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    We are not Consipary Theorists, a religious Group ,or believe in UFO's, Or are against Gays. We think that people need critical Information to make a rational Decision. So our intent is not to offend anyone with any Titles listed.

    Note : We only include UFO Info for the Conspiracy Buffs.

    1. 911 In plane Site - The Power hour

    2. Police State 2000

    3. America Wake up or Waco - Alex Jones

    4. Police State 2: The Take over - Alex Jones

    5. Death of Vince Foster—Citizens for Honest Government

    6. Clinton Chronicles—Citizens for Honest Government

    7. Waco, The Big Lie, part one-Linda Thompson

    8. Waco, The Big Lie, part two-Linda Thompson

    9.Police State 3: Total Enslavement

    10. America under siege—Linda Thompson

    11. The Panama Deception—Empowerment

    12. Home video of Branch Dravidians

    13. Freemasonry/from darkness to light—Jeremiah films

    14. Police State 3 ; Total Enslavement - Alex Jones

    15. American Dictators - Alex Jones

    16. Slave mentality—John Weaver

    17. Dark secrets inside Bohemian Grove - Alex Jones

    18. 911: The Road To Tyranny - Alex Jones

    19.The Masters Of Terror Exposed - Alex Jones

    20. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Exposed -Alex jones

    21. Aids and what you haven’t been told—Jeremiah films

    22. Baby Parts for sale - jeremiah films

    23. Gulag USA - Texe Marrs

    24. Concentration camps in America—Texe Marrs

    25. Fascist terror stalking America—Texe Marrs

    26. Treaty from hell—Texe Marrs

    27. Police State 2 : The Takeover - Alex Jones

    28. Reichstag: an American holocaust, pretext for tyranny

    29. America’s secret destiny—Ralph Epperson

    30. Loss of U.S.S. Liberty - Tito Howard

    31. Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove - Alex Jones

    32. Martial Law : 911 Rise of the police State - Alex Jones

    33. Mena connection (Arkansas drug traffic)--for the people

    34. Death and taxes (Gordon Kahl)--Country people productions

    35. 911 : The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Anthony Hilder

    36. Kill The White Man - Anthony Hilder

    37. Millenium 2000 - Anthony Hilder

    38. The Blind & Dead : Televangelist Caught on Tape

    39. Eagle has landed : Masonic Nasa Occult Connection

    40. Painful Deceptions : WTC attacks

    41. America Destroyed By Design - Alex jones

    42. Janet “-----” Reno—Jack Thompson at unregistered church convention

    43. Waco incident—KPOC-TV

    44. Ruby creek massacre

    45. The pestilence (aids) Global 2000

    46. Anguish in Oklahoma (actual live feeds recorded off CNN—A.Sgarlatte production

    (Paperwork shows actual seismograph surface readings of 2 blasts)

    47. Waco: Triumph or treason—Jeff Baker

    48. Government gone mad—Jeff Baker

    49. The Crash: The coming economic crash—Jeremiah films

    50. Is Caesar sovereign over church?

    51. Mohummad Atta and his american girlfriend - Mad cow

    52. Is The Pope Catholic - Texe Marrs

    53. Amazing Video Clips - David Wegener :3 Tapes set

    54. The secrets of the Federal Reserve - Mad Cow

    55. The new world order/ big business-big banking-big government

    56. A nation betrayed-let’s take America back—Bo Gritz

    57. Challenging the holocaust museum - Holohaox

    58. Out based education debate- Elizabeth Town College

    59. Murder by injection

    60. Questions and answers—Linda Thompson on Waco

    61. NAFTA/ treaty or treason?

    62. Satan’s new age plan for a new world order

    63. The birth of a nation (made in 1915)

    64. GATT/ friend or foe?

    65. Keys to good government and foundation of American government

    66. The house of Rothschild

    67. Big sister is Hillary Hellcats

    68. The new money system-global 2000

    69. On masters of America

    70. The Gulf war overview

    71. Clinton-the next four years

    72. Mysterious monuments to the beast

    73. The spirit of American Revolution

    74. Education and the founding fathers

    75. A call to arms

    76. Alien encounters?-UFO phenomenon

    77. Alien autopsy? (Roswell, New Mexico)

    78. Hoagland’s Mars- NASA Cydonia briefings

    79. Flying saucers are real

    80. UFO’S the best evidence-tape 1-the visitor

    81. UFO’S the best evidence-tape 2-strange encounters

    82. UFO’S the best evidence-tape 3-Government cover-up

    83. Are we alone in the universe?

    84. Freedom Road - David Icke

    85. Turning the Tide - David Icke

    86. Revelations of a mother goddess - David Icke

    87. The other Israel - Ted Pike

    88. UFO update- fall of 1995- for the people network

    89. Battle preparations now—Mark Koernke

    90. A Christian manifesto

    91. An American patriot in the king’s court

    92. What’s happening to America? --John the Baptist

    93. Bloodstained hands of big brother—Texe Marrs

    94. The constitution of the United States of America

    95. America’s Godly heritage

    96. Sheriff Richard Mack-Florida const. Rest. Rally

    97. Capitalist conspiracy

    98. Communism in America

    99. JFK-the case for conspiracy/ assassination and medical records

    100. Best evidence- the research video-the assassination of JFK (see vol.2, tape 184)

    101. Taking liberties- the legacy of the ACLU

    102. Pornography- an American tragedy

    103. We never went to the moon!

    104. 100 reason evolution is stupid - Kent Hovin

    105. DNA : Evolutions Death Knell

    106. Oklahoma City- what really happened?

    107. Lt. Col. Bo Gritz testimony before Senator Arlen Specter

    108. Anne Neamon- Governor Whiter bound

    109. God’s story-from creation to eternity

    110. The unbeliever

    111. The seven candlesticks- James P. Mickstrom

    112. The pestilence- aids - James P Mickstrom

    113. The pestilence-tape two (continued)

    114. The I.R.S., a threat to our constitutional rights

    115. Hitler and the Catholic church-Jim Wickstrom

    116. Blood in the face, K.K.K. in the U.S.A.-discovery channel

    117. What Congress and the media won’t tell you !!- Devvy Kidd

    118. First padlocked church- Dr. Everett Siliven

    119. The pestilence aids, we have a cure—James p. Mickstrom

    120. Invasion and betrayal- militia of Montana

    121. Enemies, foreign and domestic, part 1 of militia of Montana

    122. A nation adrift, a chronicle of America’s providential heritage

    123. Murder in the heartland, unanswered questions, Oklahoma City bombing

    124. Double crossed- the true story of Barry Seal

    125. The living bible-1. Birth of the savior.2. Childhood of Jesus.3. The first disciples.4. The woman at the well.5. Jesus and the fisherman.6. Jesus teaches forgiveness.

    126. The living bible(con’t) 7.I am the resurrection.8. Before Abraham was, I am.9. Thirty pieces of silver.10.Jesus before the high priest.11. Crucifiction 12.The Lord is risen.

