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    Hey guys im still young in the game and have a few years before i start growing and right now my dream is to creat my own company in the cannabis industry and to get rich off it but i wana know is that really likely? because i know right now theres tons of people making Huge money owning dispenserys and companies but iv been hearing that soon major tabacco companies are going to take over and have nothing left do you think thats true do i need to change my goals in life or do you think i can still make it if i give it my all?
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    You've got several posts going on the same subject. Please don't post repeatedly.
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    I'm a FIRM believer than you can do anything you set your mind to my friend....regardless. As far as the weed industry goes, that's all kind of up in the air right now because it's something that isn't recognized nationally to this point. I do feel that before too long, all the states will break down and legalize it to some degree simply because this country is operating at such a deficit and I don't know of ONE state that isn't hard up for money. Money will change a lot of opinions most of the time. LOL I truly believe that there will be lots of opportunities in the field of cannabis in the future, so you take this time to study up on it from every angle possible. Information is power so the more you have the more stock you hold in the industry. It's wonderful that though you are young, you are looking into the future and trying to create a plan. People who plan succeed and I have no doubt you will too! Good luck regardless of what you decide to do in the future!! TWW
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    thanks man thats exactly what i wanted to hear haha really appreciate the feedback
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    I live in the state of Washington. I have access to legit 502 licenses that allow you to grow and sell your marijuana. Tier 1 2 and 3 are available. I also have retail licenses. This is no prank or scam. These are not cheap but if you know what you are doing, you can make tons of money. if you dont have at least 250,000 please do not reply. You can email me or really just call 2532307316.
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