Getting high off resin.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Pangea, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Pangea

    Pangea Registered+

    I just resorted to scaping my bowl and it had not been scraped since college started back in the fall. Needless to say, I collected a very nice amount of resin and i just took 3 gravity bongs of it....the smoke was so harsh....but the ever so familiar high has crept into my body...and all is good.
  2. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    man o man, i had to do that last was hell trying to think of way to medicate myself, but i got up the courage to scrape my bowls and bong too. the feeling was if i only had a plant for tonight
  3. TurnyBright

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    i used to smoke resin

    then i realized that the nastiness of it all just isnt worth the little bit of thc trapped in there
  4. geogypsy toker

    geogypsy toker Registered

    Times of resin will get you through times of no weed.

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