Flushing with cranberry vs water on day of test and other questions

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Blue18HuttHutt, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Hi excuse the ignorance if I'm propogating another urban legend or myth, but on the day of the drug test, will drinking glasses of cranberry juice be preferable to flushing with just water?

    I am planning to go the same-day flushing route but my biggest concern is maintaining the acidity level of the urine. I have vitamin B2 tablets to give the yellow coloration and I have a detox pill (probably doesn't work) which has 750mg of creatine in it so those two bases are checked - however, I'm concerned about the level of acidity in the urine

    I've read that 100% concentrate cranberry juice has sufficient levels of acidity to maintain the required level so as not to arouse suspicion - is there any reason to not use this instead?

    I tested myself today after flushing with water after my detox kit failed me and a faint, but clear line did appear. My test is 10:30am tomorrow and I'm planning to wake up at 6am and flush constantly until 10am, at which time I will self-test, and if I still fail, I will fall back on synthetic urine (although I'm extremely reluctant to go this route due to my lack of information on this).

    Any advice to improve my chances would be greatly appreciated
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    I read this great eBook called "Under the Radar" dedicated to the topic of passing the drug test via the dilution method and goes into great detail about the validity criteria of urine specimens - one interesting claim it made to address the "gravity" criteria of a valid urine specimen was to constantly flush with Gatorade instead of water, as Gatorade contains salt and other minerals / electrolytes to keep the gravity of the specimen up ..am I being suckered again or is this a valid consideration? I have read some sporadic reports of this technique across other random sites but I would like to know what some of you think.

    BTW Burnt Toast, if you're reading this, the book confirmed everything you mentioned about the sham of the so-called detox industry, which really all they do is offer ingredients to help provide a valid urine sample, and if anything it's the drinking of water that temporarily flushes the THC for a few hours. What really pissed me off is learning that the ingredients they use are common and when purchased in bulk only cost about $2 to create the elixir which is then sold for $50.
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    pH is not checked to determine dilution. pH is checked to determine adulteration . Only creatinine and specific gravity are tested to determine an overly-diluted urine sample.

    The creatine ingredient in those snake oil products will do no good when the product is consumed on the day of the U/A. It takes 2-3 days for the body to convert creatine into creatinine. Therefore, any creatine-loading must be done at least 3 days before the U/A.

    Gatorade/Powerade, used in place of water, does help in the Specific Gravity dept. All of this, plus other dilution tips, are found in the Dilution "sticky" thread.
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    Thanks, I'll study that thread tonight.

    What's the aspirin for though?
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    Aspirin was used as a deterrent for the old EMIT tests that have since been replaced with the EMIT II. It's no longer necessary to use it in the dilution process.
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