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Fox Farms feeding schedule.

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by TVWoLfMaN, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. TVWoLfMaN

    TVWoLfMaN Registered+

    So ive been planning my first hydroponic(DWC) G. I am going to go with Fox Farms. I picked up a FF feeding schedule chart and have been reading it. What im looking to find out is how long a hydro grow goes from germination to harvest day. To what I always understood was it only takes two months for a full rotation. I could be mistaken. Anyways the FF feed chart runs for 3 months. So if it is 2 months then how would i adjust the whole FF feeding schedule and fit it into a 2 month timeframe. I also learned from the chart that you use different nutes at the same time. I was unaware of that. I will be using FF grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom.
  2. SmokeMyPiece

    SmokeMyPiece Registered+

    The chart covers 3 months. The first four weeks are for vegetation, and the last 8 are for flowering.

    You could complete a grow in 2 months if u started 12/12 from seed. skip the veg weeks and Just go none to 1/4 strength on the nutes until opposing branches appear.

    longer you veg, the bigger the plant.
  3. DogtowN

    DogtowN Banned

    From seed to harvest in 8 weeks isn't likely. Growing straight to flower from seed usually makes for some puny plants. If you were using clones it would be worthwhile, with a strain that flowers in 6 weeks. A good clone can look really nice with a 2 week veg.

    Did you have a particular strain in mind?
  4. SmokeMyPiece

    SmokeMyPiece Registered+

    ive seen some nice 12/12 from seed grows... just gotta utilize the sog method
  5. TVWoLfMaN

    TVWoLfMaN Registered+

    I was thinking white widow and purple high. Maybe 1 or 2 mothers each. So maybe the 2 month method i was hearing about was from clone to harvest. So if i have limited space and my net pots are 5 inches, would a 2 month(1 month veg and 1 month flower) rotation from clone to harvest be pretty good? Also i was planning on the plants running smaller due to my small space just having more of them.
  6. DogtowN

    DogtowN Banned

    I'm unfamiliar with Purple High, but White Widow is a longer flowering strain. I don't see any way to finish WW in 8 weeks, no matter what. I hesitate to recommend anything, because I've never run anything that could finish in that time-frame.

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