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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by CottonMouthKUSH, May 24, 2010.

  1. CottonMouthKUSH

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    So I have a three foot tall Sour D clone in a ten gallon pot. I used Fox Farms Happy Frog Potting soil and I also got FF's Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tirger Bloom. So after 4 1/2 weeks of being in the soil I started giving it Grow Big. Its been about a week now and this morning I gave it both Grow Big and Big Bloom. My Main question is since I have it in a 10 gallon pot and its three feet tall should I be giving it the full gallon?(You mix the nutrients by the gallon of H2o) Ive been giving it only half every other time I water. Any help would be great. For more history on my plant I have another Thread on here Its called: I put a clone out and... Its on the So Cal thread page. Any help would be great. Peace

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  2. oldhaole

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    Nice Plant.

    I would not use the bloom products yet. Continue with the Grow Big until early August. Then start the bloom stuff. Continue with 1/2 strength. Better too little than too much.

    You also may want to consider a transplant to a bigger pot down the road.
  3. Luther101

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    Fox Farm questions.

    Hello. I'm Luther101. For starts you can put the Tiger Bloom away since you already have a blooming formula with FF. You really should not mix the two together as their nutrient ratings are different for the different stages of growth and bloom of your plants. The FF Grow Big is for the starting and continued growth of your plants during vegitative growth because it has higher concentrations of Nitrogen and Potassium that are essential for promoting cellular growth...i.e. Chlorophyl within the leaf. What that means is that you only need FFBG to grow with and FFBB to flower with. The FFBB has higher concentrations of phosphorus that is essential for flower new sites, flower size and even weight.

    If you are growing indoors and the days are somewhat cooler then that is a good thing. As long as the temperature does not dip into the lower 30's (30-F is freezing) you should'nt have any problems. When plants freeze (even for just a moment) they are instantly frozen in time and all life form with in the plant crystalize. No turning back from there. The plant dies.

    Oh. Continue your watering pattern and you may even begin to let them dry out before watering. Water first in half the ammount using good water....wait about 15 minutes and then add your nutrient as directed on the bottles. Be careful not to over water. I hope this info helps you out and I have some pics here somewhere... Peace....Out.:thumbsup:
  4. gypski

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    The FF Big Bloom can be used during both veg and flower cycles. As a matter of fact, FF recommends using it during both stages. Tiger Bloom is used during the flowering stages and they recommend using all three at different times during the flowering period. Find their feeding schedules on Fox Farm dot com. :thumbsup:
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  5. dirtybuds

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    dude is right about the bloom products, no need untill august or september. also always start by using half of what the bottle says per gallon. ( i think i said that in your last thread.) a 10 gallon bucket is plenty room no need to transplant, i will use a 5 gallon and have no problems. also look at your old thread and my comment on the FF nutrients.

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