fox farm vs. black gold.

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by katacus, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. katacus

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    ok. here the situation.

    I want a complete organic grow.

    I can get either one. both is avail. black gold will cost a bit more due to shipping. fox farm is just a day away.

    I want the best, so cost is secondary to quality. extra points for fox farm, it will excuse a night of excess. :Rasta:
  2. howsyourroof

    howsyourroof Registered+

    fox farm thats what i used
  3. howsyourroof

    howsyourroof Registered+

    turned out beautiful
  4. BlueBear

    BlueBear Registered+

    I use Black gold, but I would go with the FF nutes, except Tiger Bloom is not completely organic.
  5. Kwali

    Kwali Registered+

    Whats Tiger Bloom contain that isnt organic? Seen alot of people use it with Big Bloom, haven't checked it out myself.
  6. roadcam

    roadcam Guest

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil is great stuff, BUT, it can be too 'hot' for young seedlings, even though it has neutral pH ... it was rapidly killing my younguns, before the nursery guy tipped me off ... switching to a cheap, mild soil immediately cured the problem ... when they get a bit older, I will transplant them into the Fox Farm soil ... the Black Gold soil is pretty much the same, it's a tossup between their qualities ... :smokin:
  7. L3G10N

    L3G10N Registered+

    I can vouche for Fox Farm Ocean forest. I put germinated seeds into the soil and under a few compact cfls. The soil did not burn the seedlings and they thrived in it. Here are a few photos of one week old seedlings planted in FF. They are 3 weeks old now and just started flower.



  8. moonwolf52

    moonwolf52 Registered+

    I use Fox Farm for Hydro and luv it. Have had no problems with nute burn.
  9. roadcam

    roadcam Guest

    it seems as if SOME strains are more vulnerable than others (I grow sativa-dominants, maybe that's part of the reason ??) ... my nurseryman verified my suspicions, when all my seedlings burnt up ... after 41 years of successful growing, I was completely stumped ... it finally got down to where it could ONLY be the soil, and that's when my nurseryman tipped me off (besides, it was the very first time I used the Fox Farm OF soil, so that pointed fingers) ... as soon as I went back to my old stuff, my seedlings took right off ... after they got a good start, I transplanted them into 100% Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, and I expect no more problems ... :smokin: roadcam, formerly the image reaper
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  10. L3G10N

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    i think my plants are sativa dominant too... Haze x Skunk, im not sure though.
  11. OrganicMechanic

    OrganicMechanic Registered

    Fox Farm Premium

    Fox Farm premium is good choice to check out, Black gold when dry is lot more compact and very hard that you need to break the surface out constantly when watering.
    Mix in some Coco to help.
  12. MedusaGrower

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  13. unclebob

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    Some strains when small seedlings are more vunerable to soil that is too hot than others. I start seeds directly in 18 oz cups filled 2/3 with my favourite soil mix, and the last 1/3 with light, no nute seed starting mix combined with 40% perlite. It works good for me. No burn and they get the nutes when they start to grow.

    good luck

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