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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by KNOTME66, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Hello all.....

    I doubt very few will know much about this but.....I have some of my own clean urine frozen in my freezer. It's dated 1/22/08...less then a month old. Ive been thinking about using it to sub with. Upon discussing about the frozen urine with another friend I was told that once the urine is thawed it will develope crystals or particles from the freezing which could cause it to fail a drug test after warming it back up. I thought frozen was good for up to a year to use later after thawing. Would I be safe to use the urine I have? Any thoughts would help.
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    Wow, you are still hooked up on that frozen urine. As much time as you have spent on this is it really the worry? Just go with the quick fix and be done with it. 100% success rate. Worries over.
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    Just so you know I am "hooked" on the frozen method due to being on a VERY tight budget and having to take DT often. Does that help your thoughts?
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    Just quit then and your budget will greatly improve. Does that help your thoughts smart guy?
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    First of all I'm a female...not a guy. AND...since my roommate smokes daily all day and I only take a few hits a couple times a week off his "stash" I am fortuate that I don't have to buy. I REALLY enjoy relaxing a couple times a week (been smoking for YEARS AND YEARS) and I personally don't see how others can function smoking all day, every day but each to their own. Some people can be jerks without even knowing the surrounding circumstances.
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    sorry but I dont know anything about frozen urine, breast milk freezes good )

    fake boobs rule' person might know?

    Id say , dont they freeze, blood, sperm, fallopian tube eggs, embroyos

    I would think it would thaw happily

    how ya gonna warm it up!

    frozen popsicle rofl ~~
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    I think going the frozen route is kind of risky. No way of really knowing if the specimen is OK. I would recommend keeping some synthetic urine around for emergencies.
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    Got word frjom FBR that it is perfectly fine for up to a year in case anyone wanted to know. It could even be good for up to a year and a half. It can also be thawed out and refrozen several times as long as it doesn't extend the "allotted" room temperature. I know there are some that question the method behind my madness of freezing my own urine after I get it cleaned up. What's so bad about that? The main differences I see is that I save lots of money by not having to buy artificial AND I KNOW it's clean. Once you let it thaw out and gets to room temperature you treat it like the QuickFix things.
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    If FBR says its OK then you can pretty much bank on it. I've just never tried it before and was a little leary of recommending it. Its definitely an option for proplr that don't have access to synthetics.
    I wonder if you could warm it by drinking it and then just pissing it out? lol:wtf:
  10. KNOTME66

    KNOTME66 Registered+ that we heard it from the "expert" (hi FBR) you can now share the knowledge to others in the future. Maybe the need will grow enough for a sticky....te he. It's always great and cool to learn to think outside the box for different ways to do things...especially when we are dealing with bladder cops. If you want, I can copy and paste his response to my inquires about the use, thawing and refreezing the frozen urine for future reference. OH...BTW...I don't think I want to be the one to explore drinking it then peeing it out...LOL. :D
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  11. KNOTME66

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    The following information is from FBR......

    There is no need to run it through a coffee filter. When it comes back up to temp everything should dissolve and if it doesn't there is a certain amount of sediment in urine anyway. When it's cold it looks very cloudy but that will go away when it is heated up as many things tend to dissolve better when warm. I remember Lew Scannon and I disagreed on this once before but there is no need to use a coffee filter.

    Urine can be frozen, thawed, and refrozen many times just use some common sense and try not to let it come up to room temperature then sit around for another 8-10 hours before you refreeze it. Try to monitor the time total elapsed time it has on it at room temperature. If you have frozen a 2 liter bottle of it and it has come up to room temperature for 6 hours 10 times then that would start to worry me. But if you only let it come up to say 50-60 degrees where it is kind of like a slushee and you shake it up well, pour what you need, and refreeze it, then this would be the best way to do it. I don't know if you are planning on freezing that much. If you are you may want to use 2 bottle, a 2 liter and maybe a 16-20 ounce bottle and thaw the 2 liter, fill the smaller bottle, then freeze and thaw the smaller bottle and refill it when it runs out. A smaller bottle will also dethaw faster. I doubt you'll need that much though unless you have random tests every few days!

    It isn't that freezing does anything bad to the urine but it can only slow down the decay of the urine so much then eventually the urine will become no good after about a year.
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    I would like to see that made as a sticky.

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