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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by bob bobbinson, May 23, 2006.

  1. bob bobbinson

    bob bobbinson Registered+

    ok guys, this is a weird question. But can a food dehydrator be used to dry ur buds.

    I was thinking it would be a perfect environment. heat humidity. But im not sure, ive never dryed sweet cheeba before. actually mabye its too hot at 113 degrees. hmm

    I own this thingy. It works for meats.veggies, and such.
    I think it just circulates warm air over them. or something :p

    Anyhow it makes great bananna chips LOL wondering if it would would well.
  2. The Grim Reefer

    The Grim Reefer Registered+

    Sounds like it would cause un-even drying to me.

    You could always give it a test run with a small bud or something :D
  3. bob bobbinson

    bob bobbinson Registered+

    Ya i got some time to think about it. but it does dry evenly and slowly. What u do is move the trays to different heights and rotate them once a day.

    But ur right, im just gonna try a wet nug when i get one :}
    I was just wondering kinda if anyone here tried em before.
  4. postmandave

    postmandave Registered+

    give it a go then bob and let us know.everyone cures their own way. try a little bit and see how it dries instead of wasting a full grow in it. then let us know how you get on . the postman.

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