Gelato hits #4 on High Times April issue

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Pupp, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Pupp

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    A strain I never heard of hit the #4 spot in popularity. Complete surprise, since the list seems to rarely move out of the strains that continually hit the top 10 or 15.

    With legalization rolling out in the northeast states, I noticed that Sour Diesel is finally trending down in a serious way. That strain got it's claws into the NYC area in the 90's and spread like a wild fire... to the point where people just expected their dealer to carry Sour Diesel.

    I think Blue Dream will always stay in the top 10 to 15 for a very long time. It's the strain that's very friendly for people trying weed for the first time, so dispensaries often suggest that. :Stig:
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  2. surfing1

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    I’ve never seen it in flower form, but have been using it for a couple of years in 710 kingpen pre filled cartridges. It’s really good stuff
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  3. Plumber07

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    Picked up a gram $13 last week at one of my local dispensaries. Smelled amazing in the jar. It's okay. Blue Dream was the same for me. I prefer more of the Indica effects. Couch lock is the goal. Now there's a Gorilla x OG Kush that rocks my world!
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  4. surfing1

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    Unfortunately I’m not in a free state so I’ve got to get what comes around. I have some Gorilla Glue that’s says it’s a hybrid in a cartridge from Dyna Puff and your right it couch locks me pretty much, good stuff
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