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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by LiquidMagik, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. LiquidMagik

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    Well actually, anyone can help on this question, but I’m going to be nearing the flushing stage soon, and since my entire grow has been piecemeal gatherings of what Zandor and Latewood would do, so I figured Z might best know how to help.

    Using Final Phase, I’m confused…On Advanced Nutrients’ forums, the instructions are to use Final Phase for one light cycle (12 hours), and then change out and run H20 for the remainder of the week. I’ve read a couple viewpoints over there on how flushing is done, and it seems you use Final Phase for the one light cycle, then flush with plain water anywhere from 10-21 days. Is this right? I think the main problem with anything I read over there is I have no idea if they are referring to soil or hydro. I seem to remember reading/hearing somewhere that flushing occurs much faster in hydro then soil, so are those numbers inflated for soil purposes (ie should be shorter for hydro)?

    I guess what I’m really getting at here is Z, I saw you said you normally flush for 3-5 days with Final Phase. Please pick from the choices below which best fits what you are doing.

    A) Put Final Phase per instructions into your reservoir. Run this mix for the next 3-5 days. Chop Plant.

    B) Put Final Phase per instructions into your reservoir. Change out reservoir on day 2, reapply Final Phase per instructions. Repeat for day 3-5 (as needed). Chop plant.

    C) Put Final Phase per instructions into your reservoir. Change out reservoir and day 2, and use only distilled water from then until chop.

  2. Weedhound

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    I personally do the third one but I flush for several days....until the ppms stop rising then switch over to plain RO and ph'd water.
  3. Cyclonite

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    I would flush for 5 days...Mine weren't flushed nearly enough but still turned out pretty good.
  4. LiquidMagik

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    Ok, now flushing for 5 days. Does that mean you use a flushing agent? Or just straight RO water? If you use a flushing agent, are you keeping it in your rez for just one day, and then switching over to RO until the end (per AN's instructions), or are you using the flushing agent all 5 days?
  5. Zandor

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    Well my personal preference is still Flora Kleen from GH but most of them are the save formula for the most part.

    With the GH product I flush for 3-5 day's at the end changing the water everyday; but the most important thing to do it to watch the PPM.

    On day one for example:
    ppm starts with 150 before you turn on the pumps (just the ph adjusted water and flora kleen) Check the ph a few times a day it will change on you often sometime.

    Day 2 before you change the water out check and record the PPM it will be somewhere around 500 or so.

    Change the water and flora kleen again (starting at 150 PPM)
    Do the same thing as before check the Ph often and keep in check.

    Day 3 check and record again the PPM before you change out.
    This time it is probably around 350 PPM.

    Now you change and check every day until you have less then 50 PPM change over 24 hours.

    It can take anywhere from 3 to 5 or 6 day's depending on the nutrients you used or how hard you pushed the K at the end too but it works.

    That is a proper flush and the way I personally track and flush anything I grow in Hydroponics.

    I hope that helps.
  6. MisterE

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    Great info, thanks. I'll be needing it too, so this is a copy/paste/save post.

    Is that already an FAQ? It should be I think personally.
  7. LiquidMagik

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    So you're back with Flora Kleen again? I though at one point you had switched over to Final Phase, and liked the results with that one better. What made you change your mind and switch back? Thanks for the info Z, was a massive help!
  8. Zandor

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    Mostly I ran out. It worked just fine but GH was less money and worked the same. I do try to use a flush that is from the same company as the nutrients I use but that is not required just; its just a personal thing.

    CleareX also works but it takes an extra few day's but then again it's almost 1/2 the price too.
  9. LiquidMagik

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    Oh man, I'm all over the place on what nute companies I use. I was trying to follow Latewood's schedule mostly, so I was using GH as my base nutes, Botanicare on some additives (Hydroguard, Liquid Karma, Sweet, Silica Blast), AN on others (Big Bud and Overdrive), and some Hygrozyme thrown in as well. Will give the Flora Kleen a try though as GH was my foundation. Thanks for the help friends!
  10. Zandor

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    I have used GH for many, many years my self as a base NPK. It mixes very well with several other nutrients with out duplicating some minerals and throwing off the balance off.

    That is the little things about life cycle growing you are finding out for your self I bet.

    I also like the Dutch Master brands as well.
  11. Weedhound

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    Zandor if you are a Dutch Master fan.....have you used or tried DM Feminiser? If so what did you think?

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