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    Ok so I somehow miscalculated the flower time and they finished about a week and a half earlier than I had planned. What sucks about this is that I didnt have the proper amount of time to flush. So my question is: Is it worth waiting the extra 5 days(they have been flushing for two with plain water) or should I go ahead and harvest so as not to lose any potency. I am strapped for cash so I cant go out and get something to speed up the flush process, and by the time I ordered it and had it shipped it would prob be longer that way anyway. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated -Diz:Rasta:
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    what do you mean finished? what is you clear/cloudy/amber ratios?

    If you don't have a bunch of amber trich's, you will be fine.
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    I personally do not flush as some people do. Basic reasoning on why i do not:
    It is kind of like starving the plant before you kill it. Overall it doesn't make a lot of Biological sense. Flushing is not done in commercial hydroponic farms for any plant other then our special little girls. Does this make any sense that pot would need flushing but tomatoes/peppers/strawberries on a commercial scale do not?

    I have tried with flushing and without any number of times and i have to say that the only thing that made one bit of difference was the cure. Nutrients are taken up by a plant in the same chemical manner whether they are in dirt or in hydro. Just because a plant has easier access to a chemical compound (in the correct form) through hydroponics does not mean that it is going to take a bunch of that chemical in to the point of toxicity. The plant will take what it needs as it needs it. That is how it works for all plants. Sure plants store some of the needed nutrients within its cellular structure but, we are not talking about "pockets" of Nitrogen that you can taste. It just is not a feasible thing to have happen based on everything i know about plant phisiology.

    Yes, i know this goes against a lot of what people have read and heard and whatnot but, if you can find a botanist who is friendly to our little sport, I am sure they would not recommend "flushing" as it is done in systems today.

    If this offends anyone, i apologize.

    If you must flush, i would say just do the flush and wait a couple days. It won't really hurt much and if it makes you feel the final product will be better then do it by all means. I would rather cut plants late by 2 days then compromise quality (I personally do not think it will have an effect but, once again, that is just my .02cents)
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    Yeah, lw I mean that the fan leaves started dropping like flies and the cloud/amber ratio is about 50%. Anyway I have let them flush in the dark for about 3 days now, I am going to cut it down tonight and let the cure begin. Thanks for all the helpful info bachelor pads. I have always heard that not flushing can affect taste and even give people a headache when smoking it in some cases, but thats all just what I "hear". Thanks for all the help guys -Diz:Rasta:

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