Fox Farms Soil -or- Perlite & Coco ???

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Buds Buddy, May 4, 2018.

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    OK All....I'm wondering which is Better. Using Indoor Grow Tent / Scrog set up / 400 Watt MH / HPS / 4-85 watt LED's / Fans / A.C. / etc....
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil or a Chunky Perlite & Coco for growing in my Set up ?
    I hear the Fox Farm Soil is pretty much sterile of any type of larva & eggs.
    Don't know anything about Perlite & Coco so hoping someone can tell me about it.
    Is it just Perlite & Coco only that you plant your seedling in or are there other ingredients ?
    Is it suppose to be sterile like the fox farms soil ?
    Had a gnat problem with Home Depot Soil so not ever using anything like that again.
    Any help on the subject is appreciated !!!

    I know....I'm asking a lot of questions. I guess all the reading & video's only give you so much info so you have to ask the experienced for their input. The reading & video's just gave me the questions to ask.

    I'm getting there,,,still learning.
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    Depends on what you mean by "better".
    For a first grow, I'd go with FF because it's dirt simple.
    Just add water.

    Once you know what all stages of growth look like the easy way,
    you can start to play.

    Coco does not really need Perlite, but it does little harm.
    I have grown in straight coco, blended coco, and coco topped DWC.
    Played with hydrotron and rock wool too.
    Because I needed a high yield at the time.
    That is their advantage.

    The disadvantage is cost of errors. You need to know how a healthy plant looks to mix your nutrients properly for these methods.
    And proper feeding is critical with coco.
    Think of it as solid state hydroponics.

    The state recently raised our plant limit to 10.
    That easily meets my needs in FF and cuts my workload down.
    I don't even need to use nutes, just larger containers when they begin to look "hungry".

    Hope that helps you decide.
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    Kind of reminds me of a Hydro System since you have to keep everything so accurate. I don't think I'm advanced enough at this stage to figure out all the PPM's of certain nutrients to add what the plants need to the "T". I'll go with the F.F. for now. Thanks for the info. Made the decision quite easy actually...LOL. I will try the other way eventually....once I get a little better at it.
    Getting excited about my 1 female I have left. Seen hairs coming out in 5-6 places so far. Tied the outer branches back some last night to get more light to the inner branches. Not sure if it helps but read it does so giving it a shot.
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    Don't believe everything you read. :)

    Bondage is not necessary, (unless that's your thing).

    I use 2 things to spread the love.
    A properly placed oscillating fan will assure that all parts receive photons.
    I use an oscillating fan in my cabinet. to move the leaves
    And, I hang my lights from a single, central, cord to chase more shadows away.
    A thermal switch controls the muffin fan on the light. when that fan kicks on, or off the lights make a 1/4 turn.
    Because they are arrays of emitters, that moves the shadows and all the leaves get light.

    You may wish to do something similar.

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