For anyone who lives in Boston, MA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by fmacanthaya, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. fmacanthaya

    fmacanthaya Registered+

    I live in a town near Boston. I've been looking around for a head shop around here that sell glass pipes.
    For anyone who lives near me, do you know of anyplace that sell glass pipes?
  2. ChiefSmokesAlot

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    Theres a Boston in Japan? :wtf:
  3. fmacanthaya

    fmacanthaya Registered+

    Lol no. When I did the registration it asked me where I'm from, not where I live...
  4. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    glad to see other people pay attention to detail regarding word usage ;)
  5. Jesta

    Jesta Banned

    The Hempest I think it's called or Sugar Daddy's I hear has them.
  6. thedutchmaster617

    thedutchmaster617 Registered

    I have no clue, im wondering the same thing myself.
  7. rmrdr716

    rmrdr716 Banned

    i dont know of any places is ma that has decent prices. i always go to headlines in nh. theres still one goodtimes left in nh and i sometimes take a trip to the salem flea market. the flea market has a large room in the back (inside) that sells many bongs, pipe, switchblades ect.
  8. DiZASTiX

    DiZASTiX Registered

    Hey, I'm from boston. The two that I have been to are The Hempest and Buried Treasures. Both were nice and both sell glass pipes. The Hempest is on Newbury st. and Buried Treasures is on Haviland st. You can walk from one to the other and its not that long.

    The Hempest

    buried treasures loc: Boston, MA - Google Maps

    BL4CKZ1LLA Registered

    Yooo dude, I live like 20 mins from Boston. There's a place in Providence, RI called Honest Bob's. It's where I get my shit from. It has so much shit and Bob is honestly the niiiiiicest guy I have ever met. Great service there. It's real hard to find but if you ask around you might be able to find sum1 who knows where it is.
  10. sophdot

    sophdot Registered

    Buried Treasures is right down from my apartment and it's great. The guys who work there are awesome, and will give you good advice on everything. Check it out. 28 Haviland St.

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