George Jung(Blow) and Tuna

Discussion in 'TV / Movies' started by Squiggle, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Squiggle

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    Well, I have been facinated about George Jung ever since I was a little kid...


    I was bad.

    Well anyways I was reading today and I watched the movie twice and I noticed I never asked the question who was "Tuna"? well we all know he was George's best friend from childhood but seriousally who was he?

    What was his real name?

    Is he still alive?

    Where is he now?


    What did he do after George and him separated? well in everything I find it just says he stayed in mexico...

    Well he didnt just do that...

    God he had to have some story behind him...

    Does anyone know?
  2. dominionxp

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    thats actually a good question! i wonder whats goin on with that fatass :D
  3. Metaphor

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    he could be posting on these boards :jawdropper: ::dramatic reverb::
  4. Squiggle

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    My guess is when he is released November 2014 he will be chillin outside the gate waiting for him...

    Just my guess...

    Id like to be able to greet him at the gate.
  5. Chiller2mmy

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    I actually always wondered about that also... could be very interesting to find out... Hope there is someone out there that knows
  6. Dankerz

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    I happen to know where Tuna is.. ive even talked to him a few times. If anyone is still interested or even reading this thread just say the word and ill give the info.
  7. Samsara

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    His friend Tuna remained in Mexico.
  8. Dankerz

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    He lived in Mexico for a few years.... even lived on a lawn chair right on the beach for a year working at a food shack. However, he now lives in the U.S. His real first name is Wayno.. im not going to say his last name incase the government is still looking for him lol. I am very good friends with Tuna's nephew, which is how I know all of this. He comes up to Maine and visits them several times a year, and I've been at his house a few times when he was there. He still smokes weed, and is a very cool guy.
  9. Dankerz

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    Here is another interesting fact. In the end of the movie, George sends the recorded message to his father from jail. That was the actual message, word for word, that George Jung really sent to his father. In the message he talks about his times of growing up in massachusetts, and refers to his old friend, Wayno the Tuna. This is the only place in the movie that tuna is referred to as Wayno, which is his name in real life. This is because this message was all a direct quote from George himself.
  10. liesemi

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    "If anyone is still interested or even reading this thread just say the word and ill give the info."

    If you still use this site, I am very interested in this info! I will of course keep it completely private and only use it to ask interesting questions for an article and just out of personal curiosity :)

    Thank you!
  11. hellothere9393939

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    Dankerz or anyone please contact me, if YOU know anything about Wayno the Tuna from blow.

    I found this story about him in another forum it might be fake, i am not sure. It was really weird, it also claimed that he committed suicide. Drankers could you confirm/debunk this story? anyway here it is:

    Invision Power Board > Blow
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