    127. The story of America’s liberty

    128. The American covenant, the untold story

    129. Faith and freedom

    130. Dawn’s early light

    131. Beyond JFK-the question of conspiracy

    132. Nostradamus

    133. The coming police state- the McAlnany report

    134. Police officer Jack McLamb

    135. The truth behind the declaration of independence

    136. The bible is proven-Henry Gruver-voice of freedom

    137. Gay rights- private lives and public policy (Important!!!,see tape #205)

    138. Final warning- our government is out of control-Grant Jeffrey

    139. Money management-Grant Jeffrey

    140. U.F.O.’s- the hidden truth

    141. Sovereignty-citizen township meeting- Richard McDonald

    142. Sovereignty secrets- Jeff Thayer

    143. Citizenship and sovereignty- Richard McDonald

    144. Liberty in the balance-De-taxing America

    145. Gods of the new age-todays new age philosophy-Jeremiah film

    146. Behind the Green Curtain-environmentalism

    147.Taxpayer Alert-Out-based education

    148. Education reform ( womb to tomb ) out based education

    149. Who controls the children-out based education

    150. Panic project-area 51 CIA’s black helicopter project

    151. The Gunderson chronicles-from the inside out-new world order

    152. U.S. vs. U.N.-John Gunderson

    153. U.F.O. tape- the Bill Cooper papers

    154. The seminar on de-taxing America-Barrie Konikov

    155. U.F.O.’s deception of the new world order

    156. Russia-Israel & war in the heavens-David Webber

    157. Brainwashing for the new world order-Dave Benoit

    158. Exposing the illuminati from within-Bill Schnoebelen

    159. Cheque mate- the game of princes- Jeffrey Baker

    160. New world order-your money and religion-Eric Barger

    161. Black helicopters to glory

    162. Prepare for the coming economic depression-Norm Franz

    163. Created viruses-aids and EBOLA-Joyce Riley

    164. Environmental warfare-Steven Wright

    165. Planned chaos & terrorism-Don McAlvany

    166. Russian invasion of America-Henry Gruver

    167. The planned destruction of America- Dr. James Wardner

    168. Surveillance of the antichrist system-Grant Jeffrey

    169. Global 2000- David Smith

    170. Approaching the mark of the beast-Terry Cook

    171. The occult behind the government-Gary Kah

    172. Goddess earth-Samantha Smith

    173. U.F.O.,lying signs and wonders- Norio Hayakawa

    174. Collapse of the world financial system & how to prepare for it-Norm Franz

    175. Wake up America-Dumitru Duduman

    176. Genesis of communism-the illuminati- Dr. James Wardner

    177. Enviornmentalism: door to the new world order-Dr. Michael Coffman

    178. America’s secret destiny

    179. Intelligence Briefing

    180. 666 I.D. found

    181. Discovered: the real Noah’s ark- Ron Wyatt

    182. Obstruction of Justice- The Mena Connection

    183. Overview of the Constitution-A story on Christianity of the law of the land-John Eidsmoe- 6 hrs

    184. The assassination films- Kennedy assassination, Vol.2 (see also tape #100)

    185. The dirty side of the dept. Of justice- The Larouche Case.

    186. Dr.Eugene Schroder Story- Repeal of the War Powers Act (see also # 53) 187. The best of Anne Neamon- Voice of Freedom

    188. Reminisces- Dr. Jim Nicholls- Voice of Freedom

    189. Iron Mountain Vol 2(very rare) Part 1, 2, and 3(Over 3 hours long) 3 tape set

    190. Eye witness video - Real JFK Facts - Mark A. Oakes

    191. The Holocast Story in the crossfire - Mark Weber vs. Michael Shermer debate.

    192. 30 ways the I.R.S. controls preachers - Dr. Dixon

    193. The Lost Culture - A War against northern aggression war between the states.

    194. Above Top Secret ( M.O.M.) Militia Of Montana.

    195. Mad As Hell - Aaron Russo’s

    196. Harry’s War - A movie about you against the I.R.S.

    197. Colorado State Grand Jury hearing on the state of national emergency - The Colorado State emergency Governor held at Canyon City, Colorado, Aug.19-20, 1995

    198. Vote Scam- The stealing of America

    199. An American story- Movie about the battle of Athens, Tennessee, 1946/ Vote scam & corruption/ U.S. war vets after World War 2.

    200. Doctor Strangelove/ the movie

    201. Mind control- out of control by Mark Phillips & Cathy O’Brien

    202. Weather control- A report to the U.S. Senate by Bob Fletcher (see with #203)

    203. U.S. Government weather control-Angels don’t play this H.A.A.R.P. (High altitude auroral research project) see this tape with #202

    204. Cancer doesn’t scare me anymore! Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D.

    205. Homosexual activity- Inside the cherry jubilee (actual footage taped of gay, lewd party inside federal taxpayers buildings in Washington, D.C.) not for minors. This tape includes tapes #14-#23 and #137. Must see (includes gay agenda in school system) 3 hrs.

    206. The gay agenda-march on Washington-includes tape #205-also not for minors.

    207. The Mena cover-up-drugs deception and president Clinton-see tapes #5, 11, 33, 71, 124, and 182

    208. We run this government, not Washington, D.C.-Dick Carver

    209. I was raised to destroy America

    210. The way America should be-Devvy Kidd

    211. The politicization of science-is there really global warming? -Lowell Ponte

    212. Americans abandoned-MIA’s-pow’s

    213. The dinosaur mystery solved-Dr. Henry Morris

    214. From my cold dead fingers- Sheriff Richard Mack

    215. The militia’s and gun’s in the street-the learning channel

    216. The Oswald trial

    217. Mystery Babylon- Al Pierce

    218. Down in Roswell- UFO secret

    219. Area 51- secrets of dreamland

    220. The KAL-007 cover-up

    221. The handmaids tale-a movie

    222. Martial law- Jack McLamb

    223. Cover-up behind the Iran contra affair

    224. Guns in America- a matter of common sense

    225. JFK- a time for truth

    226. The CIA secret wars- John Stockwell

    227. The war between the states and the undefeated southern truth

    228. Goddess earth-the new age environmental hoax-Samantha Smith

    229. Etheric weather engineering on the high seas

    230. The secrets of Nikola Tesla-a movie

    231. Created viruses-aids, EBOLA, and Gulf war-Joyce Riley (see #163

    232. Torn from the land-Lindsey Williams-where have all the farms gone?

    233. Outrage-The POW cover-up

    234. The JFK lie-who faked evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald?

    235. Nichols vs. Clinton-the final chapter

    236. Outrage-the POW cover-up

    237. First earth battalion-new age military movie-very important info

    238. Massacre of the innocence plus the hard truth-aborticide

    239. Gulf war illness-Joyce Riley

    240. Newly discovered moon structures-Bruce Cornet

    241. UFO’s and underground bases-Bill Hamilton

    242. UFO’s cover-up-live-plus encounters-UFO conspiracy

    243. UFO-the strong delusion

    244. The Bible, the Constitution and the L.A. riots-Officer Jack McLamb

    245. The final countdown to nuclear midnight

    246. Fatal verdict-guilty as charged

    247. Dig yourself out of the ditch-IRS & detention camps

    248. Learn the truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton

    249. UFO’s and star wars

    250. America was founded as a Christian nation

    251. Ten signs of the end of the age-Texe Marrs

    252. Educating for the new world order

    253. Aids-EBOLA-vaccinations- Dr. Len Horowitz

    254. Murder under the sun- Japanese war crimes & trials

    255. Executive action- movie of 1973- assassination (execution) of JFK

    256. Last days-hype or hope? By Dr. Jack Van Impe

    257. Jesus- The movie (this movie has been translated in over 200 languages)

    258. The Millennium- By Dr. Jack Van Impe

    259. The Middle East War-A step toward Armageddon- By Dr. Jerry Falwell

    260. 666- The United States of Europe and the new world order

    261. A. D. 2000- The End? - Dr. Jack Van Impe

    262. 2001- Countdown to eternity- Dr. Jack Van Impe

    263. America in Prophecy- Dr. Jack Van Impe

    264. Heaven- An out of body adventure- Dr. Jack Van Impe

    265. I love America- music video for the troops of desert storm

    266. Why we fight-U.S. war dept. Documentary during WW 2 to our troops about the war

    (Very rare)- 6 hours long.

