Get Paid To Get High

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    Getting paid to smoke pot is no longer a toker's daydream.
    A cannabis firm is looking to hire five pot aficionados from across the country to sample the company's wares and get paid to do it.

    Toronto-based company AHLOT is offering up to $1,000 a month to five "cannabis connoisseurs" to sample various strains of marijuana.

    With legalization scheduled for Oct. 17, the bud brain trust will form the company's "cannabis curation committee," reporting back on characteristics and quality.

    The committee will help determine what pot products go into its sample pack, which will comprise several strains from various licensed producers, says the company. It's starting recruitment this week.

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    If I were younger...I'd be all over this. :D
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    Haha, I hear ya, bro and feel the same way about it. Too much effort and not enough energy. :D
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