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    So I know this will risk sounding frivolous to those of us here that have quality of life and life threatening health issues we manage. For me, since getting kicked out of the cancer club, its these little victories that make me feel like I'm on the right road to a better quality of life. So I'm gonna risk sharing this little thing as part of my need to share with someone like minded, what to me seems a wonder. I guess thats gonna have to be the reader.

    So for the last week I've been using a very high quality cannabis oil extract that I had squirreled away before coming to Michigan to help get me improve the effectiveness of the medicine I've been able to find here. I know I should vaporize - but I have been using a rice paper and simply spreading a little on the rolling paper and smoking it.

    So here's the bit - I have had a nasty looking nail fungus on my right thumb and left foot for more years than I can recall. Were talking ugly too. The kind that freaks people out enough that they try not to notice and would never dare speak of it. The kind you see on someone forty years older than me where the nails are yellow and all deformed.
    The one nail of my right thumb has been like that for years. If I lose the nail, it grows back the same. I tried every product on the market. Nothing made any difference. The Dermatologist and my GP's called it systemic and said clayation therapy or nasty pharmaceuticals that would stress and risk my liver were the only options. That it was better to do nothing. Wear a glove.

    So I'm a klutz, and I'm getting this super high grade oil on my fingers as I'm smoking my evening meds, and this happens a couple of days in a row, and I decide to rub it into my messed up skin and nails. Then in an epiphany, I took a small dab of oil on the end of a nut pic and stuck it under the nail - added a dab to the cuticle. The next day I did the same thing. Then again that same night, another dab under the nail and on the surface - just an ever so tiny amount.

    The next morning about 60% of the rotting mess of a nail painlessly fell off. What nail growth that was under it looks fairly normal. I have continued to apply the oil each evening for the last five nights and the discoloration on the rest of the nail is rapidly vanishing. The deformation, the twisting of the nail seems to be softening. The new nail growth at the cuticle is growing very fast and the structure of the new growth looks almost fully normal, functional.

    The sad thing is. I'm almost out of this product. I only had 1 gram of it and I had picked that up in September. Its was called High Delta 8 THC Gold. Steep Hill Labs if memory serves.
    If anyone knows how I could get some of this... in LA the dispensary I favored reserved it for their cancer patients. I need more to try this on my toe to confirm if this oil really works as fantastically well as it seems to be working.
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    New Cardiovascular assesment -

    And now this turns up in the press, which might be a new one for Granny's list. (I'm starting to think someone in a position of influence has been working to reconditioning the opinions of the other 50%.)

    Jerusalem, Israel: The active constituents in marijuana influence the cardiovascular system and hold promise in the management of certain cardiovascular diseases, including arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and ischemia, according to a scientific review appearing in the journal Cardiovascular Therapeutics.

    Investigators at the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center in Israel and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston assessed preclinical data on cannabinoids and their role in various cardiovascular pathologies.

    They reported: "The endocannabinoid system has a physiological role in the cardiovascular systems. This system is involved in modulating cardiac inflammatory processes, maintaining hemodynamic homeostasis and rhythm control. It is not surprising, therefore, that cannabinoids offers intervention opportunities to alter the course of cardiovascular diseases. Such is the case in ischemic reperfusion injuries, where there is evidence that activating the cannabinoid system may prevent ischemic injuries and arrhythmia. Such is the case in the rhythm control mechanisms, where a few studies indicate potential antiarrhythmic properties for cannabinoids, and such is the case in heart failure."

    Authors concluded, "The evidence of a potential role for cannabinoid in various cardiovascular pathologies, together with the safety data gleaned from various human intervention studies, indicate that now is the time to show efficacy across species and continue toward human trials."

    For more information, please contact Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director, at: Full text of the study, "The potential for clinical use of cannabinoids in treatment of cardiovascular diseases," appears in the journal Cardiovascular Therapeutics.
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    I think it could be possible for it to help with fungi as there are lots of oriental medication tinctures out for helping fungi. They are typically a mixture of herbs, and they seem to work fairly well for most patients. Needs to be researched more, but could offer some benefits.
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    Yes, that is true, we need more research. And unfettered access to these type of products. I have been given tictures in Asia, but nothing like this.
    I seem to remember once hearing a doctor claim THC had some aggressive anti-fungal properties with a few hard to kill types of fungi, but I have been focused on other stuff than my nails these past few years.
    The speed that this stuff is healing this is almost unbelievable to me. The oil is definitely crushing the thick ugly white stuff thats been entrenched under the nail.

    I wish I had a doctor monitoring this, what do I know. I'm just a layman. The nail still has a long way to go to look normal but the general condition of all the skin on the hand is improving. Asuming the fungus clears up completely at that location, I'm guessing that after I stop using the oil topically, it'll return.
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    I am very heartened to hear what you have seen with your first applications of the tincture to your condition. I have read with much interest the ability for a MJ tincture to do such things as something similar is on my list of things to do in the near future for my dad. He has a Staff infection on his leg. The doctors don't have a way to cure it as they claim it is multi-drug resistant. It just lives there on his skin, waiting for him to irritate it enough that it flares up into a case of cellulitis. What I have promised him is that as soon as I am able, I will be making a tincture (many recipes on this site) and we will see what a topical application will do for him. From what you have said above, this might result in a dramatic and sudden change in his condition! Now the question for both of us will be, can it cure it completely and kill the infection that sits there or will it need to be applied forever to get complete relief.