    267. World War 2- music video - Vol.1

    268. World War 2- music video - Vol.2

    269. Brotherhood of the Bell- movie on Skull & Bones- by Glen

    270. The healing of America- Charles F. Stanley

    271. ACLU special- politics of the ACLU

    272. Institute on the Constitution- a study on Christianity&the law of the land-John Eidsmoe Vol. 1

    273. Institute on the Constitution-Vol.2 ( see #272 )

    274. Institute on the Constitution-Vol.3 ( see # 272 & 273 )

    275. The wrath of Solomon-John Sack

    276. Gods of the New age- Jeremiah films

    277. Hells Bells- the dangers of rock ‘N’ roll

    278. The allure of rock ‘n’ roll

    279. The alchemical processing of humanity- Texe Marrs

    280. Project L.U.C.I.D.-Texe Marrs

    281. The new face of terrorism -Investigative reports

    282. Lucifer 2000- will Galileo space craft blowup the planet Jupiter with 49 ½ Lbs of plutonium?

    283. The insiders-Learn about the communism taking over

    284. Corrupt Courts- Russ & Dana- the freedmen

    285. The saga continues- Russ & Dana -the freedmen- learn what the freedmen are all about before the standoff in montana-(2-tape set)

    286. Alternative energy- tape 1

    287. Alternative energy- tape 2

    288. Alternative energy- tape 3 - What Govt. and business don’t want you to know- (3 tape set)

    289. Imminent Military take over of the united states .COL. Jim Ammerman

    290. UFO Secrets of the third Reich

    291. Voyagers of the 6th sun - UFO’s and the destiny of Mexico

    292. Countdown to Alien nation- UFO’s and aliens- Michael Lindemann

    293. One on one UFO’s

    294. UFO’s and the New world order- Michael Lindemann

    295. UFO’s and the alien presence

    296. The moon/mars connection-Alien ruins on the moon

    297. Proof that we are living in the last days & the man of lawlessness revealed Monty Judah

    298. Signs and wonders + the great coming deliverance-Monty Judah

    299. Tribulation Time Line-Monty Judah

    300. The Washington coverup -Pat Matrisciana

    301. UFO message from another dimension

    302. Alternatives - UFO’s & NASA Plus episode of one step beyond

    303. Mystery of the men in black

    304. UFO- Encounter of the fifth kind

    305. America under siege- Vanishing jobs

    306. Imminent Military takeover of America see tape #376

    307. Billy Meier Chronicles

    308. Tesla lab video

    309. Tesla’s private life in New York

    310. The ten planks of communism

    311. The shroud of turin

    312. And every man did what was right in his own eye

    313. America is mystery Babylon

    314. Clinton’s conspiracy - Ralph Epperson

    315. The creature from Jekyll island

    316. The return- computers rule the world

    317. The constitution in crisis

    318. False gods of our time

    319. NAFTA-Treacherous Treaty

    320. The secret Government

    321. The photon belt- Jim Wickstrom

    322. Capitalist conspiracy

    323. Communism in America

    324. The gulf war overview- Dr. John Coleman

    325. Bible prophecy and the world conspiracy - Texe Marris

    326. Imminent Invasion Of Israel-Marvin Byers

    327. Red cell- secret navy seal terrorist operations

    328. Free energy- The race to zero point

    329. I.R.S. Ghost buster- one nation under God, America

    330. Russians bomb America-Dumitru Duduman

    331. Capitol crimes - Part one - 2 tape set

    332. Capitol crimes - Pare two - 2 tape set

    333. Anti-Christ - His mark, name, and number - Henry Gruver

    334. Prophecy in the stars - Bob Wadsworth

    335. Project Lucid - Circle of Intrigue - Texxe Marrs

    336. The great holocaust trial of Ernst Zundle

    337. The one world religion is here now - Texe Marrs

    338. Was it only a paper moon ? Did we go to the moon or N.A.S.A. cover-up? & We never went to moon.

    339. Harvest of despair - famine in the Ukraine 1932-1933, plus Katanga - the untold story, U.N. killing of a free people.

    340. Satan 2000 - The unity of world - Texe Marrs

    341. U.F.O. sightings - photographic evidence

    342. Centuries of contact ( U.F.O.’s ) John S. Carpenter

    343. Certain failure - Part 1 & 2 - what federal planners are doing to public education.

    344. Aids - the designer disease

    345. Hi-Tech electronics - computers, implants, etc.(people control)

    346. Are your children property of the state ?

    347. No implementing regulation requires you to file a 1040 form

    348. Eyewitness video, real JFK facts part 2 - Mark Oakes, (see tape # 190)

    349. The world below - U.F.O.’s underground !!

    350. Explorers from beyond - Dr. Graham Bethune

    351. 50 years of photographs - George Fawcett

    352. Chupacabra, Brazil - et’s captured - Prof. Cope Schellhorn

    353. The truth behind the income tax

    354. Giant rock - the good ol’ days - Rev. Robert Short - U.F.O.’s

    355. America - It’s not too late - yet!! Militia of Montana

    356. Dr. Eugene Schroeder, Lansing, Michigan, Oct. 24, 1996

    357. The bible is full of U.F.O.’s - Rev. Michael Carter

    358. The gate of heavenly peace - Tianaman Square - China

    359. The truth as I see it - State ownership of public lands

    360. Money reform act - Byron Dale

    361. Biodiversity - the key to destroying property rights and the U.S. Constitution - Michael Coffman and Terry Canady

    362. Media terrorism, mind control and censorship - Pastor Strawcutter

    363. James Nicholas - First speech

    364. After fifty years - Dr. Revilo P. Oliver

    365. The hidden agenda

    366. Cabala (kabala) - malignant & perverse - Pastor Leroy Crouch

    367. The global elite

    368. Pete Peters interview with the wall st. Journal

    369. New world order - hope for the world? - Gary Kah

    370. The secret brotherhood - J. R. Church

    371. Heirs of the promise

    372. Cabala (kabala) - witchcraft connection - Pastor Leroy Crouch

    373. Freemasonry - secret sins

    374. Military activity in Desoto National Forest, NWO training, Ft Shelby, Miss. Taped 8/16/96 to 12/14/96

    375. Cooperative nugget - 95 plus the ships of Troy - China

    376. Imminent military takeover of the U.S. part two - Colonel Jim Ammerman (retired)

    377. America’s judgment - what lies ahead? John Trochmann

    378. Greatest discovery of the age - America in the Bible - Pete Peters

    379. (Blank)

