Found a Head shop in Richmond!!!!

Discussion in 'Virginia (VA)' started by AlphaDude, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. AlphaDude

    AlphaDude Registered

    Hey dudes and dudettes!!!

    This is one of those FYI shits. (in case you didnt know or are knew to the area)

    There is a dude with a booth at the big indoor flea market on Midlothian Tnpke in Richmond that sells head shop shit. He has bongs, pipes, filters, papers, clips, etc, etc. A lil bit expensive, but what the fk, its the only place I know of within a 3 hour drive of here that you can buy anything straight off the shelf.

    The only other close head shop I know of is in Charlestown, W.VA.

    I have ordered from internet head shops before, but if its something you want, I would rather pay a few bucks more and be able to walk in, look at the shit, hold it in my hand, buy it, take it straight home and fuckin use it that day.

    If anyone knows of any other head shop or place where they sell smokin' & tokin' supplies around the central VA area, please enlighten me and the other readers of this forum.

    Thanks fellow tokers!!

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  2. 2toker

    2toker Registered+

    another 50+ burner here

    Hey Alpha, Delta dude here. thats my old frat. see you've been posting up a storm. can you help in the search for the dank? i'm in chesterfield also.
  3. tuser

    tuser Registered

    Yorkotwn area

    There are also two shops in the Yorktown, VA area (I think they are near Rte 17). One is a gas station tht has a pretty good variety of metal pipes...the other is like a "fantasy shop" with a huge selection of glass.

    They are a few miles away from each other. Sorry that I can't remember the exact locations.
  4. KLAW

    KLAW Registered+

    damn this is the first time that i have ever looked at this cannabis local thing and i see two people from chesterfield where at are yall im in matoaca
  5. AlphaDude

    AlphaDude Registered

    Yeah Klaw, we are here! LOL

    Believe it or not there are a shit-load of old hippie pot heads still around the corner...and probably even more younger ones :stoned::thumbsup:
  6. davey5737

    davey5737 Registered

    theres a bp that sells nice glass, papers, and metal in arlington. also, theres doc's in baltimore, which isnt 3 hours
  7. Universer

    Universer Registered+

    Davey, where is the Arlington shop?
  8. luvbud

    luvbud Registered+

    BP gas station right on 29 about the 6000 block
  9. davey5737

    davey5737 Registered

    yep, right on washington blvd. i think its exit 70 on 66 east
  10. Universer

    Universer Registered+


    Thanks for the knowledge, Davey and LuvBud. Good to know. I'm in Reston now; I was in Leesburg. I find myself all over the region. Charles Town is sometimes easier; other times, Arlington would be easier.

    Separate topic: I posted elsewhere on the Virginia forum about the fact that we are starting up a Virginia chapter of NORML, and it is already evident that many of the members of this fledgling organization (who will therefore also be members of the national NORML) will be from Northern Virginia. Please snap me an e-mail (Universer at Yahoo) if you're interested in membership and/or helping.

  11. ryn6609

    ryn6609 Registered

    There is a place out on 460 just past suffolk. Believe it called the smokeshack. Walked in cause I noticed cheap newport cartons and to my suprise glass bubblers, bowls, 1 hitters and all. Looks like a log building. Have fun
  12. John the joint

    John the joint Registered

    Yea theres another head shop in Richmond called Happy Corner. I dont know how much stuff they have, but i got a nice bowl from them when they first opened.

    RICVAGANJ Banned

    Hey guys, there are two nice shops in town.

    Katra Gala on Main St. Across from Sticky Rice.

    Also, Kulture Clothing on 18th St in Shockhoe Bottom.

    Plenty of nice items you all might be interested in.
  14. mrBill

    mrBill Registered

    hi like to know were it is on Midlothian
  15. John the joint

    John the joint Registered

    Sup man, aight the flea market is way up midlo turpike twords Richmond, and on your right the will be a GIANT store called "Flea Market" go inside and look around. He's there somewhere but he's always changin booths.
  16. AlphaDude

    AlphaDude Registered

    Another One

    New find. Right next door.
    And of all places, in Chesterfield county. Probably won't be around long. lol

    The Tobbaco Hut. It is located in the Wal-Mart shopping plaza on rte 10 in Chester, next to the Subway shop.

    They have bongs, pipes, pipes, and more pipes, grinders, screens, bowls, etc, etc.

    No not really a "true" headshop, but holy shit, for this area what they have is a boom.
  17. smoking habit

    smoking habit Banned

    Kulture is downtown in the Richmod Area. If memory serves me right it's on 18th street? I think. But yeah, that place is nice. ALWAYS give me free lighters/blunt wraps/shit like that. And ALWAYS cut the price if i buy a shitload of glass, like one time a friend and I bought I think it was 2 ROORs, and 3 other glass water pipes, one was a "pure glass" or something, and we saved around 100 dollars. Very nice guys there, and awesome merchandise. Go there.
  18. Richmondva420

    Richmondva420 Registered

    What's up everybody? I'm new to the Richmond area I don't know too many people. I'm looking to score some nugs. Any contacts/hookups or any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Lady Jane

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    Beee careful darlin'. They'll tear this post down if they catch ya. Happened to me a couple weeks ago. I thought "nah..they can't read EVERY dumbass little post"...but oh, do they ever. :eek:

    Sad, yes... Even on a website called you gotta be discreet.

    Wish I could help ya. Good luck on the search!! :thumbsup:
  20. Universer

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    In Defense of

    Lady Jane, is a wonderful site run by a wonderful person, FoM. She busts her butt daily and has put together arguably the world's foremost website for news, political activism, and gathering for intellectual cannabists.

    But cannot legally allow certain things, lest we all risk losing this precious (and necessary!) site. So if something gets pulled -- like openly soliciting the sale or purchase of an illegal substance* -- it's for a darn good reason that it gets yanked down.

    Peace.... :)

    * We all know myriad reasons why it shouldn't be illegal, but until things change, they are what they are.

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