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  1. dryst

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    post random stories about when u were high

    mine was a while back me and buncha people were watching final destination as blazed...and at first it was cool...we were fine eating popcorn and chips and shit, well i guess the concept finally sunk in and we all started trippin out cause we thought we were next to die...so we;re all huddled together on the floor of this chicks house scared shitless and this chick just bust out crying, like sobbing her eyes out saying she was to young to die and she could feel death comin in throw the vents and cracks in the door which freaked us out even more...i woulda been fine but u usally when im high it ends with my thinking weird ass thought...usually about death, so i was trippin balls along with everyone eles :p lol i look back now and im like wow what a buncha pussies...but ya we all laughed at each other the next day...:p
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    i was round my mates flat on the 3rd floor, it was about 2am, we were pretty stoned sat there watching black books, when all of a sudden my mate walks out. i figured he was just going to bed or something. about an hour later the buzzer goes, but i didnt bother answering it because i figured my mate would do it. another half an hour passed and my mate comes stumbeling in. he comes in and is like "dude why didnt you let me in i just had to climb through a first floor window to get in, ive just been sleepwalking down town, and woke up in the highstreet with glass in my foot and no idea of how i got there" lol that was a quality night
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    one time , me and a couple of mates were puffing at another friends house. well the guy , whose house we were in , was in the kitchen with one of the other guys doing blasts(hot knives) while me and the other guy were in the living room watching porn. the guy who was with me was holding a knife , which he was tapping on the arm of the sofa , not in a threatening way or anything like that , he was just fidgeting. so , the other two finish doin' blasts and come into the living room to join us , when all of a sudden the guy who lives here(it's his knife btw) sees him with the knife and starts freakin' out. he's like "hey man, calm down , take it easy". at first we're just thinking it's a joke , but then he runs for his life , straight out his front door and down the street. then he starts chasing a van that had some guy with a microphone shoutin' shit about voting in an election. man , it was the funniest thing i've ever seen in my life
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    i hang out with a group of people (non stoners for the most part...) and we just hang out at the same kids house every weekend and get trashed...ill usually slip out the back and smoke a j with someone...well at his house its like tradition to fuck with the first person that passes out...well 1 night this kids falls asleep, and his brother calls his cell phone and pick it up and is like hey im comin over in a bout 30 min...so were like aight...so his brother is like some super anti-gay homophob jock guy....so we dress the kid that fell asleep in the dudes house that were staying ats sisters clothes...and put makeup and everything...so we see his brother coming down the driveway...right before he walks in we get some other kidk (through much negotating) to lay down next to him and pretend to be passed out to...his walks in, we all run into the kitchen and continue drinkin and having fun and we hear his borther flip the fuck out when he sees whats going on on the couch....lol he starts beating the shit outta the kid while hes sleeping, hes like wtf are u doing dude ur dressed like a chick...the kid jumps up and is like wtf are u talkin about...lol needless to say his brother still thinks hes some kind of fairy to this day :D
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    *bump* post ur storys u asshole i dont want this thread to die :p:D
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    the other day me and a few friends were driving down the street and we stop at a light,we were way in the back and were behind this truck.so we sit there for about five minutes(at least),we watched the light change so we were just sitting there like "what the fuck?"then this black dude walks up with a gas can and starts to fill up his tank.then it hit us...we had been sitting behind a car with nobody in it.it was even funnier because there was a line of people behind us thinking the same thing.........it was great:Rasta:
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  8. IanCurtisWishlist

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    this happened to me today!

    it was my 2nd day back to work after not working for 6 months. basically i'm in a training class for 3 weeks, and i used to work at this place before so i know all the procedures. basically it's very boring, sitting on my ass all day while i listen to some guy talk about the shit i already know.

    well lunch time comes around and my coworker (and new friend) is like "wanna smoke a bowl? of course i'm dying to smoke a bowl so i say "sure" and we scurry off to my car to hotbox the car in the parking lot. he packed 1 bowl of granddaddy and i got so fucking stoned off of it.. it was beautiful bud and it tasted like heaven .

    lunchtime goes by, and i'm stoned as fuck through the entire lunch. then we go back to class and the girl sitting next to me could obviously smell the pot and sees my bloodshot eyes, so she's like "i know what YOU DID! YOU WERE SMOKING POT!" and she tells all her friends and everybody starts giggling and they're like "HEY IAN LOOK AT ME IN THE EYES, HEY IAN WHY ARE YOUR EYES SO RED AND GLASSY?" while laughing hysterically. So the only thing i did was laugh and tried to hide it the best that i could. but there was no getting around the fact that i had indeed smoked some fine dank at work. to make it even more embarassing i was made a spectacle of ... but i dont think anybody gives a shit if you smoke drugs at work , not even management.