    380. Officer Jack McLamb - Lowell, Mi. 4-1-95

    381. The Christian and civil government

    382. A.T.F. injures own men at Waco - criminal politics

    383. The Cabala (Kabala)- parts 1 thru 5

    384. Land patents - parts 1 and 2 - Zeno Budd

    385. The remedy - we can save our country

    386. Witness - birth of a new all news & information network

    387. The traditions of Glastonbury - did Christ spend time in England?

    388. The Gospel libel

    389. Who was Ron Brown? Was he killed? - Front line 4/15/97

    390. Roving Sands 97 - Port of Beaumont, Texas - U.N. troops and equipment

    391. Jim Jones - Sir Lionel Luckoo

    392. The history of the S.S. (Secret service)

    393. George Orwell’s 1984

    394. Mein Kampf

    395. Militia’s in America - the real story

    396. U.F.O.’s - a biblical explanation

    397. Man made U.F.O.’s - 1944 - 1994

    398. The truth about the Philadelphia experiment - part one

    399. The truth about the Philadelphia experiment - part two

    400. Lost cities and ancient technologies

    401. Highway to heroin - Colonel Bo Gritz

    402. America - Why are you going broke? The Constitution in crisis

    403. The I.R.S. - How to stop paying - Eddie Kahn

    404. Free at last from the I.R.S. - Dr. N.A. Scott

    405. Iron Mountain - The Update

    406. Mysterious objects among us - Rods

    407. Good conduct - The Michael New Story

    408. Nikola who?

    409. The secrets of Nostradamus, exposed

    410. Soviet weather engineering over North America

    411. The signature of God - Grant Jeffrey

    412. An evening with David Thibodean

    413. The occult history of the third Reich - The enigma of the swastika

    414. Incredible archaeological discoveries beneath the temple mount

    415. Seven signs of Christ’s return

    416. The Pope over Jerusalem - Texe Marrs

    417. Secrets of the dead sea scrolls - Randall Price

    418. Jury nullification or the fully informed jury - Charles Key

    419. Millennium 2000

    420. MTV examined - Hollywood power and philosophy

    421. Archaeology confirms the Bible

    422. Roswell the movie

    423. New world bank, religion and rulers

    424. Startling proof - God does really exist

    425. Pagan invasion

    426. God and country patriotic music video

    427. A musical portrait of America the beautiful

    428. Creation seminar - Age of the earth - part 1

    429. Creation seminar - Dinosaurs & the bible - part 2

    430. Creation seminar - Leviathan, fire breathing dragon - part 3

    431. Creation seminar - Evolution, foundation for communism, nazism - part 4

    432. Creation seminar - Hovind theory - Part 5

    433. Creation seminar - Question & answer - part 6

    434. Destruction of states rights - Dr. David J. Smith

    435. Arrival of the anti-christ - Doc Marquis

    436. Militia’s under attack in Indiana - Indiana militia

    437. UFO’s above and beyond

    438. Barbed wire on America - David Wegener

    439. The Jupiter menace - George Kennedy

    440. The coming alien invasion

    441. Globalism, iron mountain & UFO’s - the strong delusion - Norm Franz

    442. Inside s.w.a.t. - America’s elite in action

    443. Creation and the last days - Ken Ham

    444. Deceiving and being deceived - exposing the new age lie - Peter & Paul LaLonde

    445. Aids - Can we believe the experts? - Dr. Lorraine Day

    446. The ark of the covenant and the red heifer - Dr. Grant Jeffery

    447. Russia’s secret agenda - Dr. Grant Jeffery

    448. Russia has wooden missiles - Ralph Epperson

    449. Cover-up in Oklahoma

    450. Will G. Gordon Liddy

    451. Fingerprints of creation - Robert Gentry

    452. America in peril - Parts 1,2,3 Mark Koernke

    453. Liberty in the balance - America, the fed, and the irs

    454. Tesela’s New York and private life

    455. Which way America? - John F. McManus

    456. The temple of the godmakers

    457. Maggot attacks Israel & war in the heavens - David Webber

    458. Guardian of the ages - secrets of the pyramids and the great sphinx

    459. The truth about fluoride - Dr. David Kennedy

    460. Angels don’t play this harrp - the update - Dr. Nick Begich

    461. Where are all the UFO’s? - Arts and entertainment

    462. Rifle reloading - sierra - the bulletsmiths

    463. High power rifle reloading - Dave Tubb - sierra Tape 1

    464. High power rifle reloading - Dave Tubb - sierra Tape 2

    465. The 60 minute deception

    466. Alien abductee - Jim Sparks

    467. DIA - Alien remote viewer encounters - Jim Marrs

    468. The Illuminati & mind control - Fritz Springmeyer

    469. Light in the darkness - The Franklin Sanders story - irs outrage

    470. America’s Godly heritage

    471. Keys to good government - David Barton

    472. Constitutional debate - gun control - Larry Pratt vs. Prof. Ralph Chandles

    473. Gun control on cross-fire 4/21/97,Larry Pratt/Pat Buchanan vs. Geraldine Ferraro/Brian Levin

    474. Waco - the rules of engagement

    475. Crisis creation - Anthony J. Hilder & Lasalle Lasalle

    476. Secret of the freemasons

    477. Enter darkness, enter light - can we change our predicted doom?

    478. Inner dimensions - Sam Matthews interview with Carl Miller

    479. The soon coming persecution of Christians and conservatives & getting out of harms way - Don McAlvany

    480. Witness of Jehovah

    481. Dead doctors don’t lie - Dr. Joel Wallach

    482. The evolution conspiracy - A quantum leap into the new age

    483. New age miracles - fact or fraud?

    484. Years of the beast

    485. Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the last dash to the south

