Force flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Ausguy, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Ausguy

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    I watched a mad grow log on youtube which in parts went for 90 minutes, but very detailed and good.

    Now, as many of you do and what he did, cloning. But what confuses me about this, how do you know when a plant is ready for flowering?

    If i dont want my plant to flower do I just keep it in a 18 hour light room?

    If so, how do i know when my plant is ready to be moved into the 12 hour room?
    Whats the smallest amount of time it has to be in the 18 hour room, i'd like to experiment in bonsai plants (im not fussed about how much the yield is) Id like to have a small bonsai like plant with say one or two fat buds on it.

    Would this be possible?
  2. FireTheft

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    you can actually start flowering from seedling if you really want, people have tried it....

    but the basic rule of thumb is not to induce flowering until you start to see the plants preflowers - 4-6 weeks usually...but you can do it before if you'd like....

    and yes to keep a plant in vegging mode just keep the light cycle 18/6. the longer you veg, the larger the plant
  3. ojitos1985

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    well i got some question like that, is the height involved in how many grams? i mean will be much difference between start flowering a 20cm heigh plant from a 30cm or something like that
  4. blink_inc

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    yes there is a difference.
    You can go 12/12 from clone and fit 144 plants in 4" pots in a 4ftx4ft area, which may yeild .2oz per plant.

    You can veg for 4 weeks and fit 40 plants in 6.5" pots in a 4ftx4ft area, which may yeild .6oz per plant.

    If you do the math or try some different options you will see that your yield per square foot net's out to be very close.

    The decision to be made is how many plants do I want to maintain at any given time.

    288 plant in a 4x8 ft box IMO is a LOT of maintainance.

    So to answer bluntly - More veg = more yield but less plant per square foot.
  5. hanayama

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    what was the name of it?
    i LOVE watching videos like that

  6. hybridlove420

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    simply put:

    most plants wont flower in 12/12 until preflowers form. (they form faster if already in 12/12 however)

    to veg, keep more than 16h of light per day on the plants

    before flowering, average plants are ideally 10-18 inches and 3-6 weeks from sprout
  7. Ausguy

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  8. hanayama

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    aaaaaaahhhhh yes...
    i watched that series when i first started my grow back in december.
    thats probably the best overall grow(especially hydro) video ive ever seen.
    i definately recommend it to anyone that hasnt seen it.
  9. Ausguy

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    Much agree'd!

    Being a newbie grower, its deffinatly an insight on how to for beginners.
  10. grey1223

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    Seedlings need a few sets of leaves to start 12/12. I've never waited for preflowers as by the time the plants 4 weeks old it's 12" tall and when growing from seed I have much higher stretch rates. I've never had a 12" cutting stretch beyond 40" but I've seen 12" seedlings stretch to over 50". Also, on another note IMHO that yield is more a function of the gardens canopy. I've grown many small plants and just a few big plants in my garden and I get the same yield

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