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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ib420burner, May 7, 2012.

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    I have read on other posts that you can freeze urine and store it for a year. My question is if I pull it out of the freezer and thaw it, how long will it be good if I have it in a sealed glass mason jar and its sits in my car awaiting a random at work. Will the ph be affected after sitting for 6-7 hours out of the sunlight? and can I re freeze it if I dont use it that day?
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    I have two questions

    1. How do you plan to get that urine in a glass jar to correct body temperature before the random test?

    2. How will you get a glass mason jar of urine into testing faclity without them seeing a glass mason jar?
  3. ib420burner

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    I transfer it into an empty quick fix bottle before I drive to testing facility .The jar is only 3 oz, perfect size for the quick fix bottle ,then I heat to temp
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    Refrigerated its usually good for a week, in the freezer usually a year.
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    I just froze some and used it for a piss test. I put it in a 3 oz. travel shampoo container I got from walmart. Then froze it I thawed it out by putting the bottle in the shower with me. My bottle was tight so no water or soap got in. At first the shit had white flakes and black specs in it. I put it under my ballsack and took a nap lol. I woke up and shook it up and it was fine looked like fresh piss. It was uncomfortable walking around with but I passed the piss test. I used the bottle that has a flip top nozzle so I could hide it.
    They had a temp sensor it was black turned green when I out the piss in, I sacked it for at least 3 hours while I was sleeping. I had to wait in the waiting room like 5 minutes too.
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