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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by thedotz68, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. thedotz68

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    Hey, I just watched this documentary on weed from VH1 and in the video they showed some people using a frisbee with a pipe in the middle of it, which could be used to toss and toke. Just wondering if anyone knows where you could get this (I tried searching all over online through google, and it does exist because a patent showed up *search* "flying amusement device" and it give a complete description). Please help me find one!

  2. thedotz68

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    no man, its in an enclosed metal piece that you screw on... i've read the patent info on it and it seems pretty cool. you light it from the top and hold onto it from the outside of the frisbee and inhale from below. when you toss it the air acts as a cooling mech for the pipe and smoke.. i think itd be fun.
  3. dankus maximus

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    yeah if the bowl had one of those caps with the tiny hole in the middle, then i can see that working fine, but the stuck in a tree part would suck, especially if youd only toked the bowl like once.
  4. alexk1ng

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    drug years VH1? haha
  5. S.W.I.M. 504

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    o yea i saw that on the drug years on vh1. i think i have seen that whole doc about 3 times. i was wondering how that frisbee worked. hope u find it
  6. JaMakin07

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    I SAW THAT!!, i thought itd be a lil impractical, made more sense to just blaze then play frissbee but not at the same time
  7. thedotz68

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  8. ghosty

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    yeah ive seen that exqct clip your talking about, that looks pretty cool... just tokin and tossing a frisbee around... when it runs out toss it to one of the group that has weed refill hit it and keep passing/tossing
  9. LuckyG

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    I'm so uncoordinated when I'm high, I can see it ending up in a horrible yet entertaining accident on my part.
  10. k dub

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    I used to have a frisbee pipe. I was involved in records when they were record stores and I got one as a promotional gift from a label for selling and promoting a lot of a certain artist. I can't remember what label or who the artist was but I used to take my frisbee to Riis Park beach in the summer and me and my friends with would throw it back and forth and get nice. Someone needs to remake that item.
  11. k dub

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    The pipe was made so that when you put in the ingredients you would screw the screen cap back on and puff away. When you throw it the flying would keep the fires lit and the person receiving would be able to puff and throw back. We loved playing frisbee and we loved getting high. This would be a great toy to release.

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