From Veg to Flower stage....when do you know?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by scottcc5s, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. scottcc5s

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    I am 6 weeks into my first grow, I have a mix of different flavor of plants. My question is when do you know you have hit flowering stage? Is it a time thing/height thing/other??

    Any insight will be appreciated.
  2. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke have a good root pattern in a 4-8 inch pot and the plant is in the 12-15 inch tall range?...I switch to 12/12 light cycle and wait for the sex to show. I toss the males and transplant the females to 10 inch pots...:thumbsup:

    (my White Widows show their sex after 28 days of veg...(usually)...this saves me a lot of time..:)..)

    ps...if you got weak lighting?...forget this message
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  3. oldmac

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    Just another benifit of working with a fast flowering strain.:thumbsup:
  4. ditdotter

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    Depends on how big of a plant do you want at the end. Most strains double in height when put into flower. So if you put a veg'ing plant into flower that is 15 inches tall you should end up with something around 30 inches at the finish. If you top the plants in veg that I have grow the stretch is about thirty percent. So a 30 inch topped plant going into flower should be about 40 inches or so at the finish. Most clones are ready at 10-12 inches, from seed 12-14 inches for a minimum height to get some decent bud but you will not have very big yield per plant.
  5. Joel

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    If you have searched photos of the sex signs of female and male cannabis plants and still cannot determine what sex your plants are. Put them into an 18/6 cycle, giving them darkness will encourage females to bloom and males will show them selves clearly.
  6. scottcc5s

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    Thanks for feedback I am newbe so all info is a big help to me. Little more info and pics of what I have.

    1: Right now I would say lighting is average to poor (flourecent) going with 8 plants and right now 16/8. BUT I do have two 90W LED UFO on there way to me and will have seperate flower room.

    2: Bought my seeds from "Attitude", good company to deal with and I feel good I have female. If you think I need to check them let me know and if you can put link to pics on how to tell male/female that would help me.

    3: For what its worth the pic on left is Kiwi Seeds-"South Star". Pic in middle is Green House - "Super Lemon Haze". Pic on right is Seedism "The Gaffa"

    4: Again these seeds planted on Sept 5th....time to put in bigger pots???

    Thanks again for any insight

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  7. Dutch Pimp

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  8. DreadedHermie

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    I do not understand this. :i feel stupid:

  9. scottcc5s

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    Thanks for the pics, that helps.
  10. martyn123

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    you will start to get yor pre flowers at the base or the top of your nodes these will be pistils/2 lil white hairs for a female, and lil balls which will increase in size to around 5mm ish for a male. hope tht helped u
  11. secret420

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    i agree hermie. joel his current cycle is 16/8 so changing their light cycle to 18/6 will not make them show sex. what i would do if i were you is take a cutting from each plant let it root then put that in your flower chamber, now if its a male you know the plant you took the cutting from is male if its a female then you dnot have to revege that plant to get it to the desired height until flowering, or you can keep whatever turns out to be female as a mother and clone the shit out of them. when you do it like this you dont lose much time from having to revege the main plant and taking one cutting wont do shit to the main plant as far as shock goes.

    thats what id do, you really dont want to start from seeds every time or you will only get a few crops a year

  12. Joel

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    I didnt read he was on an 16/8 cycle? lol Sorry.

    And dreaded, letting the photosynthesis period of the plant take place will encourage it to sex faster, my hashberrys didnt sex for a month and a half, as soon as I 18/6'd them, 3 days in I found out so my method works weather you want to question it or not.
  13. secret420

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    joel, no worries lol.

    you might want to revise this also joel im not trying to be a dick but bro this sentance doesnt make any sense---"And dreaded, letting the photosynthesis period of the plant take place will encourage it to sex faster, my hashberrys didnt sex for a month and a half, as soon as I 18/6'd them, 3 days in I found out so my method works weather you want to question it or not."

    photosynthesis uses light to convert co2, h2o and sunlight into useable energy achieving nearly 100% quantum efficiency in the process. you can see now why i say your statement doesnt make any sense because any time the lights are on the plant is conducting photosynthesis. Its morre or less the lack of photosynthesis thats makes the plant show sex by reproducing natures fall where the ammount of light an area recieves is subsequently reduced, triggering hormones in the plant in question to begin its cycle or at least to start preparing.

    again really not trying to be a dick and if you take it that way i am sincerely sorry. your input is most certainly welcome but just keep in mind we dont want to confuse anyone:thumbsup:

  14. scottcc5s

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    Thanks guys, appreciate the expert feedback. Lots to learn, I am sure I will post more questions/pics as I move along. :)

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