'free' beans until you get feeding straightened out.
    Also a suggestion for next time is to put more perlite in that potting soil.
    And make sure it has pH 6.8. That soil that you're using looks like it has pieces of pine bark mulch in it, and that stuff is really acidic, and can cause symptoms like what you're seeing.

    If you really want to save that plant,
    step1: FLUSH with pH 6.8 water
    step2: Make some new potting mix that is light and balanced, with lots of perlite.
    step3: transplant into your new soil
    step4: water with pH balanced water and superthrive
    step5: put a humidity dome over your plant for a couple days because the roots are probably damaged.
    step6: wait.
    post pics if you pull off the miracle!
    good luck!
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    Flushing Plants

    I wish we knew how this turned out... would've been good learning experience either way.

    I've done flushing with Final Phase before. It seems to work better for me than straight water. Dunno if that would help in this bad a case but it could hardly hurt. As stinky said you'd want a light foliar feed as well with something like Revive. I've had that stuff work wonders.

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