    We do have a doctor that he has been seeing and if this works we WILL be taking it to that doctor so that he can document it. Somehow, the laws need to be changed so that in the non-relief states we can also legally get this "medicine" into the hands of the people who need it. To not do so is the real crime.

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    Well said Emmie.
    It was reported years ago that there has been some sucess with cannabis oils and treating methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, to prevent the microbes from colonizing on the skin.

    Check this NY Times acticle out, from 2008.
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    Well said Emmie.
    It was reported years ago that there has been some sucess with cannabis oils and treating methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, to prevent the microbes from colonizing on the skin. I have no idea if that would mean anything to your fathers condition but I wouldn't hesitate to give it a go.

    Check this NY Times acticle out, from 2008.
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    Fungus Report- 2/6/11

    While the condition of the skin and nail on the afflected thumb continue to improve, progress has slowed to a more customary pace. The crusty white layers that live under the nail are still sheding weight, but the growth is shrinking with less speed. The base of the nail is reforming its new growth into the shape it had prior to the onset of infection (over a decade ago). Color is improved. The nail and thumb tip is actually a little painful today, not sure why. It must be something to do with the nail regrowing on the surface of the thumb... as opposed to always lifting and growing away from the surface of the thumb..
    (I won't go so far as to entertain the possibility that cannabis meds are affecting the damaged nerves in my hand and ergo, the cause of todays discomfort. I'll save that speculation for the pharma pros & R&D teams who will be taking over Cannabis research from us patients once the Toady that is currently in charge of rescheduling controled substances, is turned out to pasture.)
    Peace out,
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    Keep us posted and maybe include a few pictures.
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    Had I known, I would have snapped a few pictures before the worst of it fell off. Now it just looks ugly - before it looked scary.

    Here's the bit. I used the last of the oil last night and I have no way to replace it without going to Calif...(With all the noise the new AG is making I might not have a choice but to go back... in a hurry).

    There hasn't been much of a change in the nail since I ran out of the oil. All I can do is wait and see if it will continue to grow out clean or see if a tincture might have the same effect. I had some kind of bubble concentrate that I tried on it but it just clogged up everything that seemed to be working.

    I have to go to Ann Arbor tomorrow to see the new cancer butcher, after I'll be able to see what I can learn at the dispensary but I'm not very hopeful. I have no idea how that oil was refined but the stuff was unlike anything I had seen before. No aspergillus or solivents. Zero leaf matter. It absorbed right thru the skin in minutes, very very clean and pure effect on the body too. A cancer patients dream come true.
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    Keep us posted. I would be interested to see if it just comes back stronger, or keeps improving after stopping.
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    Well... it was nice while it lasted.

    -Creepy Systemic Fungus Update -

    Prognosis Unknown but it aint good either.

    Certainly without the ability to run a full course of the THC oil we'll never know- it could just as easly be due to some other reason still completely unknow to me. Whatever it is, its coming back and its pissed off. The nail is starting to hurt across the top of the thumb again, ( I had actually forgotten that it did when it started out) ...and the nail is warping and thickening again.

    Paying for my misspent youth I suppose.
    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
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    Having found something that changes your situation for the better, you must continue! Find someone that can supply it or make that drive to get some more oil. When you do, look for contacts. You have a valid reason to desire this and any compassionate MMP will understand your need. Each time it starts throbbing, think about this... and then weigh your options. What do you value more... relief from this horrible condition, or the time and gas it will take to find relief?

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    You aren't crazy. I've been experiencing the same thing. I take high content CBD Oil Caps from Pure Hemp Botanicals. I've always had a thick yellow townail on my right big toe. I started noticing new "normal" growth.. And now after about a month or so, its almost completely normal. I couldn't believe it. I've done nothing different except take my cbd oils. That's it. No diet or supplement changes. I've had this ugly yellow thick nail for years now and nothing makes it go away. Until now.. Lol. I'm certainly happy about it though. Wasn't expecting this to happen :)
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    I was googling about CBD Oil and Candida found this forum, so happy to hear it worked out. I've been to 5 doctors had bloodwork done came back negative for fungus but my Naturopath said it has to to with "Systemic/GUT " with Heavy Metals/Chemicals Sensitivity and Late Stage Chronic Lyme Co-Infections and he suggested UVBI treatments 10 sessions which costs $300/ea + other IV treatments. Mine is super bad, it started on right toe, than my right thumb somehow it spreaded into my bloodstream and both hands have been tensor wrapped for 2 years; of course Doctors in AB denies Lyme and tells patients they have depression.
    My question is: Should I get an Oil High Content in CBD or THC? In order for topical use?

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