fox farms... good or bad?

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by bigslickbuds, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. bigslickbuds

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    Sup everyone... was just wondering if any of you guys could give me some advise or some suggestions on using nutrients.... I am just starting out and I am using fox farms. I have the entire line of products and am following the feeding schedule to a T but I won't see the results for at least a few more months.... hopefully(im keeping my fingers crossed)
    I was hoping u guys could give me some feedback. Any and all replys will be greatly apreciated.( don't think that's how u spell it...) well anyways, thanks.....keep it rollin.
  2. Rusty Trichome

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    It's basically all I've used for the past few years. If it wasn't a solid nutrient system, I'd I'd be using something else right now. You're using the Fox Farms Weekly Feeding Schedule from their website, right?

    The only soluble I use is Cha Ching on occation. But I strongly recommend you be careful with the solubles, as they are better-suited to those with growing experience. Give yourself a few successful grows before messing with 'em.

    About half way through flowering you can ease-up (about half) on the Big Bloom and start giving 1 tsp per gallon of unsulfered molasses, per week. (Grandma's or Brer Rabbit are common and available at most grocery stores)

    This might get moved to one of the growing forums...
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  3. rudy2010

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    I saw the Cha Ching at the local hydro shop. It was really expensive like close to $100 for a bottle that was not very large. How much difference do you think it actually makes in say percentage of increase for the total harvest. You say you use it on occasion. What would be an occasion for using or not using it. If you don't use the Cha Ching do you use just the Big Bloom and molasses or something else instead.
  4. Rusty Trichome

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    You can buy the whole Fox Farms series for under $100.00, so hopefully you're mistaken on the price at the hydro shop.

    In my experience, Cha Ching has no visible effect on some strains. I've had the jar for a couple of years, and am using it once in a while so it doesn't go to waste...but it's definately not a regular part of my regular regimen.

    FF works fine, but no nutrient package is perfect. I use the molasses as a carbo-load, calcium and magnesium source, and for it's micronutrients and iron. Since it's cheaper than carbo-load crap, CalMag Plus, Superthrive...I like it much better.
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  5. cdouglas869

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    I don't know much about Fox farm. I do know B'cuzz products are made for one plant only (marijuana) . I have found that B'cuzz or Atami product are way better than anything I have found so far. I like the idea that all there research is done on Marijuana not strawberries or tomatoes. Give it a try. You will not be sorry the results are impressive.
  6. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    I do know a lot about Fox Farms, and I know a bit about growing cannabis indoors in containers. Assuming that cannabis plants somehow operate outside the rules of plant biology and folly.

    I like the idea that all over the web you'll find folks using the Fox Farms because it's cheap, it's a virtually complete system that can take you from seed to harvest...and it works for rookies and pro's alike.
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  7. prettygirlsmokes420

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    I did fox farm for my first grow and it was pretty crappy. I used all the stuff the soil, the grow big the big bloom nd the other one... I sent them into flowering a little early so of course my buds were a bit small, but the leaves are what worried me. They looked all yellow and fried. Like there ass too much bytes, I know I did exactly the proportions that the bottle said. So if your gonna use it I would go easy. Try starting small at first and keep a close eye on the leaves. Also u could try a co2. Bucket or tank or bag to help keep em healthy.
  8. duke63

    duke63 Registered

    I use Fox Farms exclusively. Use the Ocean Forest. Do not bother with any nutes or you will burn them. throw away their schedule.
    After you have almost 5 wks from your final pot up then you can use Tiger bloom at 1/4 tsp per gallon. every 6-7 days. at your final
    10 days at nute schedule use cha ching 1/4 tsp per gallon every 6-7 days. No final flush is neccessary. Always remember: A little
    is alot!
  9. bigsby

    bigsby Banned

    FFOF is awesome. I'm an intermediate farmer; I know what I'm doing but I'm no pro. This stuff takes the guess work out. Any noob considering what to do for soil should go this route. It is almost fool proof. I second Duke's nute schedule although I use bloombastic.
  10. JeffersonStateGrower

    JeffersonStateGrower Registered+

    Fox Farms makes a good product, as do many other manufacturers. What it comes down to is that you can grow nice plants with high yields with almost any manufacturers product, given you throw out their feeding schedule & doseages, and do a little math. Even Miracle Grow can have great results.
  11. prettygirlsmokes420

    prettygirlsmokes420 Registered+

    w why would you throw away the feeding schedule entirely? I could see cutting back on The dosage amount, but don't try to make your own. If you wanna do all that, grow with stripped dirt and add in all the micro nutes yourself.
  12. darthcannabis

    darthcannabis Registered+

    I'm useing it and my grow seemed to be doing OK. My friends are using it too. The popularity of there products leads me to believe that there a good product.but I think almost anything works great as long as you get the dosage right. Next go around I'm gonna create my own homade brew. There's a lot out there on the subject its all N-P-K and various sundries. And prolly amounts to paying different prices for brand names. Study your ingredients and its just fertilizer. There more than one way to skin a cat.
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  13. JeffersonStateGrower

    JeffersonStateGrower Registered+

    What I am saying is that every grower needs to utilize experimentation along with critical deduction and analysis because every growing situation is different in regards to feeding and watering schedules especially if using soil and soil mixes; and all manufacturers specs are even stated as "general guidlines".

