Getting rid of SPIDER MITES on a budget....

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Coachgee, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Coachgee

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    Okay were do I start... I had two CHEMDAWG cones that were infested with SPIDER MITES so I took them out of my growroom/bathroom and treated them with a insectacide by BAYERS and I didnt see anymore mites...I left them outside and planted them in the garden at my new house. I have about 10 other plants and some are infested with mites now. I picked up a hot shot NPS... Ive heard they are real good for plants if there in veggie stage... But the thing that gets too me is do I put the fan on low away from my plants or no fan..... I know the vapors have to penatrate so I went with my gut and left the fan off.....Was that a good idea....

    I have cetral air going rite now and think I will be leaving it on til I take the strip out....

    Does anyone or any of my buddies have any input on this one thanks...:thumbsup:
  2. stra8outtaWeed

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    put it in front of the fan or place the pest strip next to the most infested area :thumbsup:
  3. xxxhazexxx

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    sprey with garlic water make sure you get under the leaves:thumbsup:
  4. Coachgee

    Coachgee Registered+

    Thanks Stra8 I was told a week would do for the strip is it safe to leave it for two weeks??? and should I have the fan directly on the plants or towards the wall???:hippy:

    Garlic thats a new one how effective is that Haze???:jointsmile:
  5. northend

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    no not two weeks to long. no more than a week.i have sucess with them the first 3 days make sure you turn your fan off as to completely fumigate the room i say 3 days as you will have hatchers and you want to kill them too.them run your show as always leave them in for a couple of days after that.pull them out and stick them in a ziploc bag and reapply them at the light change as this will bring the ones out of the dirt that ran and hid.i also neem my dirt at this time also(just to fuck their reproductive system) and when they come out the vapes get them dead.NO MORE DEVIL BUGS YEA.hope this helps
  6. headshake

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    go to walmart or the grocery store. look for bedding spray. it is used to get rid of lice, but it works for spider mites as well. it uses pyrehrum which is a compund made from chrysanthemum plants. its dissepates quickly with bright light. make sure not to breathe in the vapor. spray well, top and bottom.

    is it safe, yes. i've used it on my plants to get rid of thrips and also in my snakes cages for spider mites. it's the same ingredient in dr. doom and the like and even at the grocery store shouldn't cost you more that $6 a can which should last for a bit.

    make sure to spray, then wait a few days and spray again, a few more then once again. this will make sure you get all the eggs.

    you can also clean your area with a 5% bleach to water solution.

    good growing!

  7. Coachgee

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    Thanks shake...I have the HOT SHOTS strip in there now I really dont want to add anymore chemicals rite now, until I take it out... I believe its working but I will give it a good look on Sunday.

    Is there a certain brand you are talking about and is it a arosol spray can???

    Thanks for the help.:hippy:
  8. Coachgee

    Coachgee Registered+

    Northend thanks for the information.... I need this creeps dead before I move my girls....:thumbsup:
  9. fourtwentymed

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    Here it is... As cheap as it gets and 100% effective.. 22 year grower

    Wash them in the shower. For real thats it within 4-7 days they are back to norml....

    WOW that was easy :hippy:

    (keep it simple stupid) this shit is weed:smokin:
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  10. Coachgee

    Coachgee Registered+

    Maybe you need to check yourself all I ask is for a little help what's thevname calling for..:wtf:
  11. Coachgee

    Coachgee Registered+

    Thanks everyone for the advice plants are doing much better not seeing any movement today have to go and take a real good look. But thanks again for everything....:hippy:
  12. Coachgee

    Coachgee Registered+

    Flowering with mites

    I thought I got all of em but I was wrong. They spread to my mother plant and others.... I went with the hot shot strips worked for about 3 weeks then they started coming back. Now I'm removing damaged leaves and hitting all the other leafs with soapy water to control there population. Does any one have any extra ideas while I'm flowering....? Thanks:Rasta:
  13. canniwhatsis

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    The problem with the HotShots strip is the mites can actually become tolerant of it, and read the MSDS on that thing,.... You don't want to be in the fuckin room with it! :eek:

    I'm battling mites on the wifes mini roses and basil that are in the front window,... and thankfully they haven't spread beyond that bay,.... I'm going the NEEM oil route with this battle. It's been 2 day's since I noticed the infestation, and did my first spraying, there still there but there numbers have diminished, I'll be spraying again soon since it's getting rid of the eggs and larva that's the kicker,... the whole front window will be getting treated for several weeks even if all signs of the little bastards are gone.

    If your late in flowering Neem isn't a good idea since it stinks to high hell and will effect the flavor of your buds,.... Nor are the no pest strips since that poison soaks into the buds and cant flush out, but early in flowering Neem, Azamax, and any of the pyretheum (sp? :wtf: ) based miticides should work.

    Or look into the Biological end,...... ie, predatory mites,....

    predatory mites for sale - Google Search

    beware that the miteicides will kill the predators too.

    Good luck with your mites,... and if you have the energy, send me some good vibes for wrecking my mites before they reach my grow room!:toilet_claw:
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  14. CanGro

    CanGro Registered+

    Best way to get rid of spider mites and we've used this method now for about 5 years and that's to use ladybirds(ladybugs).
  15. WashougalWonder

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    Neem oil. Spray on leaves in veg, getting top and bottom....Leaves will get a waxy shine and then they don't need more.

    Spider mites are not killed by neem, they can't eat the stuff as babies. So you kill off the hatchlings. The adults just live out their lives and die.

    I had a horrible infestation about 2 years ago. Learned prevention is much easier and less costly than chasing them down as an infestation. Treat the plants from about 2 weeks in veg until they are into flower 2 weeks.

    Use a good deterrent poison outside the grow area and at the air intake(s), I use Sevin, once a month, just a simple spray a line around the perimeter of the room.

    I have not had mites since I began this process. In non-mite season, I drop the foliar spraying of the neem, but make sure that at least 2 months before the season the plants are being sprayed as they will uptake some of the neem and it will be systemic.

    Neem comes from a tree. Non-toxic to humans.
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  16. Coachgee

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    man im tierd of these dam things....
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  17. Coachgee

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    Thanks Cann im going to run to the hydro store today coz im tierd and I want to add this 250watt MH but im just so bumbed over these bugs....:wtf:

    You know thats a good idea and I think if run past some I might just get a bag.....Thanks cangro:thumbsup:

    Hey wash I dont think the neem oil will work coz im 14 days into flowering now.....:( But thanks for the help im getting on top of this ASAP....
  18. CovertCarpenter

    CovertCarpenter Registered+

    I've heard of people who....

    ...spray one last neem application at the two-week-into-flowering point, and then no more after that.

    Just sum'n I done heard... and couple the neem with some DutchM4$t3r Penetrator/Saturator, for extra effectiveness (helped me get rid of bloody bugz).

    And the Bugz were No More...
  19. Coachgee

    Coachgee Registered+

    Thanks Ccarpenter the neem is not an option now I'm to far into flowering... I'm just going to have to wash the leafs and spray them with cold water when the lights are off.... I can't wait tip there done so I can fumigate my grow room...:hippy:
  20. disoBAYish

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    Concentrated Neem Oil is $12.00 at Lowes. Use an old 1 gallon milk jug to mix the solution. Use 2 Tablespoons of Neem Oil per 1 gallon of water. Then put the solution in a spray bottle (.99 Cents) and spray your plants once a week all the way up to week 2 of Flowering.

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