Getting medical pot for withdrawal of more harmful drugs?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by moeburn, Nov 27, 2008.

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    Please mods, I am doing my best to keep this in the rules as possible. I am not talking about the other drugs that I did specifically, only that they were prescribed, and that they were opiates.

    I go through severe withdrawal if I discontinue my usage. I do not want methadone or any of the other opiate "substitutes", because they are still just opiates. Weed makes almost all the symptoms reduce, but I have to be really toking to get a benefit. To a point that I cannot afford the amount of pot it would take to be an effective medicine.

    Is there any way of getting medicinal pot for the brief (2-4 week) period that I would be going through withdrawal?
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    Medical Marijuana aids Opiate Withdrawals

    I can't answer your question on getting Medical Marijuana but I can tell you from personal experience that smoking Medical Marijuana, or even schwag, is very helpful when withdrawing from opiates. I detoxed off of taking 120mg's a day of Methadone for over 10 years this past June. I can tell you that marijuana is very helpful in fighting off the increased pain and anxiety you go through detoxing from opiates. However it will not make you feel as comfortable as doing opiates. You, like all other opiate addicts including myself, will have to go through the withdrawals, but if you do it right you only have to go through it one time. It was 6 weeks after I took my last 2 mg dose of methadone before I started to feel normal. I smoked an ounce a week for about 2 months. You are right in that it takes alot of weed to reach a comfort stage when withdrawing from opiates. But there is no doubt that marijuana is the safest drug in easing the discomfort of opiate withdrawals besides its other healthful uses like controling chronic nausea and vomiting :thumbsup:. Good luck in your fight to be opiate free :smokin:. Peace...:420thought:
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  3. moeburn

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    I read that one of the best ways to speed up the withdrawal process is to increase the amount of vitamins and protein you intake. However, it is difficult to eat with constant nausea and vomiting, making the withdrawal process seemingly never-ending.

    Weed makes me hungry enough to eat, and eating regularily can cut the withdrawal time in half. It also calms down my mind, even though it can't really help the body pain.
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    Sorry if this is in the wrong category, im new here. I was just wondering if it was ok to smoke legal bud while breastfeeding?
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    Most doctors will tell you no, but if you do a google search, you won't find any birth defects or miscarriages related to cannabis consumption of the mother. I know my sister smoked pot while pregnant, and breast feeding, and the only complication that arose in the child's first two years (heart murmur) was determined to be the result of smoking tobacco cigarettes while pregnant.
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    no offense man but from your description im doubting you know what physical withdrawal is. Suboxone/Subutex would be a greater candidate to help you if you had a real problem. If marijuana is making it go away when it usually amplify sensation leads me to believe you are suffering from mental withdrawal. A doctor would probably be a little worried youd sell your weaker drugs for harder drugs. Methadone suckks!

    For me it turned out Subutex/suboxone + Marijuana = > IV cocaine & heroin.
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    I've personally seem where cannabis can really help getting off the unmentionables. But it can be tough. If you're going to pain specialist or drug rehabilitation center they can be pretty tough on you if you test positive for cannabis. But there are doctors out there a little more knowledgable about the issues and understand the benefit of cannabis for withdrawal symptoms
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    Don't have to go medicinal for it to work, I have been in the same situation as you and whenever I got a craving I'd smoke a ton of weed.. Haven't done opiates in over a year. Good luck man.

  9. painretreat

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    moeburn: It is definitely possible! However, your problems and the resolution of them has something to do with it.

    I go to pain clinic, etc. I had some surgery for a problem not related to why and the Ortho doc decided he'd detox me ASAP. Fortunately, expecting it, I had some in my suitcase and as much pain as I was in and no pain meds--I got up and walked on my total knee across the room 18 hours after surgery and finally got some relief. (that is against hospital rules). Pain clinic even came in, ordered my regular stuff and my Ortho doc discontinued it!

    Not long after--I met a fellow that gave me a ton of Kush! I do not recall the untoward effects of withdrawal I have in the previous years when I try to decrease or stop.

