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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Chabnoc, May 2, 2007.

  1. Chabnoc

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    Has anyone used one of these Germination Domes? It comes with these Spongy type little grow thingys, and I was told I can just place my seeds in the small hole in center, Point down, and keep them moist, put the dome on, and walla, some days later they will break through the top.

    I have used the Peat Puck type ones, and they worked good for germinating. These ones almost feel like foam rubber, but they are some kind of compressed mulched wood. Anyone used anything like this?

    I have 10 Northern Light seeds germing right now, 8 of them in these funky Germination thingys that came with my botanicare Hydro System, and 2 in Peat Pucks.

    Any feed back would be greatly welcomed
  2. Chabnoc

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    These things are called Rapid Rooters. Small black objects that fit in the tray of the germination Dome.
  3. KL4D4

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    could anyone offer more insight into what else needs to be added to the process and distilled water correct?
  4. Chabnoc

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    I finally got tired of the Hydro store guy telling me how great of a job these things do, so I got one. I usually just use a glass of water for 24 hours, then a paper towel and two plates. But when I opened the dome up, which is about 14"X24", the germination medium almost seems like foam rubber, I have used the peat pucks before, and they worked ok.

    Process is pretty simple, Moisten medium, throw seed in, place dome lid on top, check once or twice a day to make sure they are still moist, Walla.. Sprouts, Or are you just being a smart ASS?
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  5. dusto2k3

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    yeah rapid rooters, you just have to keep them moist cuz they dry up a lot quicker than rw does. I rind they root quickanr and healthier. just a little more pricey.
  6. twoguysupnorth

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    i got the whopper bio dome this yr and so far it is excellent, (parks seeds) everything including vegetables has had a hundred % germination. ive started 12 clones in it too and none have died or wilted. only a few days old so we will see how they do when i actually transplant them. im just waiting for the root to come out the bottom.
  7. PharmaCan

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    What's a good temperature to maintain inside the dome when clones are rooting?
  8. twoguysupnorth

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    i kept mine pretty cool, just in bright not direct light. the one time i moved them outdoors in the sun, it heated up like an oven and got some wilting. i noticed and brought them in and changed the hot water for cool and you could almost watch them stand up. temps here now are between 60 and 70, i have to say i dont like to get to tech on anything. also that ive never cloned before, but i took some advise that i read and used it. like not leaving a large leaf surface on the clone to evaporate water, and spray w/water and also leave the top off for a few in the morning and evening.
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  9. stinkyattic

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    for rooting- between 75 and 80 degrees works for me
    rapidrooters rock
    not necessary for starting seeds though, I've tried them and prefer to use soil, and save the plugs for cloning
    if you germ under a dome I recommend removing it as soon as the sprouts break dirt to avoid damping off.
  10. PharmaCan

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    Thanks, Stinky.
  11. Chabnoc

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    Ok, got my new crop going now for 12 days. I germed my seeds in a paper towel and a plate and bowl, once they cracked I dropped them into my rapid rooters. Within 24 hours the roots were growing out the bottom and the side. So I placed them in my Hydro system..

    THESE RAPID ROOTERS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These plants have been in my hydro system for 11 days, and in the rapid rooters for 24 hours.

    Also in the pictures, check out the difference in the 7 hydro plants compared to the one plant in soil.

  12. Chabnoc

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  13. .:Karma:. o.O

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    nice plants...and i dont use fancy stuff no offense to u guys i just use papertowels and a tupperware under some bath towels for darkness but i cant afford alot of expensive nice things...
  14. stinkyattic

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    ... anyway, Chabnoc, plants look nice and I see that you have covered over the top of the system... that will help keep pests and humidity in check but remember to lift it every so often and make sure nothing weird is hanging out under there!
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  15. Chabnoc

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    here are the plants at day 19 growing, day 21 from start of gremination.. No kidding.

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  16. Ace977

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    thats awsome those are pretty big for only 19 days old..good job:thumbsup:
  17. Chabnoc

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    I just cut two clones each, off of 6 of my plants. I placed these in my Clone Dome today. Almost as soon as I cut them, they wilted. But with in 3 hours almost all of them are not bent in a u shape. Amazed me, really. Left camera at work. Will try and get them on monday.

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