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  1. I have a few questions about the FF nutes. I have seen things on TV about how EDTA(the Disodium ethylenediamine tetra acetate rings a bell) has been proven to cause cancer. I looked at every FF bottles and evry one of them has it. Now do the plants convert all that stuff so ultimately we are safe? Im no botanist or horticulture expert so any info would be helpful.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but this is how I interpreted the use of FF trio + open sesame...

    2 weeks after sprout...use Grow Big
    First signs of bud, stop Grow Big and switch to Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom
    2 weeks into flowering, add open sesame
    Stop open sesame 12-14 days before chop
    Stop TB and BB 7 days before chop so that plants can be flushed.

    Sound about right? Any help is greatly appreciated.:hippy:
  2. C'mon, one of the most widely used nutes and lots of growers on here use it. Any help? Please?:)
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    I use fox farms big bloom and peace of mind fruit and flower and just started using molasses with good results. I think Rusty is the guy you need for answers on this one hopefully he will see it and respond. Good luck and sorry not any help. peace
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    Sorry. Been a tad busy...

    We aren't drinking the stuff straight, there are no studies that I know of regarding the inhalation of the incinerated compound, and I haven't grown an extra testicle, nor found any unusual growths on my old ones. (yet)

    A lot depends on your soil. Ferted soils (Miracle grow, for instance) you'll need to adjust your nutes taking those nutes into consideration.

    For regular soils though, take a look at the Fox Farms nutrient schedule in my signature. It's a good starting point.

    I use Big Bloom and Grow Big till the switch to 12/12. Half-strength on the Big Bloom, though. I transplant the day of the switch, but I use an organic soil nearly as hot as MG, and this adjustment in transplant schedule works fine for me. (regular soil, you can wait up to two weeks into 12/12 to transplant)

    Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom (again...Big Bloom at half indicated strength) through to harvest.

    IMHO Open Sesame is unnecessary, as they start flowering soon enough I've never used it. Have used Cha Ching, with mixed/limited results. I'll keep using it, but once it's gone I won't replace it. Never used Sledgehammer. (flushing with properly ph'd water does this just fine)

    FF is notorious for salt build-up, so I give monthly flushes with properly ph'd water. (at least the same volume of water, as the pot) After the flushes...I add a dose of Humic Acid, (Soil Syrup) and fresh nutes.

    Also, I feed twice weekly, at half-strength. Same weekly totals, but easier on the ladies. :jointsmile:
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  5. Thanks a lot Rusty. That was what I was looking for, very helpful.:hippy:
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    No problem. Let us know how it all shakes-out. :thumbsup:
  7. Rusty when you add any FF nutes, how you apply to the plants? Just use a spoon with nutes, dump on soil and then add water to the soil? Premix nute with water then dump on soil? It gives you how much nutes per gallon but I'm not using a gallon of water for every feed so I'm thinking to only use 1/4-1/3 of a teaspooon but how it's applied with the water and soil is my question. Thanks ahead of time.:hippy:
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    ALWAYS add nutes to water and stir well before offering it to the ladies. Adding it to the soil will cause burn spots (too concentrated) and voids. (no nutes at all)

    If I only have a few plants, or for those in veg where I won't go through an entire gallon...I either give the rest to my houseplants, or mix half a batch. If the instructions are for 1 tablespoon per gallon, mix half a tablespoon (1.5 tsp) in half a gallon.

    I adjust my water's ph to about 6.8 or 6.9 before adding the nutrients. Once the nutrients are in and mixed, it brings the ph down to about 6.4 or so. Perfect for the ladies.
    (ph your water at the recommended temp ranges, or test results will vary a tad)

    Whenever I water or add nutes to my 5 gallon pots, I'll add a half gallon or so to each pot. Then, I'll go back to the first pot, and slowly add more till I get a slight run-off. Just a minor trickle. (more will ooze-out over time) And I continue down the line till they are all bloated and happy.
    This allows the medium to absorb the water and nutes, instead of finding the quickest route through your soil, and not absorbing enough. I use the same method with every size pot I grow in. The 5'er was just an example.
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    fox farm

    i have used fox farm in the past for soil growing.

    i followed their feeding schedule to the letter.
    i flushed with clearex every other week once into bloom.
    i used either clearex or final flush for final flush b4 harvest.

    always add your solubles first, then the liquids, to your water FIRST, mix well, then apply solution to soil.

    i don't think sledgehammer is available in the US, yet.
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    Seems I forgot to mention...don't overlook the feeding schedule's suggestion to add the grow nutes a couple of weeks into flower. (soil grows) :thumbsup:
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    My FF experience

    I am currently using the FF liquids.

    I feed per the schedule, watering about ever 2 1/2 days.
    Ferts on every other watering, just PH'd water on the other.

    I use mollasses during veggin and flowering.
    about once a week during veggin
    every feeding during flowering

    Ive also started mixing in Sugar Daddy and Earth Juice on my most recent grow.
    I use it during flowering.
    alternating them when giving the girls ferts.

    FF does have some salt build up problems( mentioned above)
    so i flush once about half way through veggin.
    Once 2-3 weeks into flowering

    and then every other watering for the last 2 weeks of flowering.

    I stop using ferts 2-3 weeks before harvest

    The strain im currently growing(strawberry cough) is a pretty tough plant, so i push them a little bit.
    the most important thing to do when figuring out your fert schedule is to take it slow and see what your particuliar girls can take.

    you dont want to over feed and burn them, but you sure dont want them yearning for more.

    Patience and record keeping are the way to go, fo sho.:Rasta:
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