From seed to harvest, how long?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Earl_Grey, Sep 21, 2007.

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    I've sowed many of my bagseeds with an unexpected rate of germination (I sowed 18 seeds and 14 of them sprouted). I plan on slimming that number down and then again when I sex them. But I was curious how long it usually takes from the time they sprout till when I can harvest. I know this time varies with different strains, this one seems to be a sativa based on it's leaf structure, but the average time of cultivation would be a nice thing to know. I'm only concerned because I would like to be able to harvest before x-mas. Most of them sprouted about 2 weeks ago. So is 14 weeks ample time for a plant to mature and be of highest quality?
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    im not positive and it may vary, but it should be put into flowering at 55 days and then harvested at 115 days or 120 days
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    It all depends on the grower.I have put plants into flowering stage when they were only in veg for 8 weeks and they were mature.So 14 weeks is more than enough time to have them in veg.Remember that they will still grow when in flowering so if height is a problem I wouldnt let them get to big before you flower.As for the whole time of cultivation from seed to bud...that is all on the grower.Depends on how long you keep it in veg and then flowering stage usually lasts 8-10 weeks depending on the strain sometimes a bit longer....good luck
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    you can pretty much flower them whever u want after like 5 or so weeks....its just that the longer you veg, the larger your plant will be and your yield will be increased.....u have to choose between time and yield
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    Because of the small size of my cabinet, I choose to grow more plants and veg for shorter times. I often veg for the minimum which is right around 4 weeks. Then another 8 or so weeks for flowering (I grow indica because they're usually shorter).
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    There is a method called 12/12 from seed. You run your lights 12 hours a day from seed. Plants will only begin to flower when they have matured enough essentially. You are usually dealing with 21-30 or 35 days of veg growth and 8 weeks of flowering. By doing your growing this way, you are able to always run your lights at 12 hours a day. You just need to make sure to produce some seeds from time to time in order to keep this method going. I use this method sometimes. Most of my plants end up just under 3 ft in height.
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    so basically three months maybe three and half months ??

    sorry math is not a strong point lol

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