    Now, I've done it a few times. Some, like me (due to the med. probs) just can't stop and rely on mmj totally. So, I toked and decreased my meds until I felt an uncomfortable withdrawal, then cut pills in half, etc. anything to get to a low to no dose! Now, when I medicate with mmj properly, I forget my meds a lot. The withdrawal is medically physical and mental. My doc told me I would not be a psychological candidate for addiction, as I have to set alarms to take pills. Truth is, your body will tell you and you know how awful it feels. So, I will cut medication dosage in half to start and toke to my pleasure. I got my stuff free the first time and it was most successful--the Gov't and Doc's ought to catch on. I could tell my docs, but it all goes in a computer that anyone can access in many States for the HMO, I do not want it there. It is bad enough the way they treat you without adding to it!

    I would resort to schwagg. If you can get it and aren't able to grow. Cost is definitely a problem.

    It is possible and I have been completely off my meds. Within weeks, my symptoms came back in a big way and it took many months to simmer them down.

    If you have medical problems. Mmj will enhance a small dose safely with it, to avoid large dose's. I have found for ME: I take small dose's and suppliment with mmj and feel pretty good.

    You can bet you sweet susie I will detox ASAP prior to the real major surgeries I need! And keep a back-up in my suitcase! And when it is over--I'll just use my mmj for my migraine's.

    My dream would be that we could walk in a mmj store and see a list of which mmj strains are good for what and buy them or a clone. To have clone's of every (a lot) of strains and then have my own clone's for whatever I want to start a grow on that time (for speed). I am getting more impatient as I get older-seeds are cool, but hard to make supplies that will remain fresh and useful for years.

    I did do it with no withdrawal at all. But, was kushed on my butt for the entire time and useless. I believe it should be used as part of pain control clinics, instead of all the other crap I see them writing scrips for. Unfortunately, I think I could get a script from my gynecologist for mmj easier than the pain clinics!! I definitely think mmj would be a better choice than pscho meds. The nice thing with mmj, you can quit and not have the withdrawals. However, from long term use of prescribed pain meds your threshold for pain will change and your tolerance a bit lower for about a year.

    You have my respect and support to do it! P/R

    "Please mods. . .": in the lower left corner it has "Forum Rules". I went there and read them. Is it o.k. to list which med we are prescribed? I think it was if it was needed to understand the thread. But, the day the Board was back, I saw drugs mentioned all over the place and was a little off balance!
  10. MPLSweedman

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    marijuana is not a cure for drug addiction

    you need detox and rehab

    people like you are the reason marijuana is classified equal to heroin in america
  11. Storm Crow

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    Right now things are changing! CPS is starting to behave more sanely about cannabis. Still, many of the workers are clinging to the past just like some cops. Obviously for safety reasons, you shouldn't smoke while actually breastfeeding. But smoking during those months while breastfeeding is fine medically. (Click the link below for many studies on pregnancy, children and more...)

    I would (1) get a vaporizer. No 2nd hand smoke, less smell. (2) Never use in the same room as the baby. (3) Have everything under lock and key! Baby will be walking very soon, and having no possible way for baby to get to the pot will keep CPS off your tushie! Start now, so it will be habit by the time baby is walking.

    You are doing the right thing nursing! Both of my sons were nursed until around 2 years of age. And did you know that hemp seed gruel (ground seeds cooked like oatmeal) is, in some African tribes. the #1 choice for a weaning food? Seems it is extremely good for you! Don't let anyone convince you to switch the baby to bottles! Breast is best! :thumbsup:

    And sweetie, you would have gotten more replies if you had made this its own thread! Don't be shy about it- it's a valid and important question!

    Now back to the topic!

    MPL, I beg to differ! Cannabis was the #1 detox drug until prohibition! Here are a few studies for you-

    Cannabis substitution
    Clinical Studies and Case Reports

    Cannabis as a Substitute for Alcohol

    Crack heads and roots daughters: The therapeutic use of cannabis in Jamaica (cocaine)
    Clinical Studies and Case Reports

    There are more in the list, but 3 is enough. And I've personally have seen many folks use it as a way to get off other drugs- tobacco, heroin and alcohol, as well as just for coming down off speed.

    Of those drugs, I only use alcohol occasionally- New Years was my last drink and more than 4 months between that one and the one before it. There is an open bottle of vodka in my kitchen- sitting untouched since New Years. This is significant since I am an alcoholic. With cannabis, I can take an occasional drink and not get re-addicted. Without it- I easily "fall back into the bottle". I smoke a lot of pot and have little desire for alcohol. (I'm also a much nicer person on weed.)

