get rid of weed smell in car

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by ganjafreak33, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. ganjafreak33

    ganjafreak33 Registered

    Wondering if and what people use to cover up the smell of weed in the car. Is there a spray or something that isn't too strong but works to take care of incriminating smells?
  2. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    I've allways loved febreeeze anit-microbial. I don't know why. Anything will work. Just leave your windows down and go for a long drive. that should do it.
  3. CYRAX

    CYRAX Registered+

    a small tap of axe spray works for me.
  4. suhl

    suhl Registered+

    theres this really high tech method i use called opening the windows
  5. friendowl

    friendowl Registered+

    spray some cologne in the air condition vents
    then turn em on high
    the smell will fill your ride quick
  6. ganjafreak33

    ganjafreak33 Registered

    Shut the f%&* uP

    If I wanted to hear a sarcastic smart ass answer from a cock sucker I would have asked the whore on the stree corner.
  7. FireyBudBurner

    FireyBudBurner Registered+

    You have to think about the smoke and the evidence too. I don't smokes cigs but i always spark one up if I get pulled over and have been burning in the car. Plus they won't ask you questions about seeing lighters smoke and stupid shit like that. Cigarette smell is nasty and covers anything quickly.
  8. T®auma

    T®auma Registered+

    Fabreze and a good vaccume out!
  9. crudemood

    crudemood Registered+

    OMFG that was funny! both of you.

    but i think febreeze does wonders.
  10. suhl

    suhl Registered+

    there are no stupid questions, just stupid people:thumbsup:
  11. royalHIGHness

    royalHIGHness Registered+

  12. Gothen

    Gothen Banned

    Rolling down the windows doesn't always work. Me and my friend smoked a bowl with the windows down (while driving) and we came back to my house with my mom home sleeping. She comes in like 20 minutes later and says that we're "Fucking stupid if we didn't think she could smell it when she walked in." She was pissed.

    But, anyway...I would say, cologne, even perfume if you have a girl (sounds weird but you can always just use the excuse I went to go see her and now I smell like her, that's what I've done) anyway, they've said Febreeze or even Air Freshner or Oust.

    Oust is good, too.

    If you smoke, ciggs are also another route.
  13. yankeesgirl83

    yankeesgirl83 Registered+

    Ozium. This stuff is awesomeness. It does initially have a chemically smell when it's first sprayed, but like 3 or 4 minutes later it's gone and so is any other odor you don't want. I actually don't use it too much to cover up the smell of my smoke as I don't need to hide it, but I do use it for other odors like bathroom stenchs and like if someone cooks fish or burns toast or rice. The smell is completely gone and doesn't come back once you've sprayed the ozium. It's a little pricey. I got my can off of ebay. I think it was 15.89 including shipping, but I got the biggest size they had. Smaller cans are less. The can I have is about the size of a large hairspray can (14.5 oz/411g). I got the can in May and I use it about 4 or 5 times a week and I doubt I've used even 1/5th of the can.
  14. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Yeah, ganjafeak, ozuim will work awesome to cover the smell of that crop you're planning to rip off.
  15. JR77

    JR77 Registered+

    I used to have to take long road me and my boyfriend would light an incense stick after we smoked. It's pretty potent but REALLY works good especially in a small place like a won't smell anything but the incense for a long time!!
  16. ganjafreak33

    ganjafreak33 Registered

    well. thanks.
  17. Anathema2121

    Anathema2121 Registered+

    Ozium > all.
  18. JohhnyPotSmoker

    JohhnyPotSmoker Registered+

    FEBREEZE or lysol non tobacco get rid of it well its made for eilmating smell of smoke.
  19. rantingsweed

    rantingsweed Registered+

    will these work well with hotboxed blunts?
  20. Omun

    Omun Registered+

    Ozium is awesome I like the green can but I can only find the blue ones around here lately. I just picked up a small can a few days ago. It's only 0.8 oz which perfect for the car just don't let anyone ever mistake it as binaca! It's true that it does kill smell.
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