general anesthesia and weed.

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by idostuff69, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. idostuff69

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    Im getting surgery on my knee on monday and they're using general anesthesia, and I read somewhere that the two together can cause problems. Also I haven't smoked in about a week. So am I just getting to worried about it or could it be a problem?
  2. birdgirl73

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    From a drug interaction standpoint with the anesthesia itself, that's not likely to be a problem, but you still probably need to tell your anesthesiologist about the last time you smoked just so he knows the full story. He'll call you and ask you some pre-op questions the night before or possibly the morning of your surgery.

    The thing about smoking weed when you're about to have surgery is that when you're having general anesthesia and lying flat on your back for a time while they're doing your breathing for you by machine, you want your lungs to be as clear of smoke and particulates and as unirritated as possible and, ideally, your heart to be functioning without the effects of a substance that can be an irritant to its electricity. So it's good you've not smoked in a week. You're at higher risk of developing pneumonia after anesthesia or after a hospitalization, and that's why they want your lungs as clear as possible when you go in.

    Keep up your weed abstinence till after the surgery's over. Do some deep breathing exercises between now and Monday. Inhale deep breaths, filling your lungs to capacity, and hold for a few seconds, then control the exhalation and release the air gradually. Do that 10 times three or four times a day. That'll help get your lungs in tip-top shape. Do that in the three or four days afterwards, too, to help keep your lungs open and dry after the anesthesia. Good luck!
  3. idostuff69

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    alright thanks, ill work on that. I don't smoke a lot either, I do it about once or twice a week and Ive only been toking for a few months now.
  4. birdgirl73

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    You having arthroscopic knee surgery (where they use a scope) or a larger, open-incision approach? Hope they can scope you. My husband has had both kinds, and he said the arthorscopic one was easier to heal from.
  5. idostuff69

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    arthoscopic thank god. I dislocated my knee cap snowboarding and it shaved off a little peice of bone that they have to get out.
  6. budsmoker only

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    damn good luck with the surgery, but ya i had surgery last yr on my foot and one of the doctor there told me that was fine, he would of rather not have me smoked but it was whatever, he then asked if i ever done coke and i was like no and he told me that was really good cuz then we would have problems...
  7. idostuff69

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    Well I just had my surgery and it went great. Although Im still a little out of it. But question: When do you think I could start smoking again?

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