    so basically the last 4 hours of work were spent in lala land. how nice! twas a splendid day indeed.
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    Dude stop bumping, that's really childish. If nobody wants to reply to your thread, they're not going to..
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    :D im a very immature person :D...and i apperciate it if u stop ur pointless flaming :p...if u dont like it then dont open my thread :D

    thx and have a nice day :thumbsup:
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    LOL I said it before and I'll say it again! your one funny fucker LOL
  13. dryst

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    lol ur making me laugh to :D
  14. potsmokingnome

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    kewl, I'm glad I thought I just proably annoy people... lol
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    well i love annoying people :D...thats my callin in life...to piss people off...i should bump em all again just to piss him off more...:p
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    yea dryst stop bumping. ok what happened to me today? ok. here goes:

    Started out at 630 this morning, gettin ready to go snowboarding at arapahoe basin, but there was a blizzard last night so the weather is shitty like 5 inches of snow on the ground. my friend *name* picks me up at 7:00, then we take off to a-basin with snowboards and gear. we get about and hour and a half up I-70 then found out it was closed. fuck. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMNIT!!!! so gay. we turn around and head out to go board somelocal hills, hiking style. We go near this place we know (this is a very mountainous region of usa). ok it's blizzarding, and the car can bearly get up the parking lot near the spot. so we get out and hike for like 15 minutes in 25 degrees weather with wind so hard i fell over from it twice. but we were determined and PISSED at having to turn around. so we hiked up a ways. i had packed a joint for a-basin, and i had it with me now. we made a snow fort with our snowboards and tried to light up the joint. but it got wet and we couldnt keep the lighter lit. damnittt. now we put the j away and got ready to try to snowboard this. k so we start strapping in, which sucks because you fall over from the wind. then we start moving. sort of. we get stuck in all the snow because the slope isn't steep enough! damn so we eventually get back to his car. and start drying out the j. drive around and smoke it. the day was good from then on but some funny shit happened. *name* tries to open his sunroof to look at something, hes high as fuck, and a gigantic load falls through the sunroof onto his head! lol. then when we open the windows to air out the car a semi splashes a shitload of slush into the windows.
  18. DLEEZN

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    hahahahahah wow im laughing so hard...and im not even stoned:D
  19. harlequinlibertine

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    This is a story about my second time ever getting high. My friend and I were in the backseat of her boyfriend's car while he was driving us around the alleys of our neighborhood at about 3 in the afternoon. We were both slouched down in our seats smoking out of a little glass pipe and the windows were cracked. We were driving for so long and smoking so much that after a while I had no idea where we were. My friend was explaining in great detail the science of how bongs work, but I wasnt understanding a word she was saying. We smoked and smoked and smoked some more. Then we started to drive on the street right infront of every one's houses and continued to smoke. I was taking a hit when I noticed a guy in his front yard watering his flowers. I was like "oh shit!" and smoke started pouring out of my mouth. He totally saw me and just shook his head and laughed and kept on watering his flowers as we kept driving. Then, later on down the street, we saw a kid in his yard barbecuing. He just smiled and waved at us. When we got home, my friend's boyfriend stopped the car and my freind got out, but while I was getting out, the car started rolling bachwards really slowely. I was halfway in the car, halfway being dragged and laughing my ass off. We were all in absolute hysterics.
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    i got one that is not so much funny as it is rediculous.

    ok so last year me my boys andre, austin, and josh are leaving school and are ready to roll a blunt of some dank ass bud when this girl jessica that we know from school asks if she can come smoke with us. we agreed and let her come along even tho we are serious bud smokers and this was her first time. so we go to this spot in the woods thats like a little wooden foot bridge that goes over a creek and we spark up the fatty. everything was going fine untill about the 3rd time the blunt got around to this chick and we could tell she was getting a little too high, this was some crucial ass bud let me remind you. and after she hands me the blunt she starts getting real quiet. we are all joking around and making conversation but she is just staring into nothingness. all of a sudden she leans backwards over the hand rail of the bridge and we all paid her no mind cuz we were high ass shit and thought she was just stretching her back out or some shit, all of a sudden she goes limp and we hear this bitch start to snore!!! we had no idea if she was having a seizure or what the fuck was going on. the only thing i could think to do was hold the lighter under her palm and when she felt the burn she snaps back to reality and was like "where am i" at this point we were staight geeking and were just laughing right in her face. i dont think she is ever gonna be able to smoke again after that experience.

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