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    Seems you can never have enough of these threads because all of our situations vary greatly, especially when it comes to your body type and how quickly your body can metabolize.

    I'm 28 y/o male, 6'0'' about 260 lbs. I'm not very fat, just have a very broad build with some stomach fat. I haven't smoked weed in years until around the end of July of this year I started doing it pretty regularly for a month/month and a half. (8th a week)

    Well things got hairy at my current job so while I started looking for anew obviously I stopped smoking. I ordered at home tests to keep track of where I was week to week, (it's been years but from what I remember before I'm clean inside 30 days, granted I wasn't as heavy)

    I tested positive on the at home tests up until my 25th day, first void, and every test thereafter has been negative as well, testing first void and at times in the afternoon as well. Well on day 36 I got a call back from a prospective employer that my background check and was good to go and I was set to come in for a drug test. I did it that same day with no prep. I had to wait in the lobby and drink some water cause I had gone before I left my job not knowing he was gonna call me.

    This test was probably the most relaxed I've seen, non-regulated, they didn't monitor the time it took me to get to the facility. In fact, he said I could do it the next day if I wanted to. I just wanted it over with so I went and did it.

    Urine was pretty light, I couldn't get much out since I had gone before so I couldn't do midstream, but all of my home tests I never did midstream.

    Hoping those home tests didn't play a trick on me!

    Will post results.

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