    Good luck to all of you!

    Granny :hippy:
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    ok drug addicts have addictive personalities, meaning that there will ALWAYS be something they will be addicted to

    if you take away the heroin, maybe he will start going to the casino every night or to the bar every night or get addicted to anything. there is no cure for that

    substituting marijuana just replaces a more dangerous addiction, for opiate addicts this may be the only means of recovery but it is definitely not a point to be boasted about when debating someone on the legalization of marijuana
  13. Markass

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    off topic, but the only way I've managed to ever quit smoking tobacco was with cannabis..It certainly keeps my head straight, nausea reduced, and appetite up while going through withdrawals..cannabis is god's medicine..
  14. painretreat

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    Baby Lov: Try moving your question to the medical thread. WE've had some other questions about the same. Plus, I think we may have some in the women's section. Good luck to you and admire your concern. Granny pretty much said it all! I am not familiar with legal buds, but cannabis should be legal!

    If we are talking Activism, let's move it there. Detox from gambling is less physically irritating. I'd rather walk one step at a time than jump off a 40 story building to get to the bottom. Cannabis is easy to stop and has medical benefits outside of detox. P/R

    I do have a friend that has been clean for decades, successfully and I met through recovery class's. It is a lifelong dedication. You can't lump everyone into a category. Even though I would like to put gamblers in one all to themselves! That is totally psychological and I have seen physical effects. :Rasta:
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  15. cigarettes42

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    here is a great forum for opiate detox.
    Opiate Detox Recovery

    some people say marijuana isnt a good alternative to help coping with withdrawls and addiction, i am not one of those persons. i have used opiates before and had mild withdrawls from it and used mmj to help me cope with those symptoms. it helped me a great deal! but on the other hand my friend has gone deep into opiates and had not worked for him. it had made him want opiates more. he was on suboxone and that didnt even help him out either, he just did more till he could feel the effects then stop takin suboxone all together. from all my friends experiences with methadone and suboxone made their addiction worst cause they say its harder to get off that drug than the opiate itself, but some people swear by it. the only way to do it is if you have the want and desire to quit. everyone is different. if your addiction is high then i would suggest something else than medical marijuana. i hate to say it cause i think they are kind of cultish but NA and AA are a big help to a lot of people, but again it is up to you. and god bless you for acknowledging your problem and dealing with it. that is one of the hardest part of addiction!
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    cig42: I guess it is different for all people. Stevie Nicks couldn't get off the med they gave her to get off the opiates. I found I was on that med, quit it. When I told my doc, he told me--it depends on the person. Pretty much an addict will be one. I personally, can take mmj and not take anything else. Unfortunately, due to medical reason's--I have to have something to be able to walk more than a few steps and a wheelchair is no option for me!

    I do know people that use mmj that use to be into heavy recreational use of just about everything. I'd say, if you are substituting mmj for opiates, go for it! It is certainly more harmless than the opiates. I would not feel guilty.

    Some of us are just born with that genetic make-up we need to have something even if we don't have a medical problem. We all need to accept that! That is 'switching' from one bad addiction to something fun and certainly good for you in a lot of ways.

    I've been to 12 step programs, etc. Problem with them is, they will tell you to leave mmj alone, as well! I have a pal that is in NA, AA you name it! He stopped coming around when I started mmj! Told me to leave it alone! He was wrong!

    Yes, Methadone and any oxy 'things' are hard to get off of. Mmj is much better to be on and for some of us, easy to do and leave the rest in the bottle. Even with crippling pain!

    It ultimately comes to personal choice and your body's chemistry! I would guess a Sativa may increase the pain and problem, so I'd stay away from non-medical stuff and stick to Indica's.

    If you want to use mmj to get off opiates and then slowly quit mmj, you can do it also. If you find yourself at the local bar every night, you may certainly be a person that needs NA or AA. It can help! Meaning, you want to be clean no matter what. Been there and don't subscribe to it. Some need NA that want to stop mmj, as well. There is no perfect answer. But, mildly to answer the question is: Yes! and Granny has all the facts there for everyone!

    Did the breastfeeding post get moved, I hope! It is always an interesting topic and the other threads on it are great! Hope to see it over there!
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