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  1. junkboxer

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    over the past few years ive been growing 1 plant every summer in my backyard. this year its a very big plant. anyway my parents always complain and tell me how i should take it down. they tell me they will lose their house if the police found it. i live in New York. whats the law as far as having a plant in your yard? what could happen to me if i were to get caught?
  2. LIP

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    You'd get done. Your breaking the law. And your parents would probably get done too for allowing it.

    Dont grow on your parents property, only grow on your own.
  3. phytokind

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    Well bad stuff could happen, the government can do just about anything when drugs are involved. At the very least, don't grow any more, it seems that you must have been extremely lucky to get away with it so far.
  4. junkboxer

    junkboxer Registered+

    how am i extremely lucky not to get caught? its a single plant for personal use in the yard. how the heck would they find it?
  5. thcbongman

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    As long as it's one plant, you aren't going to get in that much trouble, most likely a fine. NY is pretty leinent.
  6. phytokind

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    Well I don't know how they'd find it, but if somebody did, something bad could happen. I'm guessing that they probably wouldn't take your parents house, but if it was OK to grow a big plant, a lot more poeple would be doing it. Think about it this way, how much might that plant yield? Then how much would that much weed cost on the streets where you live? It's probably a lot, and there's only one reason why it costs that much.
  7. Shovelhandle

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    once I got nabbed for two plants in an apt. and it was a misdemeanor in that location to have less than three plants. The house was adjacent to a school so the law could have tried to be bad about it but they let it slide. I paid a $ 150 donation to court diversion and a year of notrouble had my record cleared.
    Notice: it's different in different places.
  8. lardman

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    My thought is you prolly wont get caught. Exactly what you are saying, one plant in your backyard, i dont see any reason they would go to your house. Its not like youre being obvious and selling it out of your house.

    If anything happens....DENY IT! Say you didn't even notice it.

  9. Skink

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    bottom line is,,,it's disrespect!!!
  10. Tom Swierzbinski

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    Well, this is a long shot if you get caught by the fuzz, but...

    Tell them you didnt even know it was weed. Tell them it just appeared a few months ago, and you thought it looked and smelt nice so you kept it. Even imply that a bird may have eaten a seed and shat it out (it happens!), or that a neighbour threw the seed out of a bag of weed.

    Deny, deny, deny. Can I ask, did you get your parents permission to grow? If you did, then thats cool :) If you didnt, then thats definately not cool :(
  11. hossua34

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    From NORML:

    Sale or Cultivation
    2 oz or less gift class B misdemeanor 3 months and/or fine $500
    24 g sale class A misdemeanor 1 year and/or fine $1,000
    25 g to 4 oz (first felony) class E felony 1 - 4 years the question is, cut and dried, is it under 25 grams? If so you lookin at a misdemeanor and a 500 dollar fine. If it's more, you could be charged with a felony.

    Either way, they won't take you parent's house. There are Supreme Court cases against property seizures that are "grossly out of proportion to the offence", so any good lawyer could prevent that.
  12. 3rdEyeVision

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    couldnt you just tie it down and bend it so its not that big or do you have to do that earlier when its not a strong?
  13. Captain Hanks

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    I would never even think about growing a plant in my backyard while living in the U.S.! Low flying copters can spot that out and kids have allways been trespassers. Your best bet is to stick with indoor growing, produces better buds anyways...;)
  14. ronjohn420

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    just bend it....... thats what i did

    i used a pencil, fishing line and a hook

    hook around the plant and bend it over and use the pencil as a stake (see pic)

    mine was a 6.5 footer and was almost over the neighbors fence

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