Getting rid of fruit flies

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Carisma, May 28, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    although fruit flies are no harm to the plant, I thought I'd share what worked best to eliminate those little buggers.
    Fruit flies or vinegar flies are attracted by fruit, vinegar, wine, beer (obviously, eh).

    To get rid of many/most of them, do the following:

    Take a long drink glass and pour in the following liquids:
    - Red wine (1/4 of the glass)
    - Vinegar (half of the amount of red wine)
    - 1 drop of soap(the one you use for dish washing for instance, and yes, I mean 1 drop)

    Place the glass to the spot where you see most of the fruit flies and keep it there for a few days and nights. Do not tamper with it and keep it a good distance away from places were you'd be very close to it.

    What will happen:
    The red wine and vinegar will attract fruit flies and they will fly into the glass. Since you just killed the surface tension of the liquid with the drop of soap, those little buggers will drown to death.

    After a while, you can collect the glass and have a look at the bottom... you should see plenty of fruit flies dead.


    P.S. I thought this would be the best forum to post this..
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    good thing to know.
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    They're fungus knats. You can take water and add sugar and yeast. It will produce co2. After two weeks, linstead of changing the solution, leave it and make a new one. The old solution will be vinegar or wine. Some of the knats will fly into the vinegar / wine. This is to help prevent an infestation, but will not control an infested garden.
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    Maybe you really do have fruit fly problems, I don't know. That is the same way to prevent knats. Never heard of anyone having a problem with fruit flys on weed. If so, I learned something.

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