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Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by MandysMuffins, Mar 31, 2011.

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    I stumbled across this site in my quest to get out of Texas and have browsed thru the forums so I thought I would take a moment to say hello, introduce my self, and seek out some recommendations.

    Im Amanda 20something w/2 sons. I currently live in San Antonio, TX and am looking to move to New Mexico. Im not sure what its like there at all but id like to stay in the Southeast area from Clovis to Carlsbad and Hobbs to Alamogordo, what areas are ideal for m.m. how much documentation is necessary to be approved for ID? What are the schools like in these towns/cities? Is there Housing and Jobs in these areas. Which town/city would you recommend and why?? Which ones should I be wary off and why?

    I know its a lot but I am doing this alone. Im taking the time to save and do as much as I can from here and would like to take a trip out there to see for myself as well but need to narrow my list of possibilities. Thank you everyone for any input you can offer.

    Peace love and smoke,
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    Well its gonna be a different climate for you, hella hot and dry. Clovis and Alamogordo are best for jobs because of the air force bases there. Dont know if there are producers down south yet..Cost of living is cheap and try to stay away from border towns (NO AFFENSE FELLOW NM'S) its rough and always will be. Albuquerque is big and has lots more opportunity, especially for the kids,more producers too..peace
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    I am in the Alamogordo area and there are jobs and some opportunity here.
    There are Producers in the Las Cruces and Ruidoso areas.
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    My email and IM are in my profile here if you want to ask any questions or need help.
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    i am making the move to new mex also mandysmuffins...really excited about the move...looked around the albuquerque area for about the last 8 months,,and the rio rancho area is very nice ,corrales is also nice..i cant wait to get out of this state..

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