General Hydroponics Flora Series vs Advanced Nutrients

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by CrusadeBoxer, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. CrusadeBoxer

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    Which would the experts use, and why. I will be using a hydroponic system and I will also be usuing Liquid Karma.
  2. LOC NAR1958

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    Toss a coin. I use GH 3 part, but only using micro and bloom for Lucas formula right now. I hear they are both very good. I am wanting to try Dutch Masters, It is at the top too.
  3. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    Both kick-ass.

    I've got the General Hydroponics... because it was the 1st one I stumbled upon on eBay.

    But from what I read, Advanced Nutrients kick-ass.
  4. britewire

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    Advanced Nutrients cause that<s the only one I got experiances with... Their pirahna is great on soil.
  5. latewood

    latewood Banned

    AN 3-aprt and GH 3-part are the same thing...AN evens credits them...I have always used AN 3-part, but last time I needed Bloom I got a great deal on GH,
    So I am using both AN and GH...Bud Blood was DR Bambridge Bud Blossom, or something like that...Although AN has procured a few recipes and ph'ds from other major nute co's, they test exclusively on mmj. That is why I started with them...Voodoo juice is BAd ASS, if you can afford it...Overdrive as well.
  6. Bluefunk

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    From what i gather there's very little difference, the deciding factor will be your growing skill - they are both quality nutrients. I use GH 3 part out of preference
  7. Stormcooker

    Stormcooker Registered

    I use FloraNova series. It's a blend of chemical and organic nutes. Best of both worlds. Do yourself a favor and don't get all wrapped up in lots of fancy additives. You will drive yourself crazy trying to construct the perfect cocktail and you may end up overdoing it. Stick with basics, your base nutrient, and maybe a supplement or two at the most. I hate the thought of adding 10 different things throughout the course of your plants life.
  8. latewood

    latewood Banned

    hey stormy...Have you ever used any additives?...I ask because I remember when you 1st started posting. So I wonder where do you get the knowledge to advise people not to use additives.

    I agree that you do not want to over do it; But I don't think you have the experience with these products to advise people not to use them. IMHO.

    Alot of products in a regimen are only used during certain weeks in the grow, so they are necessary.
    for instance...voodoo juice...Only used about 4-6 weeks, mostly in veg to build monster root system.
    from finish back...flushing agent final week
    overdrive one week before...big bud for 4 weeks prior to that, and bud blood 2nd week of flower to set budsafter week1f flush...all these highly proven and recommended by serious experienced growers everywhere.

    I have spent countless hours on the phone with several different hydro experts from large commercial hydro co's to
    little mom and pop store's. I am not afraid to have a serious conversation about growing, and store attendants are always willing to share what they know. I have used all the products I talk about...I have seen a difference with everything I have used. It is just a matter of money
    I would say that you don't necessarily need them, but if you want more BULK then you will want to use them.
    goodluck, either way you choose, lw

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    Woody for President. Yes.
  10. Stormcooker

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    Yes Latewood, I do use supplements. I have used supplements since my first grow years ago. After researching and doing homework on maximizing yields I was persuaded to use Cal-Mag which is very cannabis-friendly since I use reverse osmosis water, Floraliscous Plus, for beneficial bacteria and micro/macro nutrients, Diamond Nectar for added nutrient uptake, and Hygrozyme which is excellent to use with the good bacteria supplements. Like I said I use FloraNova as my main nutrient source. I would really like to compare a grow though using just Floranova, and using floranova with all the above supplements. I have never done a grow without them so I would like to see the difference in yields I would obtain. I don't mind paying the costs for the supplements, and I enjoy using my instincts to add them when I feel it is neccesary, I do however really wonder how much it makes a difference, and if I should be adding more, less, or the same each time. I would like the perfect "cocktail", but I don't have an identical second grow room to perform that test. It sure would be fun to have several identical grow rooms and test out several different brands and varieties of nutrients on the same genetic seed or clone.
  11. Stormcooker

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    FemaleSeeds Skunk Special

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  12. latewood

    latewood Banned

    Stormy...Well it look's like we vhave the same basic concept after all. Thanks for the reply.

    good info shared...yeah calmag+ is a wonderful thing.

    I have been wanting to try 3-part and say just superthrive or LK...but I can't see not using Hygrozyme either...

    I was going to ask why you couldn't just add your nutes only experiment; Then remembered that you use ebb and flow(one system); right? So, you can't do s-b-side...Why don't you rig up a small e and f for the experiment

    I might try a dwc s-b-side, just to see the difference, one time...I have penty of klonz, to experiment with...Just got a NL2 mum to go with my mistyblue mum...1st try at rooting NL2...later.lw
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  13. iamgrowerman

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    I'm guessing you're talking about the Flora series versus AN's 3-part?

    It all depends on what experts you're talking about.

    Experts trying to test how feasible it is to grow veggies onboard the Space Shuttle? They use the GH stuff.

    Experts trying to grow colas the size of footballs? They buy Advanced Nutrients.

    I'm not saying that the Flora series is crap, don't get me wrong.
    I'm just saying that just because a Ford Focus kicks the crap out of any Eastern Block car any day of the week doesn't make it a great car. I got a Honda that's old enough to buy beer that runs better than a brand-new Focus. It doesn't make the Focus worthless. It just means I'd rather own something else.

    You can do worse than GH's Flora Series, but you can do better, too.
  14. MerriJohn

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    I use AN in a passive hydro system however my hydro guy provides mixing charts for a much lower solution concentration than recommended by AN. Also it is nutrients for two days and water for one with 3 to 4 times the water poured through for a flush every two weeks. He has designed a seven and nine week flowering charts. I also use a bud booster that he makes himself for the final five weeks of flower. He also recommends using Final Flush for only one day after two days watering and then just straight water. By using this method my bud is as sweet and smooth as can be Vaping or smoking and the harvest is getting better this time around hitting pretty much 1 gram per watt every two months running 1 1000 and two four hundred watt MH with solar max bulbs. A really nice strain from www. I decided to go with an easy grow to start so I started with the feminised Mazar and it is a real cracker jack of a medical strain and allowing it to ripen longer just makes it stronger I harvest at 50, 58 and 65 days and you can certainly tell the difference with strength at 50-58 days you can function nicely as an all day smoke the sixty-five I prefer to stay home. One last word before I finish but my master grower who has guided me through this wrote this on a piece of paper and it's posted above my bench "If you want to fly high let those plants go dry" I let mine dry out at least once a week and they are a happy bunch oh yeah and Calypso music they love the Harry Belafonte. DAYO

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