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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by DBot3000, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. DBot3000

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    Hello my fellow stoners! I just got back from dropping my friend off at the airport. As a reward he threw me some free bud. It looks like some ok bud, I havn't tried it out yet. Nice dense buds that smell like pepper. I'll have to post a smoke report once I've tried it out. Laters

    DSC00128.jpg DSC00130.jpg
  2. Tranquility

    Tranquility Registered+

    love spicy weed. it looks tasty bro.
  3. xmordeciax

    xmordeciax Registered+

    lookin good!
  4. xLIdanksmokeLIx

    xLIdanksmokeLIx Registered

    Looks pretty dank to me... I'd deff take it for free :p
  5. was he going to bring some of that on tha plane??

    anyways awesome trichs
  6. notransfer

    notransfer Registered+

    i am constantly being amazed by the pictures on here.

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