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  1. HeadyDready

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    Hello all! I just wanted to contribute some of my original works of art because i love weed, and you do too, so get inspired and make some art!
    All of these were made about getting high, for getting high, and while high!

    1. 'Hookah Animals' - A bunch of woodland animals coming together and getting stoned. Done in colored pencil
    2. '420' - A bunch of birds and monkeys.. messing around.. i dunno. Spells out 4:20! All done in sharpie markers
    3. 'Lovely Bong' - Yes, i love him very much. So.. i drew him =] Done in oil crayons
    4. 'Crazy Doodle' - Well.. the title says it all. In ink.
    5. 'Psychedellic Mushroom' - Everyone can enjoy a happy mushroom! Also in sharpies

    So eveyone come and post your happy fun stoner art! Yay!
    Or tell me what you think of mine.. =]
    Peace all!

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  2. rebgirl420

    rebgirl420 Registered+

    The bottom shroom is sooo cute!
  3. cannabis campbell

    cannabis campbell Registered+

    Haha only one pic there looks like ganja art the rest look like LSD related stuff.
  4. slightlystoopid27

    slightlystoopid27 Registered+

    very nice artwork. i love ur black and white drawing, very trippy
  5. BlAzInIt4:20

    BlAzInIt4:20 Registered+

    yay finally the art i love to look at.. i will be lost for days in your thread thank you..
  6. CannabisHappiness

    CannabisHappiness Registered+

    Love it all. 2nd one's my favorite, because the colors seem so vibrant & expressive. Peace!
  7. Fore20

    Fore20 Banned

    Dude those drawings are amazing. Nice work:jointsmile:
  8. HeadyDready

    HeadyDready Registered+

    Thanks everyone!
    I'm glad i've finally found a group of people who enjoy my crazy doodles as much as i do :p
    After starting this thread, i found the art forum, and posted much more of my happy weed doodles up over there
    Go here to check out the rest!
    And tell me what you think ! Love to all

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