fox farms... good or bad?

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by bigslickbuds, Apr 22, 2011.

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    I use FF and am following their light feeding schedule. So I should go lighter than that? Thanks I know this thread is old but im a newb and could use the help
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    Good stuff if you use it right

    Ive used the fox farm trio nutrients since i started growing and if you use the proper dose you can get excellent results. I get big, dense and frosty plants with only ff nutes and bat guano. If its a larger stable plant that has a good root system i would recommend watering with the full strength feeding schedule on the back of the bottle every 6-8 days. If its a small or young plant only do half (unless of course your plants show signs of deficiencies). Just make sure to flush well because fox farm nutes will make your soil salty.:smokin::thumbsup:
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    This is an old post, but I new here, so I'll bring it back. I've been using Fox Farms for the last 3 years. The last 2 years I was growing Iranian Auto flower, and Iranian auto X haze. Had nothing but problems. Fox Farms is a hot mix. If your plants don't like it, cut the recipe in half. That's what I had to do to get them to grow properly. This year I am growing Northern Lights, Northern Lights X Haze, Jack Harer, and Dark Side Kush. I'm growing outside in pots. I'm using their soil grow schedule full strength. They seem to love it. So like any nutrients it plant specific. Some plants like a lot and others like a little. So start easy. I don't use the sledge hammer flush. They tell you to flush with 3 gallons of water per gallon of dirt. For five gallons of dirt, that's fifteen gallons of water per plant, times 2 teaspoons per gallon that's 30 teaspoons per plant. Now times that by 10 plants you have 300 teaspoons. Flush every 3 weeks, that's a lot of Sledge hammer Flush. I just use neutralized water, and only 9 or 10 gallons per 6 gallon pot. Hope this helps someone. Oh, and don't forget to neutralize your mix, before using it.
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    Which fox form Nutrient you were used? It has divided into two parts. Fox farm ocean forest and fox farm happy frog. I am now using Fox Form Liquid Bloom fertilizer and it gives me a nice result. It is excellent for ripe, late-season flowers and fruits. It contains .01-3-.07 NPK ratio and it has organic Fertilizer so, it makes your flower healthiest and makes plants growth easier.
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    Nothing like nature. Composted chicken and/or horse manure, weed tea (clipped weeds/leaves, fill a bucket, add water, let soak for a few weeks in the sun), test soil and fix. Bingo, save some money.

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