    486. The United States in bible prophecy - Dr. Allen Campbell

    487. The history of free energy, anti gravity & Government Supp - Stan Deyo

    488. First event of the millennium - James McKeever

    489. Devil worship - the rise of Satanism

    490. Genesis & the decay of the nation - Ken Ham

    491. The right to bear arms - Jack McLamb

    492. Stan Deyo in conference

    493. America’s mass media deception - Dale Berryhill

    494. Why a tribulation anyway? - James Mckeever

    495. Angels - True life encounters

    496. The rapture plot exposed - Dave MacPherson

    497. What in the new world order is going on? - J. R. Church

    498. Magog attacks Israel & war in the heavens - David Webber

    499. Search & seizure

    500. The cult explosion

    501. How the patriot can use the U.C.C. - Howard Freeman

    502. Bill & Hillary Clinton & their Marxist connection - David J. Smith

    503. The rise and fall of the Soviet Union

    504. Key hole look at the new world order - Lt. Col. Bo Gritz

    505. Your rights under the constitution & how you can win in court - Carl Miller

    506. Your second amendment rights & how to protect them - Larry Pratt

    507. God’s real purpose in the millennium - C. S. Lovett

    508. All in the name of the Lord - Parts 1 & 2 - Bill Stringfellow

    509. T.V. interviews with state republican Charles Keys

    510. Amazing facts about hell - Doug Batchlor

    511. Hoxsey - quacks who cure cancer - Max Gail

    512. Swiss annuities - a workshop - Dean Danielson

    513. Liberty in the balance- Do we owe income tax?

    514. Top 13 illuminati bloodlines and mind control-Fritz Springmeier

    515. The riddle of the dead sea scrolls

    516. Get even- the video of dirty tricks

    517. Secret societies and the new world order-Ralph Epperson

    518. The antichrist fact file- Perry Stone

    519. Ted Gunderson chronicles 2-Ted Gunderson

    520. Who is Bill Clinton? -John McManus

    521. Democracy-God of the new age-Arno Froese

    522. The public school system-The hidden agenda-James Kennedy

    523. Alien secrets-area 51

    524. Search for the Holy Grail and the shroud of Turin

    525. Foreign troops on U.S. soil-David J. Smith

    526. Revolution by treaty-John McManus

    527. Protestants and Catholics, do they agree?- John Ankerberg

    528. Prison labor-prison blues

    529. A woman rides the beast-Dave Hunt

    530. The pagan invasion, Halloween-trick or treat?

    531. Dark secrets of the U.N.-Cliff Kincaid

    532. The return of the nephilim-Chuck Missler

    533. Home schooling tips and ideas-Darla Boal

    534. None dare call it murder-Anthony J Hilder

    535. Crop circles, messages from space?

    536. The United Nations, the peace dove unmasked

    537. Israel-on the brink of war-Dennis Avi Lipkin

    538. Heaven’s gates and hells flames

    539. Nukes in space

    540. How to home school-Darla Boal

    541. Troopergate-the truth and nothing but the truth on Bill Clinton

    542. Ballot access-trying to get a third party on the ballot

    543. They want to stop common law in Pa.-can we stop them, we can try.

    544. The ku klux Klan, a secret history-the history channel

    545. Harlen Co., U.S.A.- Ky. coal miners struggle to survive against big oil Co’s-America’s slave labor

    546. Are you going to heaven?

    547. The witness at your door-the watchtower society-Jehovah’s witnesses

    548. The mysterious bible codes-Grant Jeffrey

    549. The day after-movie about nuclear catastrophe

    550. Global governance-the quiet war against American independence

    551. Immigration time bomb

    552. Khun Sa- drug trafficking under the auspices of the c.i.a.-Bo Gritz

    553. America, the fed, and the irs

    554. Secrets of the medical monopoly

    555. The Tupper Sassy Ordeal

    556. In defense of the constitution-Gary Phillips-justice dept. insider exposes fraud in the government and tax system.

    557. Exposing the global agenda-Henry Lamb

    558. The law that never was-Bill Benson

    559. Subversion by treaties- Larry Becraft

    560. The Montana freemen-Pat Shannon, (see tape #285)

    561. The Coming Alien Invasion

    562. Millennium bug and the year 2000

    563. Creation seminar - What’s in the textbooks - (see tape # 428)

    564. Islam fighting Israel and the west - Arno Froese

    565. Vaccinations - Do they really work? - Lindsey

    566. Cover-up in Oklahoma

    567. Satan unveiled - A spiritual warfare - Eric J. Pryor

    568. Globalism - the program - General Ben Parton

    569. Crisis in the classroom - Phyllis Schlafly

    570. Secret “sixes” - subliminal imbeds in the movies - James Lloyd

    571. The secret government - the origin, identity and purpose of MJ-12 -Bill Cooper

    572. Shackles of the New world Order - Rod Lewis

    573. An overview of our world - John McManus

    574. How to legally stop paying income tax - Lynn Meredith

    575. Chemical warfare and decontamination

    576. Exotic weapons of mass control - Bob Fletcher (part one)

    577. Exotic weapons of mass control - Bob Fletcher (part two)

    578. What ever happened to the American dream? - Larry Burkett

    579. Conspiracy theory - Movie with Mel Gibson

    580. U.F.O, S and the super science of Atlantis -Hank

    581. The destruction of states rights - David J. Smith

    582. Prophecy in the stars - Bob Wadsworth

    583. U.F.O.’S and alien encounters - Mark Hamill

    584. Straight from the Joint Chiefs - Al Cuppett

    585. Apocalypse - A movie

    586. Subliminal mind control - Alan Neal (part one) (see also #600)

    587. Subliminal mind control - Alan Neal (part two) (see also #600)

    588. The Strecker memorandum - aids is man made

    589. The New World Disorder - Brother Vaughn Shatzer

    590. Wag the dog - 2/20/98 - social download - war in the Gulf - CBS special report - I didn’t know we went to war in Feb. 1998 in the Gulf!!

