Fox Farm feeding schedule question.

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    This may be a stupid question but here it goes. I was looking over the schedule and just noticed that it is geared towards indoor growing were the amount of light can be controlled. Should outdoor growers follow this schedule or feed based on what the plant is doing i.e. don't start feeding tiger bloom and big bloom until the plant begins flowering.

    Another question I just thought of is does tiger bloom and big bloom get fed as soon as pre-flower begins or full blown flower?

    Link to Fox Farm feeding schedule.
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    Just read this thread again and realized I'm completely over thinking things and asked a stupid question that I know the answer to. I think I'll quit smoking for a while. :hippy:
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    the Fox Farm feeding schedule makes it all nice and easy ... I use FF exclusively, in my hydro, too, great stuff :thumbsup: ... I use their Big Bloom throughout the grow, it's really not much of a fertilizer, as it is live organisms, that break down the nutrients, so the plant can absorb them ... I start the Tiger Bloom the week before switching to a flowering cycle, dropping the FF Grow Big ... Fox Farm is good for outdoors, too, but pricey, if you have a large garden ... my 'outdoor commercial-growing' buddy grows the biggest, healthiest plants I've ever seen in my life, (and, I'm an old fart), and, he uses nothing but Miracle-Grow, bought at the hardware store ... not a damaged leaf to be found, simply amazing plants ... used at half-strength, once per week, plain water the rest of the week ... amazing, best word for it :thumbsup:
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