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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Da1KrayzieThug, Jun 21, 2005.

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    As a child I learned that if you put a white flower in blue water the white flower would then begin to turn blue. At school during St. Patrick's day they sell green flowers. If grown hydroponically from start to finish, would a tomatoe plant completely grow the color of my choice? This is just a cool thing to try I guess. I mean how many blood red tomatoes plants have you seen? Thanks for any responses in advance.
  2. Da1KrayzieThug

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    I was looking at some old posts and I'm wondering why no one responded to this. I still think it would be cool.
  3. BkSkillz

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    dude i jus think its the avatar youve chossen some trippy shit for a site full of potheads
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    Hey Thug, what's up?

    Dude, I miss your Puppy Sandwich... :(

    Anyways, I'm going to do a search for this if you ask me, but I remember this guy talking on these boards that he did that... he put food coloring into his hydro nutes @ the last 2 weeks or something of flowering.

    Hey said the taste wasn't affected, but that the buds looked insane with different colors.
    I'm thinking about doing that... You know, to add that extra "ooomph" to the "Ooo-Aaa" factor of the buds.
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    Ill post on that

    I think thats a grand idea same with flavor extracts put you FRESH CUT buds in a glass with enough flavor in there well enough to get the stem part to sock it in LIKE A ROSE right but have your bud chillin there for 1 day like a rose suckin in anything from vanilla to walnut flavor JUST FOR TASTE FACTOR. Give me some input on this.
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    if thats true then someone send me a sample of hennessy flavored absorbed nlxhaze
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  7. Da1KrayzieThug

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    No the taste has already been established that it doesn't affect it if fed through the roots, but the color WOULD be something cool.

    Turtle: Sorry I had to let it go. I know it was hard for you, but it was even harder for me. Like Garden Knowm once told me "Put the puppy sandwich down" I had to finally let it go. :D
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    You like Hennessy???!!!

    Yikes dude... I was @ a bar one night, when one of the Hennessy promotion girls walks up to me, and offers me to taste it... Well, I took the shot of the thing... it was so fucking bad, I had to spit it out on the floor... partially spitting her shoes/feet on the way...

    But, whatever floats your boat Bk... :) If you like it, good for you! :)
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    You can only get it colored with a darker colour..!":)

    But yeah, it would work!:)

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