For the Ladies. Help!! Pot and Birth Control

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by cuziwashigh420, Jul 20, 2006.

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    So I need to get on the Pill and I noticed that it said not to smoke while using Birth control. Does the risks that smoking increases when on it the same as cigarettes as it is pot or does it only pertain to ciggs??? What should I do? is it a big deal to smoke and take it or are they jsut making it into a bigger deal then it really is?
  2. dryst

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    when my girl got on the pill they said no pot...(she doesnt smoke anywayz) if its just6 a scare tactic i dunno but that what they told her...
  3. OniEhtRedrum781

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    i dunno about weed, but i'm pretty sure smoking cigarettes on the pill increases your chance of blood clots and stuff like that...
  4. MaryJaneScott

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  5. birdgirl73

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    That's a good link MaryJane posted above, and OniEhtRedrum's knew the answer, too. It's not that weed weakens the effectivenes of the Pill; it's that any kind of smoking in combination with the estrogen/progesterone in the Pill puts women at much higher risk of blood clots and strokes.

    The Pill in combination with inhaled smoke makes women more likely to develop deep-vein thromboses (blood clots, usually in the legs) that can break loose and travel to the brain, lungs or heart. That's a bad deal when that happens, and it doesn't just happen in older Pill users. I had two friends in college who smoked grass and took the Pill and developed blood clots in their legs. Luckily, neither of them had a stroke and their docs took them off the pill when they developed sore lumps in their legs.

    It's just not worth the risk because a stroke is the worst. If you want to smoke, it might be better to see about another form of birth control. Problem is, other most effective hormonal methods like the patch or the implant or the monthly or quarterly injection usually have the same no-smoking prohibition.
  6. Mick1

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    easy solution = vaporize
  7. lilweedprincess88

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    pot smoking shouldn't effect u if ur on birthcontrol..I am on it and i smoke pot and i haven't had ne problems yet so i think u should be fine. I am pretty sure its only ciggs that effects the chemical balance in the pills. Good luck
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    i heard that you just gotta take all the pills at once, just take them all and you will be fine.

    smoke some ganja! AY YI YAY!
  9. lilweedprincess88

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    Umm take all the pills at once and have a major overload on hormones...DUH u don't do that. You just gotta take all the pills on time each day thats all then it protects against being preggy.... WEED has no effect on birthcontrol whatsoever. If it did i'd be knocked up already several times over. Don't worry about it.
  10. pandorasbox

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    Actually, the carbon by-products from any kind of inhaled smoke cause your liver to make more of a specific kind of enzyme. This enzyme breaks down and inactivates drugs, especially hormones like birth control. Thus, the amount of active birth control in your blood decreases and is less effective. If you still smoke, you might think about asking your doc to switch to a higher-dose birth control.

    Only cigarette smoke increases the risk for DVT, not marijuana smoke.

    I'm a pharmacist, BTW. :)
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    About, three and a-half years, my g/f use pill, smoke pot. Finish eating, beachguy must do.
  12. pandorasbox

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    Yeah, the effect is usually negligible, but it does cause a problem in some women... especially overweight women or women that have other biological factors or take other drugs that increase the activity of that particular enzyme system.
  13. beachguy in thongs

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  14. pandorasbox

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    Yes. I don't recall saying otherwise...?

    But you won't get one from marijuana anyway, 40 years old or not. Cigarette smoke (nicotine is the culprit) is the only kind of smoke (that is commonly smoked) that increases the risk of DVT.
  15. Racerx

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    I am going to speak for my girlfriend here. She asked her doctor this same question, and she was a cigarette smoker as well. Her doctor very seriously told her to stop smoking cigarettes while on birth control (didnt help at the time unfortunetly, but I have since nagged her enough that she quit months ago), but when the subject of marijuana came up, her doctor essentially told her that there are many other reasons to not smoke weed, but that is not specifically one of them. My gf has a history of migraines and stress headaches and cannabis is still the only drug that immediatly gets rid of it, her doctor doesnt neccessarily promote it but does support it.
  16. shinysticker

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    hey girl, get that depo shot, its great! :D
  17. birdgirl73

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    Hiya, Pandora! You'll think this is interesting. There's a team of researchers and physicians in Dallas at Southwestern Medical Center currently finishing a five-year study related to marijuana use and birth control, and they've found an increased risk of DVTs in the weed-smokers on oral contraceptives. They know this goes against the current thinking that there's only increased risk from nicotine/cigarettes, but they've established a link between weed-smoking and increased coagulation that puts weed smokers at some greater risk--and apparently puts even non-Pill-users at higher risk of DVTs or clots of other kinds. They're in the process of writing these findings now, and i think the study'll be published next year.

    The Pill being as reliable as it is when used correctly, I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be just as easy to put smoking Pill users routinely on some simple anti-platelet or anti-coagulant therapy routinely to help eliminate those risks, but I suppose no one wants the risk of childbearing-age women getting accidentally pregnant while on potentially teratogenic meds.
  18. trippies

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    actually, shiny and i would like to update, DON"T get the depo, it sucks. Lots of awful side effects (luckily we haven't had TOO many problems with it) but after doign some research we both agree its no good and she's not gonna take it again
  19. jamstigator

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    Thanks to birdgirl, I learned a new word today: teratogenic! Example: 'I find that punching pregnant women in the stomach is far too teratogenic an activity for me.'

    [This commercial has been brought to you by PHFABV, Pot Heads For A Better Vocabulary.]
  20. YouD0nt

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    lol. I feel sorry for some girls now, It sucks to know that you can't smoke marijuana if you want to stay un-pregnant.. and most definetley want to stay unpregnant. :(

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