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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by escort31, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. escort31

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    i just need to know what feeding instructions to go by. the bottle and the web site say different things.what one is better for growing weed,i am growing in their ocean mix soil and the nutes are grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom.anybody use these?
  2. kameo77

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    I use them but in a hydro system, Which I dilute to 30%. So its about 1/2 a teespoon for 1 gallon of water.
  3. MidnightToker54

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    I'm still a beginner to growing, but I've been using Fox Farm GrowBig for vegging. I also use the mixture which is recommended on the bottle (1/2 tsp per gal) and I've heard you don't have to worry about burn as much with the organic ferts.
  4. BlueBear

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    Start off at half strength, see how they react and then slowly move up to full recomended strength. I haven't use the FF, but this is a good rule of thumb to follow.
  5. slowthestone

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  6. escort31

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    my question is what do you go bye the bottle or the chart from their website,both are different?
  7. escort31

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    like the big bloom , the bottle says 4 teaspoons per gal,and start using at the first sign of flowering.the chart says 2 teaspoons during veg and 1 teaspoon through flowering.what one is more accurate for growing weed?
  8. slowthestone

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    Follow the chart...

    It's scheduled at 12 weeks for a reason.
  9. twiggg

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    i think the chart says 2 tablespoons for the big bloom :)
  10. JerryWidmer

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    The Chart

    Honestly. I may look like a newb for this being my first post and all but this is just because I just found this site. SO bear with me.

    I have used many different fertilizers. Fox Farm makes a great product. It does lack on the nitrogen side for flowering, but good none the less. When I did use the fox farm bloom ferts my schedule was this.

    Its easy. Follow the chart, except cut all the measurements in half. Example. 1 tbsp on the chart would = 1.5 teaspoons. Or 2tbps would = 1 tbps. Over ferting a plant is ALOT worse then under fertlizing. The plant could be grown with straight water and Fox Farm Ocean Forest or any other good soil from start to finish. We just know it proven you can get better results with adding ferts, co2 etc. Stick to the liquids if using the liquids. I wouldnt worry about the cha ching and the other solid ferts on the chart. Only fertilize ONCE a week. Also, I like to flush in the middle of the 8 week flowering peroid to ensure salt levels stay very low. Happy Growing.
  11. locomark

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    Well Escort31,

    Their products can be used to grow any produce including cannabis. The instructions on the bottle assumes you are only using just that product. The chart assumes you are using all three products together. But what do I know?

  12. Rusty Trichome

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    As this thread is a couple of years old, likely they figured it out by now, lol.
    The schedule posted on their website works pretty good. Minor adjustments for different strains, changing temps...
    Would not cut doses in half unless applying to rooted clones or mature seedlings.
    For me, the jury is still out on the water-soluable Cha Ching.
    Four consecutive grows, no noticible results. (Inca Spirit x Potent Purple mix, some Pokerface, and a few Diesel)

    Loco: Using all three in at the same time...?
    Gee, I wonder if I've been doing it wrong all these years, lol.

    Jerry: You don't want a nitrogen-heavy nute for flowering in the first place.
    Higher nitrogen for veg: yes
    Higher nitrogen for flower: no
  13. TheMetal1

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    I recently started up with Fox Farm Grow Big and Big Bloom (and have Tiger Bloom for flower). Mostly, I am going by the chart that came with the trio. Not really the Week 1, Week 2, etc. suggestions but mostly the dosing. Although, I admit, I screwed up and almost had a nervous breakdown. :jointsmile:

    I was all geared up to start them out at 1/2 strength for their first feeding. I didn't need a full gallon because I would have had a lot of wasted nutrient mix... so I adjusted calculations to make a half gallon. I then proceeded to mix everything up and feed my babies. :thumbsup: Then a few hours later... out of nowhere... I realized that when I made my calculations I basically just cut the water amount in half... and the nutrient amount in half. Sooo... yeah... I gave them the full dose for their first feeding. Did I mention I smoked a blunt just before doing my math? :stoned:

    It's been a few weeks now, and my plants are loving it.

    So, in response to the question... :jointsmile:
    I've been using:
    Grow Big
    Big Bloom
    Full dose (going by online/factory chart)
    Every OTHER watering

    Like Rusty said... the strain will decide what, and how many, nutrients it wants. So use your own judgement. But for me, that's been working real nice.

    P.S. When I screwed up and gave the full dose on the first feeding... it did NOT harm the plants at all. Not saying you should just jump into full feeding, but if you do by accident... they probably won't drop dead. :thumbsup:

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