    591. Public education - hidden agenda

    592. Indictment - inside the Oklahoma City grand jury

    593. The spraying of America - coast of California in 1996

    594. The spraying of America - Northern Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania in 1998

    595. Shackles of the N.W.O. - Rod Lewis

    596. A sniper’s view of Dumitru’s warning - Craig Roberts

    597. Identity - who are you? -Richard Allen

    598. Traveling free - Richard Allen

    599. Bacteriological warfare - A major threat to North America - Larry Harris

    600. Mind control goes public -naming names Ted Gunderson (see also 586 & 587)

    601. U.F.O.’S over Phoenix - anatomy of a sighting

    602. Ready to rebuild - building the third temple - Jim DeYoung

    603. The patriot movement - is it making a difference? - Mark Koernke

    604. Satan 2000 - Texe Marrs

    605. The hidden holocaust

    606. Nikola Tesla - the genius who lit the world

    607. America’s occult holidays - Doc Marquis

    608. Aid’s - the end of civilization - William Douglass

    609. Technology and themark of the beast - Walt Myers

    610. Hand gun ownership in Pennsylvania, HB 1485 Trigger locks and forfeiture

    611. Almost born - shocking truth about partial birth abortion - Jerry Falwell

    612. Crop circle communiqué

    613. Dark secrets of the U. N. - Cliff Kincaid

    614. God’s final warning - John McTernan

    615. What is a democracy? A look at Hitler’s 1936 Rhineland occupation

    616. Economic problems threatening the U.S. economy - Larry Burkett

    617. Is Christianity true? - John Ackerberg

    618. Bill Clinton’s rise to power

    619. The greatest story never told - U.F.O.’S and government cover-up

    620. Y2K chaos - Ed Wheeler

    621. Allodial title and land patents

    622. Christian statesman - they still exist - Judge Roy Moore

    623. The Medusa file - Craig Roberts

    624. End time mysteries revealed - Colonel Speed Wilson

    625. The federal mafia - Irwin Schiff

    626. Interrogation - John Trochman

    627. Y2K Problem - What does the Bible say? - Dr. Kent Hovind

    628. Psychological operations - Kurt Billings

    629. Anarchy U.S.A.

    630. Revolution by treaty

    631. Symbolism of secret societies - Jordan Maxwell

    632. The origin of the universe - Dr. Wilder Smith

    633. More deadly than war

    634. The cancer scandal - the policies and politics of failure

    635. Perestroika deception - William Mcilvany & Chris Story

    636. Changing commands

    637. Re-enactment of portions of Masonic rituals

    638. Friend to friend - a video about Freemasonry

    639. New world order mind control

    640. Global governance

    641. Y2K and food preparation - Steve Quayle

    642. U.N. peacekeepers - dateline- 1-10-99 - plus banned - the true story - death of gun rights in England and Australia

    643. The Franklin cover-up - Jon DeCamp

    644. World domination - 2000 - Michael Coffman

    645. Jupiter menace - George Kennedy

    646. The law that never was - Bill Benson & Larry Becraft

    647. The truth behind outcome based education

    648. The Mormon puzzle

    649. Why the holocaust - Aaron Lelman

    650. Freedom of information and privacy act

    651. Y2K - shocking but real - Chuck Missler

    652. The new I.R.S. investigated

    653. The top secret soviet war plans for America - J.R. Nyquist

    654. Kill the white man - part 1 - Hilder vs. Khallid

    655. Kill the white man - part 2 - Hilder vs. Khallid

    656. Faith unconquered - the Roman persecution of early Christians

    657. The wonders of God’s creation - part 1 - planet earth

    658. The wonders of God’s creation - part 2 - animal kingdom

    659. The wonders of God’s creation - part 3 - human life

    660. The indestructible book - the story of the bible - part 1

    661. The indestructible book - the story of the bible - part 2

    662. The Bedford incident - can NATO get us into a world war? (A 1965 movie!)

    663. Cromwell - the beginning of revolution - movie

    664. Catholicism - crisis of faith

    665. Flight 800

    666. Blank

    667. Michael Collins - Ireland’s fight for independence over Great Britain

    668. New age bible versions - Gail Riplinger

    669. Y2K - Dr. Mark Andrews

    670. Out based education (obe), is not dead - Jerry Bowyer & Anita Hoge

    671. Globalism - control through consensus - Berit Kjos

    672. Freemasonry’s control of church and state - Dr. James Wardner

    673. Fleecing of the American taxpayer - socialized health care in your school

    674. Fluoride - The lie - Dr. Paul Connett (see # 459)

    675. Temple of the lost ark - ready to rebuild

    676. Turmoil in the toy box

    677. How anyone can beat a radar speeding ticket - Rick Strawcutter

    678. The Buck act

    679. Defrauding America - Rodney Stich

    680. All rapped up - Rick Strawcutter

    681. Low power FM radio station - Rick Strawcutter

    682. Fingerprints of creation

    683. Creation and the last days - Ken Ham

    684. Russia’s secret agenda - Grant Jeffrey

    685. The United Nations - a closer look into the future

    686. The money reform act - Ron Dale

    687. Exposing the new age lie - Peter and Paul LaLonde

    688. Rife ray tube therapy - Royal R. Rife story

    689. Coming judgment on America - Dan Bohler

    690. America’s courts - the people overruled - Dr. James Kennedy

    691. In justice for all - international criminal court

    692. Jupiter menace-George Kennedy

    693. UFO’s, The secret evidence-What Gov't really knows

    694. The school to work agenda-Tim Klem

    695. The dialectical process & the process of total quality management-Dr. Phil Ring & Tim Klem

    696. UFO’s-Secrets of the black world-Gov’t top ufo research program-see # 619

    697. The age of flying saucers-scientific analysis of ufo’s appearing on NASA video footage-Jack Kasher

    698. Just the facts-Part 1- The Constitution-How it limits the power of government

    699. Just the facts-Part 2- Legislative intent-The power to tax you?

    700. Just the facts-Part 3- the limited application of the law.

    701. Just the facts-part 4- The misapplication and the fraudulent assessment process

    702. Just the facts-part 5- The covered employee

    703. Just the facts-part 6- Freedom requires responsibility

    704. Country- How the FHA forecloses on our farms (a movie)

    705. Rolling thunder # 12- 5/30/99 C-span Wash. journal

    706. Striking below the belt-legal molestation of little girls in PA.

    707. The death of Ron Brown-Chris Ruddy & Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell

    708. It’s elementary- Gay issues in the school- plus questions and answers, 6/7/99

    709. The Tara Becker testimony-Death education in her classroom-Columbine High School

    710. Vaccine awareness-Alex Loglia

    711. HIV and AIDS- fact or fraud

    712. History of the Jesuits

    713. How to eliminate sickness-Rev. Walkins

    714. Inside Scientology- A & E

    715. Revelation- The book has been opened-movie sequel to the movie: Apocalypse

    716. Prophecy to a Nation, USA-Jonathan Hansen

    717. Jud Suss-1940 movie-Jews corrupt European leaders

    718. Dismantling of America-David J. Smith

    719. AD 2000-Year of destiny-Texe Marrs

    720. Evolution, foundation for the Anti-Christ-Kent Hovind

    721.The coming bacteriological attack on America-David J.Smith & Larry Harris

    722. Cataclysm from space 2800 BC. The flood of Noah, it did happen-Donald Patten

    723. Preparing your family & community to defeat the NWO-Marshall Foster

    724. Residential wind power-Mark Sagrillo

    725. Storage batteries for renewable energy systems-Richard Perez

    726. Y2K family survival guide-Leonard Nimoy

    727. Blank

    728. UFO-Hard evidence

    729. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 1- Hovind at Univ. of Florida, Dr.Kent Hovind

    730. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 2- Creation vs. evolution-Dr. Kent Hovind

    731. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 3- Genesis, history or myth? -Dr.Kent Hovind

    732. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 4- should evolution be taught in school? -Dr.Kent Hovind

    733. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 5- Does geology support evolution or creation Dr. Hovind

    734. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 6- Does biology support creation or evolution Dr. Hovind

    735. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 7- The Genesis flood-Dr. Kent Hovind

    736. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 8- Evolution vs. The truth of Gods’ word-Dr Kent Hovind

    737. Creation/Evolution Debate-Part 9- Hovind vs Bartele-Evolution is not a science-Dr. Hovind

    738. Privacy act & social security number limitations

    739. Infinity Bible code-Al Neal

    740. Neo-Nazi Satanism-Bob Larson

    741. Larson’s video of spiritual warfare-Bob larson

    742. Showdown with Satanism-Bob Larson

    743. In the name of Satan-Bob Larson

    744. The first family of Satanism-Bob Larson, Zeena Davy and Nikolas Schreck

    745. The exorcism-The final battle-Bob Larson

    746. The exorcism-Victory video-Part 1-Bob Larson

    747. The exorcism-Victory video-Part 2-Bob Larson

    748. Gay deception-Bob Larson

    749. The unexplained-exorcists-A&E

    750. The Satanism Symposium-Bob Larson

    751. Demons- True life evil forces

    752. Exposing the Satanic web-Dave Roever

    753. America- Spiritually mapped-Dick Bernal

    754. David Cole in Poland-Jewish researcher on Nazi concentration camps-David Cole

    755. You must know who your enemy is-Bill Cooper

    756. America the Babylon-Rick Coombes

    757. Gun ownership-A political disease-Dr. Timothy Wheeler

    758. Y2K-Hidden dangers of martial law-A police state-Texe Marrs

    759. The eternal Jew (Derwige Jude) Ghetto in Nazi Poland-1940 documentary-banned in U.S.A.

    760. Globalism- control through consensus-Berit Kjos

    761. The iridium system-Mark of the beast-Dr. Bill Deagle

    762. U.N. friendly fire-The U.N. “strategy” to steal America

    763. They’re coming to take us away-Mark Koernke

    764. Arkansas corruption-Australian production banned in USA-Very Rare

    765. Codex alimentarius report-the FDA food codes plus fluoride update-Suzanne Harris

    766. The IRS tax code-you can win-Wayne Bentson-part 1

    767. The IRS tax code-you can win-Wayne Bentson-part 2

    768. The IRS tax code-you can win-Wayne Bentson-part 3

    769. The IRS tax code-you can win-Wayne Bentson-part 4

    770. Satanic century-Bob Larson

    771. The Devil in the classroom-Bob Larson

    772. The world of witchcraft-Bob Larson

    773. Ancient man-created or evolved-Roger Oakland

    774. Witness of Jehovah-History of Jehovah Witnesses

    775. In search of Noah’s ark- Brad Crandall

    776. Satan unveiled-Rev. Eric Pryor & Dick Bernal

    777. The godmakers 2-The changing face of Mormon deception

    778. Battling over the children-Jehovah Witnesses and child custody cases

    779. In search of historic Jesus

    780. Rock & Roll-A search for God

    781. Doorways to Satan-Chuck Smith & Caryl Matrisciana

    782. In the company of angels-Biblical truths about God’s glorious creatures

    783. The Devil and the death metal-the Satanic death metal Acheron-Bob Larson

    784. The metal connection-Christian’s fight back-Christian metal bands-Bob Larson

    785. Ufo’s and the end-times agenda-Bob Larson

    786. Who wrote the Bible? -Probing the eternal mysteries behind the origins of the Holy Scriptures-Part 1

    787. Who wrote the Bible? -Probing the eternal mysteries behind the origins of the Holy Scriptures-Part 2

    788. Wake up call-wake up America-Bob Larson

    789. America destroyed by design-Alex Jones

    790. Police state 2000-Alex Jones

    791. America wake up or Waco-Alex Jones

    792. Where Jesus walked-a journey through Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jericho, Capernaum and Jerusalem

    793. Chelation Therapy and how to avoid heart by-pass surgery

    794. Prison labor in China-Harry Wu

    795. Islam fighting Israel and the west-Arno Froese

    796. The secrets of Nostradamous exposed

    797. Ancient wonders-catastrophism in Bible prophecy-James Lloyd

    798. New world “odor”-Anthony J. Hilder

    799. The Gods of Olympus-The Olympic games-James Rizzuti

    800. Storm warning-the Asian financial meltdown is headed for America- McAlvany

    801. Alien abductee-the alien agenda for humanity-Jim Sparks

    802. The United Nations-Peace dove unmasked

    803. Israel-on the brink of war-Dennis Avi Lipkin

    804. Erwin Rommel School of Law seminar- Part-1

    805. Erwin Rommel School of Law seminar- Part-2

    806. Erwin Rommel School of Law seminar- Part-3

    807. Erwin Rommel School of Law seminar- Part-4

    808. Erwin Rommel School of Law seminar- Part-5

    809. Erwin Rommel School of Law seminar- Part-6

    810. Erwin Rommel School of Law seminar- Part-7

    811. Combat medicine Part 1- battle dressing, fractures, minor surgery

    812. Combat medicine Part 2-thermal injuries, shock

    813. The bulls, the bears, the beast-Norm Franz

    814. A Russian warns America- Col. Stanislav Lunev

    815. Barbed wire on America-It’s the new world order-David Wegener

    816. The truth about Joyce Riley-according to Peter Kawaja

    817. Who will sound the alarm? - IRS & government abuse of citizens

    818. Which way America- Gov’t attacks he Christian religion-Rev. Donald Sills

    819. Waco-ADL and CAN connections-ADL caused holocaust

    820. Secret BATF Waco video-hear on tape ATF won’t let people come out of Bldg- see armed ATF people inside doorway of helicopter, then see sniper get positioned in rear of bldg.

