getting small amount of weed over border

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by vtharvestor, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. vtharvestor

    vtharvestor Registered

    im going on a trip to cananda for just a couple days so i wanna bring a few joints. people have told me they have scent lock contaitors at head shops that look like soda cans ect. anyone heard of this? and i don't even know the chances of being searched going into canada im not bringing anything back into the us because its too sketchy.
  2. vtharvestor

    vtharvestor Registered

    o ya, and i was also wondering if dogs would pick up the smell of seeds?
  3. insanity

    insanity Registered+

    Dogs prob. won't pick up the smell of seeds. If you want to bring weed into Canada, just roll a few secret agents and put them in a cig. box and throw that into a small corner of your suit case.
  4. OptimusPrime

    OptimusPrime Registered+

    what state are you going through?
  5. ToDrunkToFish

    ToDrunkToFish Registered+

    Most likely michigan if he is worried about border patrol.

    But I live in michigan and I have crossed the Ambassador Bridge a million times. Never searched once. Seen 0 dogs. But hey, take procautions. Have a good reason for being in canada, who your visiting, length of trip etc.

    Have your passport/ID ready. That sorta shit. Have fun in canada :Rasta:
  6. vtharvestor

    vtharvestor Registered

    well im crossing at vermont i was planning on just sealing the j's in a ziploc and putting them in a shampoo bottle. i have a few hippie stickers on my car and i figured that would make them more likely to search me.
  7. weedheaduknow

    weedheaduknow Registered+

    yeah, they sell those "soda cans" and head shops, i've seen them for like 15 dollars, they also have other things other than soda cans. If anything, put it in a coffee bean container to hide the smell.
  8. vtharvestor

    vtharvestor Registered

    well are those stealth containers scent lock? and about the coffee beans im sure cops know about that because i have seen in the paper where the cop smelt coffee beans and became suspicous.
  9. Djurdjevic

    Djurdjevic Registered

    Just put it in a rubber sealed glass bottle.
  10. Aftershock00

    Aftershock00 Registered+

    put it in a number of smelly proof baggies. wash the outside surface of the baggies with a cloth once sealed to eliminate any odors that may be lerking around. then get a pair of tight sports shorts and ducktape the baggies between the shorts and your boxers next to your crotch.
  11. Ganjasaurusrex

    Ganjasaurusrex Registered


    Do not under any circumstances bring any drugs across the boarder in either direction.

    You have no idea how much trouble you will get in and how bad your life will be if caught. Do not risk it. It is not worth it.

    I have traveled that boarder and I will tell you even though I brought nothing across it I have had my truck torn to shreds, ran through x-ray machines, dogs, questions designed to see if your body language lies etc.

    Dont do it.
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  12. vtharvestor

    vtharvestor Registered

    its such a small amount of pot and its going into canada i've been told that unless your acting suspicous they won't do shit, i wouldn't believe i would be in that much trouble if i was going into canada and with just a couple joints.
  13. vtharvestor

    vtharvestor Registered

    when you had your truck torn apart were you going into canada or back into the us because im not bringing anything back from canada just 3 or 4 joints hidden most likely in a few airtight ziploc baggies in either peanut butter, shampoo bottle or stealth contanior.
  14. GreenMachine

    GreenMachine Registered+

    ive brought a bit of weed both into america and back home to canada, then again i was with my parents in the back seat seeing im 15 so that makes it alot less sketchy... im not sure if it was cuz we're canadian... but it took maybe 3 seconds to get through customs they said ur going home? ok bye. lol but ya take off the hippie stickers and if you do get caught itll be cuz of your body language, those officers are trained to watch every movement you make so get your story straight and chillllllll. have fun in canada though and try all the bud you can:thumbsup:
  15. GreenMachine

    GreenMachine Registered+

    now that i think about it why the hell are you bothering with all this, just buy some weed when your up in canada its pretty easy to find ask any kid you see
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  16. JDiz

    JDiz Registered+

    just put them in your cigarette case, then if you feel as though you being searched, eat them!
  17. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    your bringing your own weed to Canada?...

    leave your stuff at home and buy cheaper, better stuff here.
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  18. Big Blunt Boy

    Big Blunt Boy Registered+

    Man if ur rly that sketched then just put it in a container with ground up coffee beans or put it in a bag then stick the bag in a vasoline container! tricks of the trade bitch!!!
  19. weedheaduknow

    weedheaduknow Registered+

    well shit, if your only bringing a dub or an eighth or some shit, just put it in your sock, i've been to canada once and was never searched, on my way out back to washington, they asked me if i had any alcohol bottles and i said no and that was it. I dont know how often they do that but i'm guessing that they do it most of the time??
  20. ignite

    ignite Registered

    don't try to bring any over the ft erie/buffalo border. especially crossing into buffalo. they got the hounds there alright. i couldn't even tell you how many times they've brought em into my car & that was even b4 i started smoking.

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