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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by illegalcannaman, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. illegalcannaman

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    well i have been smoking for about a year now, and on 420 this year i smoked a bit to much and got really sick and i was sick for about the next 3 days. my friends all told me i got to the "scary place" a place where you go when you smoke to much weed. so i stopped for about a month and i tried it again and just merely the smell made me nautious so i ignored it and took a hit from a waterfall bong "a little baby hit" and i held it in and blew out and immediately i got a huge head ache and my body started twitching and i kinda had a muscle spasm and soon after that i twitched for about 10 more minutes until i went to sleep in my bed. what should i do about this? can anybody help? :(
  2. Charbud

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    You might be smoking something which is laced with chemicals or other drugs. That could cause the muscle spasms and sikness. When you smelt it and felt sick is a pyscholoigical accociation between when you were sick from cannabis and how you blamed that sickness on the cannabis. So therefore when you smell cannabis you may automatically feel ill. I have the same thing with vodka, drank too much one night and was real sick, never drunk it again because the taste makes me feel sick. You might just have low tolerance or be smoking the wrong kind of strain for you but if you keep getting sick and having muscle spasms i think you should just quit.
  3. WashougalWonder

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    Scarey place? WTF? I think you just coincidentally got sick
  4. ForgetClassC

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    LOL I think he smoking stuff that came from someones asshole.

  5. illegalcannaman

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    charbud, i smoked a couple times after this post because i wanted to see if i could just grin and bear it but i still get a reallly big headache and the nautious taste of weed in my mouth and i have a super low tolorance for smoking now and i can take a nice size rip and get destroyed and a small hit gets me there but i get nautious and dizzy i want this throwing up and nautious feeling to go away but it just wont what do i do?
  6. Nat222

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    Maybe you developed an allergic reaction and your body is telling you to keep weed out of your system.
  7. moody420

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    hmmm....cannabis is medically proven to relieve nausea....not cause it! I'm thinking you are smoking some bad shit, man....

    But like Charbud said....if it's not for you, then stop smoking it. I've only had good experiences with cannabis and I'm a longtime smoker....but it's not for everyone!

    Maybe get some chronic and try again....i have a funny feeling you are just smoking some seedy, schwag bueno!
  8. LOC NAR on probation

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    Sounds like you may have some mould or fungi. Mould spores do not burn up in the smoke. They make it to your lungs and grow.

    I had a very bad case last year and near impossible to get rid of and even worse trying to explain or get a doctor to understand. There are no test to check.
    If this is the case and antibiotic is the only way. Amoxacillian in the strongest dose you can get. I took it for 2 weeks and thought it was gone only to find it was not enough. You need to take it for a month or like I did the second time. Take it every other week untill you have taken it 6 weeks. That takes 12 weeks all together.

    If this is not it then sounds like you turned allergic to weed and should stay clear of it.

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