    821. ATF flare tape-ATF snipers in camo-bullet holes in helicopters marked U.S. Army!

    822. ATF round-up hearings-“nigger hunting license”

    823. Dallas revisited-the driver shot Kennedy along with others!

    824. The blood trail-tainted blood from Arkansas to Canada by Gov, Bill Clinton

    825. The gleaning of planet Earth

    826. What took place at Waco, April 19, 1993? - A computer look

    827. Race & Y2K-Mad Max- Tony Brown’s journal

    828. Legality of taxes- Wash. D.C. July 1999 Part-1 C-Span

    829. Legality of taxes- Wash. D.C. July 1999 Part-2 C-Span

    830. Kennedy- The sacrificed king-Bill Cooper

    831. Spies- the dirty game of espionage

    832. Personal sovereignty & how to regain it-Edmond Fitzsimmons

    833. Chin agate- treason in the Whitehouse-William Gregg

    834, Getting out of harm’s way-1999 update-Don McAlvany

    835. Hemp- conspiracy-Dennis Grover

    836. Tribulation- the coming earth changes- Gordon Scallion

    837. Will history repeat?- Jay Simkin

    838. The rise and fall of the Soviet Union

    839. Johnny Tremain & the sons of liberty- Waly Disney movie

    840. Democracy- god of the new age- Arno Froese

    841. America’s judgment- what lies ahead

    842. The imminent invasion of Israel- Marvin Byers

    843. Bob Fletcher update- elected officials won’t talk to you

    844. Lindsey Williams on illnesses- microbial mutations

    845. True American news reporting- Clay Douglas

    846. The gathering- He’s coming- movie about the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ

    847. Internet- network for the mark- Wally Wood

    848. Not just fun & games- children’s toys & Saturday TV. and witchcraft-Paul Lalonde

    849. The stiff family and Norm Olson vs. Bois Blanc Township government land grabs

    850. Life and times of Thomas Jefferson - Part One

    851. Life and times of Thomas Jefferson - Part Two

    852. The truth about Waco - David J. Smith

    853. Ruby Ridge, Ill.- Taylorville court house-mental health charges against Shirley Allen by the state of Ill. Jack McLamb

    854. The “D” plan conspiracy - Davis J. Smith

    855. Interviews with Joyce Riley- David J. Smith- (see tapes 816, 859, 860

    856. Gun confiscation accompanied by genocide- David J. Smith

    857. H.A.A.R.P.- The documentary- Government weather control- Martin Sheen

    858. Globalism - The program - General Ben Parton

    859. Joyce Riley and Peter Kawaja - !995 - Part One - (see tapes 816, 855)

    860. Joyce Riley and Peter Kawaja - !995 - Part Two - (see tapes 816, 855)

    861. History of the Order of the Illuminati - Doc Marquis - Part One

    862. History of the Order of the Illuminati - Doc Marquis - Part Two

    863. History of the Order of the Illuminati - Doc Marquis - Part Three

    864. Natural health with medicinal herbs and healing foods

    865. Tickling the tail of the dragon - J. R. Church

    866. Surviving martial law - John Trochman

    867. Mind control in America - Dennis Grover

    868. Hands off the Constitution - Don Fotheringham

    869. Corruption at the border - I.N.S. Government cover-up - John Carman

    870. Incident at Oglala - The Leonard Peltier story - What went on at Wounded Knee?

    871. The biggest game in town - The comprehensive annual financial report see tape #1078

    872. JFK and the failures of the Secret Service

    873. Immigration - Threatening the bonds of our Nation - Part One -Courage and capitulation in California

    874. Immigration - Threatening the bonds of our Nation - Part Two - Treachery and treason in America see tape # 1072 part 2

