Getting Rid Of The Smell: A Guide

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Nocturnal Stoner, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Nocturnal Stoner

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    Ok guys,

    Since I joined the most frequent question that has popped up is "How do I get rid of the smell of weed". Well Here's a number of methods to get rid of the smell from different places where you guys smoke.

    The Bedroom: Ok, now when you smoke in your bedroom you either do it when there's people in the house OR when they are out. If people are out which is the majority of the time, the best methods I use are the following.

    1.JOINTS/BLUNTS: Joints and other paper using methods are the hardest smell to get rid of, My favorite method is to finish smoking and don't smoke after that, then open a window as wide as you can to let the flow of air flow through, do this for half an hour with the bedroom door closed so the concentration of the smell doesn't rush out all at once.

    After half an hour get some odour neutraliser or air spray or aerosol, spray evenly around the room in every corner so there aren't any missed spots.

    After this, wait for 15 mins then open the bedroom door whilst keeping the window open, this should create a current of air flowing from the window through your door and clearing the smell out of your room, btw leave your bedroom door open for about 15 mins to let all of the smell leave.

    Make sure you do this 1 hour before you get a visit from the other people who live in the house. The method would work in half an hour altogether if you use febreeze/oust for UK people and Ozium for the US people.

    If you are smoking with people inside the house, there is a good way of covering it up, light an incense and smoke whilst leaving the window open or smoke out of the window and cover with aerosol or a spray. ALWAYS leave the bedroom door open when airing out because the current will force the air out.

    If you smoke outside you should be fine but always have a spray to cover yourself AND THE GOLDEN RULE IS ALWAYS HAVE GUM ON YOU OR A MINT

    2.BONGS: These I find are the easiest smells to cover up, mainly because you're only burning cannabis and not paper/tobacco etc. Just follow the same method of opening a window and door and spray.

    It should take 15 mins to get rid of the smell altogether.

    The Bathroom:

    1.JOINTS/BLUNTS: The bathroom maybe the easiest place to not get caught smoking but it is the most suspicious, I find the best way of smoking in the bathroom is to tell whoever you are trying to hide the smoke from that you are having a shower, this should clear up suspicions in the long run, it's better than them coming up and saying "XXXXXXXX what are you doing in the bathroom" and smelling the smoke.

    When entering the bathroom first thing is get some sheets to cover the gap in the bottom of the door to stop any smell from escaping easily, this will reduce the smoke leaving but not 100% as there are other gaps in the side.

    Then Turn on the shower onto a very hot setting and smoke. If you have a window, then you are lucky just smoke out there, the steam building up will push the smoke out as long as you are exhaling out of the window.

    If you don't have a window then I recommend using a very strong smelling shower gel or soap and exhale as far from the door or into an extractor fan if you are lucky.

    Beware Joints smell a lot so leave enough time for the smoke smell to disappear before leaving the bathroom, also get a face cloth and wash yourself a bit and wet your hair if you want to be extra stealthy :D

    2.BONGS: Bongs are the easiest smell to get rid of mainly because of the same reason above, no paper tobacco etc, exhale through the window, or just use a shower gel.





    I recommend blazing in the bathroom mainly at night, because people can't be bothered to check or will be tired.

    These are the most common and by far the easiest places to smoke within your home and these methods should guarantee you not getting caught.

    Could the Mods please make this a sticky as other members get tired of answering the same questions all the time.

    If not, I hope this has been an aid to your smoking.

  2. savagepossum

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    what about doob tubes do use one? cause i made one and it did not work
  3. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    This thread is about getting rid of the smell from a room not how to eliminate smoke odour whilst smoking, the risk of getting caught has to be taken into consideration, whereas this thread is about getting rid of the smell after you smoke, I'm sure you can use a doob tube but In my own opinion it's a bit risky that's all.

    Please feel free to explain the doob tube, because for some people it might not work and it may jeapordise the whole session if people are present in the home and catch you
  4. zalami128

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    Wow, this topic blows. open the window and spray shit. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. MrNiceGuy420

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    from what i heard for some people doob tubes work and some people say they got caught because of them so i wouldnt use just that, light an insence while your smokeing and put a towel over the crack under the door and over the vents that suck air out of the room back into the rest of the house, and blow the smoke out the window and then air your room out after you put out the insence, always works for me

    nag champa and patchouli work good
  6. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    yeah well if you go back to the amount of times people have asked this question you would get kinda pissed off with it being asked over and over again.

    And also this took me some time so please show some consideration, it saves people starting up a new thread.
  7. Specialty Cakes

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    how would a sploof get you caught? Just wondering, because for all intents and purposes it would seem to greatly REDUCE your risk.
  8. MrNiceGuy420

    MrNiceGuy420 Registered+

    some peopl have said it just makes the smoke smell like laundry and weed and i guess thats not enough to escape some not speaking from experience though ive never use a doob tube
  9. Metaphor

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    the mistake ppl make is lighting the incense while your smoking. you should wait till your done smoking then light up the incense...

    and btw DoobTubes have never failed for me.
  10. Gatekeeper777

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    thanks guys
  11. slpntrx5

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    i think its best to burn incense while you're smoking AND after you're smoking. and to also use a doob tube. and maybe light a match or two just to be safe.

    but i'm paranoid as fuck, so w/e lol
  12. hogikiamay

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    ya man i just wait till everyone goes to bed and my good ol dube tobe has never failed me... makes my room smell better then b4 actually

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