Getting mouth swabb TOMMARROW at work!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by jDuBnBioSr, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. jDuBnBioSr

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    Well, im getting the mouth swabb drug test at work tomarrow. Is there any good ways to pass this even thouh I've been smoking weed everyday for pretty much 20 months straight? I was thinking about putting saran(sp?) wrap on the inside of my lower cheek, so it couldent pick up much skin cells/saliva? So anyone got any ideas? Thanks for any helpfull info.
  2. mackSwell

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    Ouch... I think you're screwed, Man.

    Oral swab tests don't swab cells from your cheek. They have you pucker your mouth, collect some saliva in it, then a spongy thing absorbs it. They will check your mouth first to ensure it is empty, and not allow any beverages or anything until after the test. And it has a control panel so if what they test is not saliva, they'll know it.

    Your slim chance:

    If your employee contract specifies that you can be urine, blood or hair tested, (if it just says "drug test," you have no loophole) and does not specify oral swabbing, you may legally be able to refuse - Claiming you're unfamiliar with this method and don't want to end up with a false positive on this relatively new kind of test. They might just say, "Take it or you're fired," but it might buy you a couple of days to get clean while they discuss your objection with their legal department.

    These tests are mostly good only for detecting substances which are currently active in your system. Additionally, they detect THC directly, not the metabolites like urine tests often do. THC does not last as long in your system as some metabolites do. If you stopped smoking 1-3 days prior to the test, there is small a chance that your levels of THC will not be detectable tomorrow... But unlikely if you've been a habitual smoker for as long as you have.

    I'm sorry... This sucks.
  3. ToDrunkToFish

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    Hmm I dunno, I dont want to get your hopes up but my friend got swab tested once a month at his job. He wouldnt smoke 2 days prior, every time. And passed everytime.
  4. jDuBnBioSr

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    Alright. So pretty much I'm going to fail. I'm pretty blazed right now acually:confused: I was thinking about mabe putting somthing in my mouth that might throw off the test, or instead on putting the swabb between my cheek and gums, i will hold it inbetween my back molars? Idk, it possibly might give me a batter chance if i wash my mouth really good before i go there, and flush my mouth out with water often, and right before i put it in my mouth, make sure my mouth is really dry. Whatever happens, ill keep you guys updated.
  5. mackSwell

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    I think if your mouth is dry, any THC might be even more concentrated in the sample they collect.

    If you want to try being dry, take some antihistamines.

    If you want to try to flush, drink a bunch of water between now and the test.

    But not both. I'd try the latter.
  6. jDuBnBioSr

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    I think for now I'm going to concentrate mostly on keeping my mouth clean, and try to have the least ammount saliva in my mouth during the test. Iam able to drink water throught the time before also. btw, it is 11:14pm right now, and i have work at 12:30pm.
  7. Pipe Dreams

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    see these mouth swab tests requre you put quite alot of saliva into the cotton on the end. part of it will turn blue when you have enough saliva in the swab.
  8. budsmoker only

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    one my friends had to take a swab test and she smoked 20 minutes before the test, then just used a lot of mouthwash and passed... im not sure if all of em are that easy, but i think its one of the easiest tests to pass....
  9. Storm Crow

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  10. brookerosebud

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    the first thing they should have told you is not to eat for at least two hours befor the test. that is because eating will screw it up and they won't get a possitive on anything.

    chocolate works best.

    just make sure that you get some of the candy/sugar/chocolate on the swab to ensure a false result...
  11. mackSwell

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    From where did your info on food/candy giving a negative mouth swab result come?

    Information that comes with the tests specifies only that the person not have anything to eat or drink for 5 minutes before the test... Not 2 hours.

    4 Panel Saliva Drug Tests

    I seriously doubt that having a Hershey's Kiss a little while before your test is going to make you test clean...
  12. BananaLanderS

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    A friend of mine recently got a swab test at an interview, had no idea they were going to do it and has probably smoked every day for the past several months....

    He got the job 3 days later

    those tests arent worth a shit
  13. mackSwell

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    Again, they test for levels of drugs that are currently active in one's system. If a person isn't stoned at the time of the test, and isn't burning fat stores (through dieting, fasting, skipping breakfast) that release THC into the blood, and has a high metabolism, they may test low enough to pass.

    So, DuJ- what's the word?
  14. razberyjamdeltaV

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    i'll just wish you good luck. i hope you passed it!

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