    875. Pro-life doctors speak out - medical viewpoints on abortion

    876. Charles Collins - Restoring America

    877. The Global Elite - Who is running our country?

    878. We never went to the moon - The Bill Kaysing collection - see tapes 103 and 338

    879. The U.C.C. connection - Howard Freeman - Part One

    880. The U.C.C. connection - Howard Freeman - Part Two - How you can use the uniform commercial code

    881. Moon monuments madness - James Riley - see tapes 240 and 296

    882. A Russian defector warns America - Col. Stanislav Lunes

    883. The coming great thirst - Texe Marrs - will we be short of water?

    884. Thanks of a grateful nation - Gulf war Illness - Movie - Part One

    885. Thanks of a grateful nation - Gulf war Illness - Movie - Part Two

    886. Secrets of History - Ralph Epperson - Part One

    887. Secrets of History - Ralph Epperson - Part Two

    888. Secrets of History - Ralph Epperson - Part Three

    889. Secrets of History - Ralph Epperson - Part Four

    890. Secrets of History - Ralph Epperson - Part Five

    891. The Money Masters - Part One

    892. The Money Masters - Part Two

    893. History of American Education - Vaughn Shatzer

    894. Quid Pro-Coal - Government stealing of our coal - American Investigator

    895. Molly Corp vs. Desert Storm Troopers - American Investigator

    896. The real George W. Bush - Mr. Gestapo - Alex Jones

    897. Mystery of The First Americans

    898. The Bombing of Dresden-What Really Happened

    899. Ancient Civilizati9on-Are We Alone?

    900. Attack on America-Immigration By The Numbers. See Tape # 873,# 874,΄

    901. Protocols of The Elders of Zion

    902. Impact of Illegal Immigrants- See tapes #873, #874, #900

    903. NATO Targets

    904. The Baltic Tragedy

    905. WACO- A New Revelation

    906. The Men Who Killed Kennedy-History channel 6 hrs

    907. The Omega Code-Movie on the bible code

    908. Tribulation-Movie about the rapture

    909. Is the Pope Catholic? Texe Marrs

    910. A Journey Through The Underworld- Perry Stone

    911. Sting of The Iron Beast-Texe Marrs

    912. Entrance To The Hollow Earth-Hank Krastman-see tape #349

    913. Mystery of The Second Beast-Perry Stone

    914. Nights talkers Over America-Urban Warrior and our Gestapo Police State- Texe Marrs

    915. Vietnam-America’s Betrayal and Treason-Ralph Epperson

    916. You Can’t Improve on God-Dr. Lorraine Day

    917. UFO-Gateway To Hell-Part 1

    918. UFO-Gateway to Hell-Part 2

    919. UFO-Gateway to Hell-Part3

    920. Exposing The Masonic Lodge and its Role in The New World Order-Part 1-Ralph Epperson

    921. Exposing The Masonic Lodge and its Role in The New World Order-Part 2- Ralph Epperson

    922. Exposing The Masonic Lodge and its Role in The New World Order-Part 3-Ralph Epperson

    923. Chernobyl-The Taste of Wormwood-Nuclear Disaster

    924. Non-Profit Handcuffs-Churches and the 501-c-3-Peter Kershaw-See Tapes #118 & #192

    925. New Weapons of The New World Order-Dr. Nick Begich

    926. The IRS and the Taxpayers Rights-Ron Paul

    927. Saving the 2nd Amendment-Ron Paul

    928. The FSLIC Fizzle-Ron Paul

    929. It’s Only Money-Ron Paul

    930. Casualties of The Drug War-Ron Paul

    931. Crisis in Learning-Ron Paul

    932. The Collapse of Communism-Ron Paul

    933. The Mail Monopoly-Ron Paul

    934. Rights and Wrong-The Bill of Rights-Ron Paul

    935. Power to The Jury-Ron Paul

    936. What Ails Medicine-Ron Paul

    937. Policeman of The World-Ron Paul

    938. Pursuit of Happiness-Gun Ownership

    939. Firepower-WACO

    940. Television’s Vietnam-Charlton Heston-Part 1&2

    941. Witchcraft-Satanism-The Occult-What EveryTeen Must Know-Part 1

    942. Witchcraft-Satanism-The Occult-What Every Teen Must Know-Part 2

    943. We Can Keep You Forever-The Untold Story of M.I.A.S in Vietnam

    944. The Hanoi Hilton-P.O.W. in Vietnam-movie

    945. CIA-Terror in America-Stew Webb

    946. Prophesies in the Feasts of The Lord-What is coming-Michael John Rodd

    947. Revelation for The 21st Century-Stan Johnson

    948. Police State II-The Take Over-Alex Jones, (see tapes 789, 790, 791)

    949. Nowhere to Hide-Iridium satellites-Michael Bunker

    950. Suppressed Medical Science-Dr. Robert Beck

    951. The Green Barbarians-Fanatical Environmentalists-Texe Marrs

    952. Let My Children Go-Public School Agenda

    953. Home Schooling for The 21st Century

    954. Knowledge Equals Freedom-Topics from Hemp to UN-Dennis Grover

    955. UFO’s 2000 BC to 2000AD-Secrecy in Government-Bob Fletcher

    956. The Coming Occupation of America-Chuck Youngbrandt

    957. The Biggest Secret-British Royal Families to Major Oil Companies-David Icke

    958. Real History-David Irving

    959. The Dalai Lama-The New World Orders-Direction for Unilateral Disarmnet

    960. The Skulls- The most powerful secret society

    961. Agents of Deception-Part 1-Public Hearings on chemical testing in Louisiana

    962. Agents of Deception-Part 2-Public Hearings on chemical testing in Louisiana

    963. Are You A Government Guinea Pig? Joyce Riley

    964. Gulf War Illness-Fact or Fiction

    965. Gulf War Syndrome-The Little Victims

    966. Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove-Alex Jones

    967. Brotherhood of Darkness-The Other Secret Societies of The New World Order-Stan Monteith

    968. Alternative Medicine And Home Remedies

    969. The Temple Mount Dilemma

    970. N.W.O. Land and Farm Confiscation

    971. Secrets of The Bible Code Revealed

    972. Regional Government-Restructuring The US for the N.W.O.

    973. OBE-Education or Social Engineering-Ann Wilson

    974. Conspiracy Theory-Did We Land On The Moon-Fox News see # 103 & #338

    975. The F Zone-Movie-An Innocent Man ruined By The IRS

    976. Chemtrails-Mystery Lines in The Sky-Thomas & Grignon

    977. The Atlantis Chronicles-The Mystery of The Legend of Atlantis and Links to the Masonic Lodge and the Brotherhood of The Quest

    978. The Secret Transmissions-The Smoking Gun-We Are Not Alone

    979. The Holocaust And Mind Control-Part 1- A Jewish Hollow Hoax

    980. The Holocaust And Mind Control-Part 2-Part 2

    981. Leviathan-The Beast With 7 Heads-James Lloyd-Part 1-Scriptural clues About The Anti-Christ

    982. Leviathan-The Beast With 7 Heads-James Lloyd-Part 2

    983. America’s Disgrace Exposed-What’s Going On In Our Prisons? See # 528

    984. Chemtrails-The Video-Clay Douglas-See # 593, #594, #976

    985. Secret Birth of The Federal Reserve

    986. Search for The American Drug Lords

    987. Secret History-The CIA and Drugs

    988. Everything You Want to Know About AIDS But Haven’t Been Told-Dr. Lorraine Day Part 1

    989. Everything You Want to Know About AIDS But Haven’t been Told- Dr. Lorraine Day Part 2

    990. Conspiracy and Cover–Ups-Ken Thomas

    991. America’s Most Secret Base-Area 51

    992. Fetal Tissue Marketing- Dr. James Kennedy

    993. Anti-Gravity Conspiracy

    994. The Naked Truth-Origins of Religion

    995. A Funny Thing Happened on They Way To The Moon-Moon Hoax

    996. The Atomic Bomb Movie

    997. Mysterious Origins of Man-Charlton Heston Part 1

    998. Mysterious Origins of Man-Charlton Heston Part 2

    999. Are You Being Watched-Discovery Channel

    1000. Project Censored-Is The Press Really Free?

    1001. Occult History of The 3rd Reich-The SS Blood & Soil

    1002. Occult History of The 3rd Reich-Himmler The Mystic

    1003. Occult History of The 3rd Reich-Adolph Hitler

    1004. Occult History of The 3rd Reich-The Enigma of The Swastika

    1005. Secrets of the CIA

    1006. Eye of Vichy-Frances Collaboration With Nazi Germany and The Resistance myth.

    Very rare

    1007. Inside Scientology

    1008. Nowhere To Hide-US Bombing of Iraqis

    1009. Ritual Trauma And Government Mind Controlled Survivor’s Experience-Brice Taylor

    1010. Alien Bases On The Moon-Fred Steckling

    1011. The New IRS Investigated

    1012. Freemasonry’s Control of church & State-James Wardner

    1013. The Children of The Kinsey Report

    1014. Trade Secrets-Chemical Comp. And Cover-Ups

    1015. Secrets of The Unknown-The Pyramids

    1016. Secrets of The Unknown-UFO’s

    1017. War In The Gulf-Saddam-Good Guy or Bad Guy?

    1018. The People Bomb-Too Many People

    1019. The Sovereignty Seminar-Brent Johnson-Part 1 Social Security & Taxes

    1020. The Sovereignty Seminar-Brent Johnson-Part 2- Income Tax-Government Jurisdiction

    1021. The Sovereignty Seminar-Brent Johnson-Part 3-Jury Nullification-Right to Travel

    1022. The Sovereignty Seminar-Brent Johnson-Part 4-Pure Trusts-Second Amendment-Education

    1023. The Sovereignty Seminar-Brent Johnson-Part 5- Fed Reserve-NOW-Emergency War Powers
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    Look like we will never know...

    Or until someone updates there site onto a proper host/address.
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    Why would I come here with those type of Docs, why not just use something that people can't resist like Bootleg new release hollywood movies ?

    Here watch this while you bake............


    People being arrested for taking pictures and Cameras smashed, The Fuji police Blimp, interviews with good and bad cops, Michael Moore exposed as the fake liberal corporate Neo-con pawn that he is and how he did'nt even really get into 911" so why did he call his phony right left distraction ferinheit 911? Protesters being arrested,Police Crack down,The dumb communist and there disinfo,911 facts, The camps set up in NY, The secret police around the country.


    Alex Jones on C-span exposing the 911 cover up, Families snaping out at the 911 hearings, The zogby poll that says 50% of New Yorkers know 911 was an inside job, New yorkers telling there stories of 911 horrors, Larry Silverstein admits to imploding WTC 7 on 911 and all 7 of his buildings came down while others closer to the north and south tower still stand, Many Police and Fire Fighters telling you about the Bombs in the Trade Towers,also Dan Rather of CBS news saying bombs, and many other witnesses to the bombs, The Governments 911 commisions connections to the terrorists , How the republican Neo-cons terrorized the american people at the RNC in New york,The high tech weapons being used on protesters,


    Interviews with the dumb Neo-cons at the RNC, A look inside Bohemian Grove and Interview with Bohemian Grove member David Gergen, IBM nazi connenction and present Microchip & Tracking systems, The Bush Family Nazi Connection and Present day Nazi Administration, How they plan to make California Gov. Arnie President and his connection to the rothchilds who set gold prices for the world. And Arnies steroid use and mental complusive sickness. His Gay porn photos and Quote: How he hates niggets. , How they want to put all thinking people on Pshyce Drugs, Tax you for driving, Track what you buy and eat and the penalties you will get on your government heath care for being a fat fast food eating cigarette smoking Slob.
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