garbage bags to block night light

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by veggiepark, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. veggiepark

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    Hey fellas,

    I want to know that if i tie black plastic garbage bags over flowering plants at night to block light, is that okay? Will they suffacate?:D
  2. khronik

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    They might drown (too much moisture) or overheat. I think paper bags would work better, since they don't trap gases quite as much.
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    I turn off my extraction fans at night to raise my R/H. It only gets up to about 50-60% tops. It should work just make sure the plastic is light proof
  4. veggiepark

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    It's the only thing i could think of . The setup i'll want this winter will consist of top and bottom shelves with the bottom shelf having vegatative seedlings and the top shelf having the flowering buds. So i'm guessing the bottom shelf will have lights on when i want to turn off the top lights for flowering .

    The reason i'll want this setup is because i want to switch from indoors to out. The shelf table will be for cloning with the top shelf for mother plants and the bottom for the clones.
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    So your intentions are to use this room as a flower/veg room or just a veg room?
  6. veggiepark

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    Ultimatley it will be a veg room for mother plants and their clones.

    If i buy the setup before winter, i may want to flower plants on the top shelf and keep another set veg/growing on the bottom for after the first set finish budding. :jointsmile:
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    seprate the 2 half of the room with black and white poly, and use timers for the lights. It will be less work that way

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