    And I do work with non-ferted sterilized soil when I grow indoors, it is far easier for me to control nutrient levels when not having a timed or water released variance.
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  14. prettygirlsmokes420

    prettygirlsmokes420 Registered+

    I don't know anything about all that fancy water released varience veal ur talking about. Growing in stripped dirt is not hard. I understand what your saying about diff ways to do stuff. I wasn't trying to come off rude, I'm just sharing based on experiance. I feel there is different methods and I do agree witg you about experamentation. I was just asking. I started off with fox farm, now I'm using stripped soil. I would prefer to switch to all deep water culture growing. It's whatever you feel comfortable with and what you have the recources for. When I started having to monitor my ph and ppms more carefully, I had to get all new digital readers, and more nutes. Everybody was sharing experiances and stuff so...
    The more methods you try, the more likely you are to find the one your stellar at....

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  15. kingjustin

    kingjustin Registered+

    If its FFoF, throw out the feeding schedule and just pick up a bottle of molasses. If using happy frog, follow a light feeding schedule.

    end thread.
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  16. GanjaRobPDX

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    I have used the fox farm line a couple of times. I am not a big fan. Its ok stuff, but I didn't see the kind of results that would make me switch over to foxfarm exclusively.
    Most nutrient products are just NPK with fancy labels and marketing schemes. most brand name stuff will yield decent results. Just make sure to keep a feed log.
    What did you use? how much of each nutrient? ...added to how much water? date? pH/ppm levels? organic or chem? this gives you a reference guide to go back and assess what needs to be added or removed in order to dial in a particular nutrient brand.
    Try not to use the manufacturers feed schedule as a step-by-step program. it can create lots of problems. Many variables play into how much you should feed your plants: light wattage, temp, humidity, grow medium, strain, plant size, etc.

    I use Zeta nutes. they are some what hard to find, but they are cheap, extremely consistant (batch-to-batch), and yield excellent results. I still add supplements and bloom boosters, but I have saved lots of money without sacrificing any quality or yield.

    hope this helps.
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  17. darthcannabis

    darthcannabis Registered+

    I just bought the sledgehammer flush today and used it on two of my plants that looked kinda peeked ... ill let you know if they show any improvement.
  18. darthcannabis

    darthcannabis Registered+

    The flush seemed to re-energize them so I'm satisfied. Plus @ 2 tap per gal, and each plant calling for 2 to 3 flushes per grow its cheep and goes a long way... its saporin, witch I think is a sap based soap, and molasses (tell by the smell). Ill stick with my. Fox farm until I start making my own, or eye witness better or equal results with something cheaper. I don't get out much but copy down the ingredients and search for something similar at whallie world and get back to me. Maby something like the big bloom, cause that shit runs out too fast. F.F. should have made the bottle sizes fifteenth so everything runs out at the same rate. But Ill prollie get more cause I haven't even started on making a compost bin.
  19. Mr.Pink

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    this is a recipe that i like, for my moms at least. I currently have 2 Big ol moms that are over a year old in this medium, and i ONLY suppliment with seaweed. If you like the idea of fox farms then i am guessing you are trying to keep things somewhat natural. This mix will get you through right to finish but, it is very dependant on pot size. I like BIg pots.

    promix bx (has a microrizal mushroom within)
    worm castings 20lbs per half bail of promix (you can not burm with worm poo!)
    blood meal, (you can find organic), follow package instructions,This is the main souce of N
    bone meal (you can find organic) Follow package instructions This is the main souce of P
    Muriate of potash (not organic) This is your mai snource of K (go light on this) They usually recomend about 1/2 a pound per hundred square feet, so you need very little.
    seaweed For all your micro nutient needs (organic)very slow relese

    I know this is not what you wanted, but i mention it because it is about 1/3 the cost of using fox farms, or earth juice (if they still make it). It is a very slow release mix, that wont burn. Iuse a kiddy pool to mix it all up and scoop it into the pots. the top 5 inches or so of the pots i use just pro mix. pro mix has ph buffers, some wetting agent, and miccrorize, A benficial fungus. I use large rubbermaid bins for my mom.

    I have used the fox farm line in my early days, and i had problems, It is more than likley due to my lack of expierience at the time, as well as poor enviroment, and not knowing my strain.
    Just another idea for you to think about
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  20. GetThisOrDie

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    Like said before, go easy with the FF. The feeding schedule provided by them is very strong, speaking from experience. Go much less for better results, even less than that when using with FFoF.

    +1 on the miracle grow comment. :stoned:
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